The music pulsed through the room, through them, carrying away all who listened to it. It was something, that brought them together, that they both shared; A love of music that surpassed and transcended that of others.

The music was a form of release, an escape, a way to enjoy life. For the younger, silver haired boy, it was his way of forgetting that he had to pay all of his damned "uncles" debts, which kept piling up as the man was an incurable drunk and womanizer. It was also the one thing that he felt connected him with his foster-father.

To the older, blond male, music was a release of his pent up emotions that his old man wouldn't allow him to show. It was now the only way he could feel anything. It was also the thing that brought them together, and would continue do to so.

Soon, they were going to the club on the same nights, and when not dancing to the music, they would talk at one of the numerous tables that surrounded the dance floor. Their meetings were always innocent ones, talking over drinks when the music failed to draw them in, or not-so-innocent dancing when they could feel the music pull them away from their boring/exhausting days.

Kissing, and of course erotic dancing was as far as either chose to take it, and it was all they really needed right now. All they needed was the pounding melody of the music and the presence of the other, and they were both content with that.

So it was a surprise, not a bad one either, when Link decided to ask Allen to lunch the next day. Now, it wasn't just the offer of free food that had Allen happily accepting the offer, though that was an added bonus.

wow, shortest chapter ever... only about 300 words. And to a different song than i had said was going to be next. I couldn't think of how to write to that particular song, but got an idea while listening to this awesomely-yaoi-appropriate version of 'You Spin Me Right Round', called 'Right Round', and had to do this as chapter three.

To answer a comment from a review(forgot the name of the person that sent the review), these are all separate one-shots whose only connection is the dancing/clubbing/smut parts. Each one is not connected to the others. I might use Black Black Heart as my next one, though i might take a while to get it written.

I'm also working on a few other stories, they should be up in at least a few weeks, maybed even as early as this weekend.

-for now - Ja ne!