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I rolled my eyes at Quil, who was debating on which pair of earrings to get his little sister like the world depended on it. I hid behind a shelf of bracelet charms, trying to hide my face behind my long black hair.

I mean, seriously—what kind of self-respecting teenage guy would show his face in Claire's?

Aside from Quil, of course. He was marching around like he owned the place, which was quite unusual for a six-foot-something, 200 pound 17-year-old guy.

Focusing on the charms that were my cover, instead of being humiliated by my best friend traipsing around a jewelry store, I subconsciously scanned the items. Suddenly, my eyes focused on one in particular, on the bottom row in the corner. Crouching down and trying not to think about what somebody would say if they found me here, I studied it more closely.

It was a small, simple charm made out of wood of a wolf howling. I have no idea why, but I immediately thought of Bella. Though she was small, delicate, and pale—the complete opposite of a wolf—it seemed to…fit her somehow.

Hiding my face behind my hair, I walked up to the counter—though I don't think that I could faze the saleswoman due to Quil walking around the store exclaiming how he 'loved this place so much', and how it was the 'most amazing store in the world!', etc.

"Would you like a bag?" the girl asked, batting her eyelashes, which I almost didn't notice because I was too busy thinking about Bella and her reaction to the wolf charm.

"Er…no thanks," I said. I mean, how could I walk around the Port Angeles Mall with a bag that says 'Claires' in bold purple letters. Instead, I stuffed it into the pocket of my shorts.

Just after I had concealed the charm from view, the angel herself appeared at the store window. As always, she looked breathtakingly beautiful.

But my silent rejoicing was cut short when I saw who she was with. It was him.

Cullen laughed along with her, and I could see the way his eyes lingered over her perfect face, the way he held her hand so gently, as if it were the most precious treasure in the whole world (which it was, so why was he holding it?!). I felt a mixture of anger, longing, and jealousy swell up inside of me.

Putting a casually friendly and surprised expression over my face, I walked out the door.

"Hey, Bells," I said, pulling her into a hug—resisting the urge to hold her there forever. When I pulled back, I saw how pissed off Cullen was, but was trying to conceal it. I stifled my laughter. "Cullen," I said, nodding tersely.

I gritted my teeth as Cullen, that slimy b*****d put his filthy arm around my Bella's shoulders, and this time it was him choking back laughter.

"Hey, Jake," Bella said, oblivious to the tension between me and her best buddy Cullen. "What are you doing at Claire's?" she asked, a teasing smile playing on her lips. Just then, Quil burst through the door, holding five very full bags.

"This place is amazing," he gushed, sounding like a hyper thirteen-year-old and answering Bella's previous question at the same time. "You should see all the stuff they have in there, guys, I've never seen such amazing stuff in my life!" This is not happening to me. This is not happening to me. This is not happening to me.

Seriously—what can be worse than standing in front of a girl's store with your supposed best friend gushing about how amazing their stuff is? I was about to die from embarrassment.

But the sight of Bella kissing Cullen was even worse.


I watched Quil gush about how much he loved Claire's and enjoyed the way that the blood rushed to Jake's face in embarrassment of his friend's childish behavior.

Maybe Quil and Emmet would get along…

Just then, I was pulled out of my pondering by the vibration of my cellphone. I opened it to find a text from Alice.


I c u, Jake, Eddie, and some random seemingly Emmet clone.

Plan Make-Jake-Jealous is now in affect…



I looked up to Edward to see that he had been reading over my shoulder. I could see the question in his eyes and, darting a glance at Jake, who was preoccupied with being embarrassed by Quil. I nodded in assent, and Edward's face slowly inched toward mine.

And of course the fact that I had butterflies in my stomach had more to do with the fact that I was about to get my first kiss—not the fact that it was going to be with Edward Cullen...


But all questions as to where my excitement originated were soon completely and utterly forgotten when Edward's lips touched mine.

It was nothing too fierce, our lips were barely in contact with one another. But it was enough so that I could taste his sweet lips, and his amazing scent was clearer than it ever was before. I felt his hand cup my cheek ever so slightly, and despite his normally low body temperature, the place where his hand sat felt like it was on fire.

It was, to say the least, the most amazing moment that could ever be imagined. The movies never catch onto the pure and simple sweetness of a first kiss.

It was completely and utterly perfect.

But then it was interrupted by an embarrassed cough from right beside us. Annoyed by the rude interruption to my moment, I looked up to glare at the offender.

And then reality came rushing back to me.

I had just kissed Edward Cullen right in front of my lifelong crush. I was about to die from humiliation then and there.

I have never seen so many emotions on Jacob Black's face before. There was embarrassment, confusion, anger, and…was there a flicker of jealousy in his eyes? But all the emotions were gone before I could comment, and in their place was a politely interested mask.

"So, Bella," he said, scratching the back of his neck. "You and…er…you and Cullen, huh?" I looked past his shoulder to see Alice 'spying' behind a potted plant fifty yards away. She made a waving motion with her hand, as if to say 'go on, tell him already!'.

"Uh…" I looked up at Edward, and he nodded in encouragement. "Yeah, I guess so." I attempted a smile, and I think I did a pretty good job of it. Jake nodded, processing this information.

Suddenly, he turned to Quil. "Hey, man I totally forgot," he said, slapping his forehead. "My sister's coming home from college, and we need to pick up some food!" He was lying. I had only been friends with him for a couple of days, but I knew it from the over exaggerated expressions on his face. I mean, seriously—who would be excited about going grocery shopping?

"Look, we gotta go," Jake said apologetically, already dragging Quil, who was looking forlornly back at Claire's. "My dad's really worried that we won't have any food left by the time she gets back—it seems to disappear so quickly in my house. I'll see you on Monday, though, okay?"

I nodded, confused. When they had turned the corner, I looked up at Edward, trying to see if he understood why Jake had behaved the way he did.

Edward's eyes were narrowed, and his lips were set in a grim line.

"Edward, what's wrong?" I asked, worried. Was it because of the kiss? Oh I knew I shouldn't have agreed to it—I was probably terrible at it! He could definitely tell it was my first time, and now—

"Bella, stop beating yourself up about it," he said with a tight laugh. "You didn't do anything wrong."

I shook my head, still not understanding. "But then…why did Jake leave so quickly? And…why are you so upset?"

"Why my supposedly-bright Bella," Edward said, if anything more grim than five seconds before. "I think it's clear, what's going on. Our plan to make Mr. Black there jealous is working."


I skipped away from the scene outside of Claire's, so proud of myself. It was working!

Frowning to myself, I thought of one slight glitch. If I know anything about body language (which I do), I would've sworn that Jacob was…actually jealous. And that would not be good at all. I would have single-handedly created the messiest love triangle ever known to man!

Suddenly getting an idea, I picked up my phone. Scrolling down the contacts list, I found the number of an old friend I hadn't talked to in ages. The phone rang for a half a second, and then an excited voice came on the line.

"Alice? Is that you?!" she squealed.

"Leah?" I said solemnly, "We need your help."

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