Chapter 11

B4 consisted of a L-shaped hallway that dead ended into a set of doors.

Nodding to each other, the stepped inside. The room was slightly dark, but seemed to be filled with electrical equipment, and the center of the floor was completely taken up by empty stasis tubes. Rounding the corner to their right in pursuit of the light source of the room, they gasped.

Inside the only active tube was the final experiment on the slides. The Tyrant was at least six and a half feet tall, and completely gray and hairless. While the left hand was normal, the right had morphed into a large set of talons that about reached the floor of the tube.

"I'm going to kill it."

"You know how?" He got a nod in response "Go ahead. I'll be looking around the room." Leaving the medic to her work, Chris circled around back to the door, noticing a shape next to it.

Rushing over, he saw that the form belonged to an African American teen. She was unconscious, and seemed to be struggling to breathe. "Rebecca! I found someone who needs your help!"

Once she got there, she grabbed a small oxygen mask from what was left of her pack. Placing it on her, she checked her eyes and found them dilated. "I think she's suffering from an opioid overdose. Was there any Naloxone in the medical room you found?"

"I don't know, there might have been."

"Chris, can you finish cutting the life support while I get her to the medical room? All you need to do is press the flashing red button."

"Sure." As soon as they left, he went back to the computer panel and hit the button as he was asked, draining the fluid keeping the monstrosity alive. He had just turned around when he heard the glass behind him shatter.

Rolling out of the way on reflex, he just managed to avoid a jumping slash from the Tyrant, who was not only still alive but now directly in front of him. Firing the shotgun, Chris made a break toward his right. While the blast managed to send a chunk of flesh flying, it didn't seem to bother it much at all.

Continuing around in a circle (going out the door to a small hallway with nowhere to dodge didn't seem like a good idea), he still kept firing until his last shell. The thing still didn't seem to go down, even after over thirty shotgun shells. Cursing his luck, he reluctantly pulled out his knife. This is going to suck.

Back on B3, Rebecca hurried to the room on her left. Once inside the room and all the familiar supplies, she set the kid down on the cot and started going through the shelves. Getting increasingly more worried, she finally stumbled across a note with it on it along with other various things to get from a store room. Great.

She almost considered taking the girl with her, but decided it would be better to leave her here in case of a zombie attack. Heading out the door, she bumped into someone trying to get into the door. "Ow."

The guy didn't even bother seeing if she was okay, just went straight to the kid and injected her with something. "Hey! What do you think you're doing?"

"Giving her Naloxone."

"Oh. How did you know she needed it?"

"I'm the one that accidently gave her the overdose in the first place."

"What." Whipping around to actually face him, she finally got a good look at the person she was talking to."You're part of the umbrella research team, aren't you?"

Sighing, the man turned around and tried to press a gun to her head. Reacting faster, Rebecca shot him in the knee. "Shit!"

She kept her gun trained on him. "Now, what did you mean you gave her an overdose?"

"I was just trying to tranquilize the guy next to her, but she reacted and got in the way."

"Why were you tranquilizing him?"

"He was part of S.T.A.R.S, and I didn't want to get arrested by him. Too many experiments running loose."

"Where is he now?"

"Prison cell by the stairs. Just put that thing down already!"

"No." Grabbing a roll of bandages off a nearby shelf, she tied him up to the bed despite his protests. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have team members to rescue."

Heading back to the stairs, she found the door she was looking for. Finding it unlocked, she walked inside. Down the hallway she found the cell she was looking for. "Jill!"

"Rebecca! Hurry up and get us out of here."

She tried the door. "Sorry, it's locked. Who else is in there with you?"

"Joseph and Wesker. Wesker can stay in here and rot for all I care; he set this all up from the start. If you don't believe me, read this."

Skimming through the note, Rebecca stuck it into her pocket. "Where did you get this?"

"Some Umbrella scientist gave it to me."

"And you trust him?"

"Well, no. But the document speaks for itself."

"We can ask Captain Wesker about this later. Right now we need to get them both out of here."

"Fine. But if it comes down to it, I'm leaving his ass."

Suddenly an alarm went off, going on about how the self-destruct system had been activated. Slamming into the door, Rebecca fell into the room in surprise when it gave. While she was getting to her feet, Jill had already grabbed the barely conscious Joseph. "We need to move!"

"Okay!" Grabbing the now nonmoving Wesker, Rebecca followed Jill out into the hall and up the stairs. The pit stop by the med room was made useless by the fact that neither the teen nor the scientist were still there. Moving on due to lack of time, they stopped at the ladder at the three minute mark. "Look, I know you still want to take him with you, but I can't carry both him and Joseph, and quite frankly I don't think you can carry any of them."

"But," Just then, Chris appeared on the stairs covered in scratches.

"Chris! What happened?"

"It woke up, so I had to put it back down again." Seeing the situation, he got Wesker onto his back. "Where's the kid?"

"I don't know. The scientist I tied up in there must have run off with her."


"Two minute left until detonation."

"Hurry up the ladder!" Rebecca went up first to help the other two, and then they darted into the elevator.

Outside was a underground helipad. The scientist from earlier and the kid were out in the center of it, letting off a flare. All of a sudden, the ground started to shake as something large and gray bust through the floor and knocked him into the hole just as the flare went off. Roaring, it charged toward them with far more speed than Chris remembered.

"Scatter!" Everyone ran off in different directions as the Tyrant's large claw came crashing down where they used to be standing. Charging at Chris, everyone else opened fire as he tried his best to get out of the way without leaving Wesker's body in the creature's line of fire.

All the gunfire ringing out around it didn't seem to deter it from its relentless pursuit of the marksman, regardless of the blood flying from its body. Everyone was so caught up in what they were doing that no one noticed the helicopter until Brad called out "Use this!"

Diving at the rocket launcher dropped in front of him, Chris readied it and pulled the trigger while it was almost right on him. Not having any time to dodge, the Tyrant got hit square in the chest and exploded into many pieces, spattering blood and body parts everywhere.

Pausing just enough to get it out of his eyes, he, Jill, and Rebecca (who had grabbed the kid during the explosion) immediately jumped into the copter with their respective rescues.

"Thirty seconds until detonation."

Lifting the bird as fast as humanly possible, Brad managed to get clear of the explosion just as the timer hit zero.