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Draco swam though the ocean admiring the brightly colored fish by the coral. He looked around his surroundings and noticed that he was near Mako Island. Draco spotted is boat not far off from his current location.

Draco had no diving suit on but he didn't feel frightened. In fact, he felt quite safe in the open ocean. There was a rush of water as something darted past him. Draco turned around and saw his merman just floating a short distance from himself.

His back was to him, just like the first time Draco saw him. Draco laughed, allowing air bubbles to escape and hurried to catch him. His merman turned slightly to give him a mischievous smile but the black hair was obscuring his face. His merman extended his hand and Draco reached his to grasp the hand. Draco's fingertips were almost there….




Draco eyes snapped open. Draco watched the ceiling fan blades turn. This was disappointing. It was all just a dream. An almost surreal dream which had involved the one thing he wanted to touch most. Draco brought his hand up so he could look at his fingers.

Damn, did he want to touch those green luminescent scales. Despite having a single piece in his possession it wasn't enough. He wanted his hand to touch the actual creature it belonged to.

Draco sat up at the edge of the bed, trying to blink sleep away. He stretched and looked to where he had placed the green scale. As soon as he got home he had acquired a jar and filled it up with seawater. The blonde dropped the scale in the jar and placed it on the corner of his desk so he could admire it later.

It wasn't there.

Draco quickly scanned his room, but he didn't see his jar.

"Mother!" Draco rushed out the door and to the dining room where he knew for sure his mother was at this early in the morning.

"Draco, darling, what is with the racket so early in the morning?" Mrs. Malfoy was in the middle of eating her scone when her son barged in, still in his sleep wear.

"Mother, do you know what happened to the jar that was at my desk?"

"Ah, yes. Millie informed me she had knocked over a jar by accident when she was vacuuming. I just told her to clean up the mess and leave the contents of it on the desk. Why do you ask?"

Draco ran a frustrated hand through his blonde locks. "Nothing I over reacted. I'm off to go look for it. Sorry to disturb you during your meal. I'll get changed now."

"I wouldn't worry about it. It was a nice change to see my little boy in just his boxers burst in during breakfast. If your father wasn't on his business trip I am sure he would be rolling on the floor laughing from the scene you just made." Mrs. Malfoy giggled.

Draco blushed. "Whatever." Draco walked out and back to the direction of his room. Thankfully no one else saw him in his boxers on his way back.

Draco sighed and closed his bedroom door behind him. Draco thought he should start on his thorough search of the desk. Perhaps the scale was underneath one of his school papers. He started where he last seen the jar. That was when he noticed it. His lightly colored desk had a patch that was slightly off. Draco reached out to touch it and he had to pull back. That patch felt weird.

With closer inspection he could recognize the shape to be that similar to the scale. Bracing himself for the weird sensation, Draco reached out to touch the spot. He was able to pick it up and brought the scale shaped object closer to inspect it. It flopped and coiled. The sensation felt just like when his skin had peeled after a bad sunburn.


Draco blanked. Could his scale really have turned into a piece of human flesh? Draco grimaced at the skin between his fingers. It was dry and well, fleshy. Draco was completely disgusted and yet the whole thing was fascinating.

Could mermaids walk on land? Trade their legs for a tail when they are dry? Live like any normal human? Is that why there are never any recorded sightings?

Draco dropped to his chair still holding the piece of flesh. The shock passed and his brain began to process what was occurring. Perhaps if the flesh gets wet again it can turn to a scale? Draco carefully dropped the skin back on his desk and rushed into his bathroom. He didn't bother with a cup and just used his cupped hands to gather up some water from the sink. The blonde walked swiftly back and let go of his carefully held water on top of the skin, not caring about the damage to his wooden desk.

At first he thought it was all for naught and suddenly the flesh morphed and twisted back into his scale. Draco did nothing, but just stared gaping at the new discovery. The blonde fingers felt the scale and it felt nothing like when he held the bit flesh.

It was just like before… a scale.

- -000-000-000-000-000-000-0—0-0-0-0\

Draco looked at the exquisite picture sitting across from him. Harry was dressed in a nice green silk shirt and tight black jeans. His hair was looked a little less windblown.

"You look handsome today." Draco smiled as Harry cheeks tinged pink. They were sitting in a booth at the Hogshead. They just ordered their drink and were waiting on Madame Rosemerta to come back.

"I think you are looking quite dashing yourself Draco." Harry looked down at a random defect on the wooden table.

"One strawberry smoothie and one lemon iced tea." Madame Rosmerta came back with their drinks placing the reddish one in front of Harry and other in front of Draco.

Harry took a sip. "I always love their smoothie. They blend them just right."

"So Harry, why don't you tell me about yourself?"

"Well, my parents died in a car accident when I was a year old. I spent some time in foster care. I didn't know I had a godfather until I was 10. He then adopted me right away when he discovered where I was."

"Why didn't he adopt you sooner? Why wait till you were 10?" Draco asked curiously. Harry swirled his drink in deep thought.

"That's a tough one. Sirius was actually incarcerated right after my parents died from false accusations of murder. The charges were from planting a bomb that had killed twelve people. Truth was he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Seven years later they found the man who Sirius swore had thrown the bomb and one of the ones who were on the list of the dead. You can imagine how fast the system released Sirius."

"I still remember doing the gardening out back when I heard yelling coming from the inside. I carefully walk in and I see this older man being yelled at by Miss Petunia, my foster mother at the time. The moment Sirius saw me, he smiled and introduced himself. It was when he saw the condition of my recently injured wrist and the bruise on my face, did he look like a rabid dog. He gave Miss Petunia a good tongue lashing and almost dragged me out of the house. The foster family social services had put me with were not kind people. If I didn't finish something fast enough I would get a beating." Harry scratched his hand, his eyes looking kind of distant.

"Immediately, I was placed in the care of Sirius and I was told was my "guardian". For the next few days I talked to police officers and social services. Things were shaky at first, we were still getting used to each other. But between hospital visits and Sirius keeping me from mopping the kitchen one too many times, I discovered that Sirius really did care and we got along splendidly." Draco reached out to grab Harry's hands in silent support.

"What about you Draco? How is your family?"

"I am an only child. It's just me, mother and father. Mother stays at home, but father is always leaving for one business trip or another, though he always tries to be here on the weekends. And if he is not, he does Skype when he can. Father taught me how to swim, how to drive, sports and other such things."

"Must be nice to have parents that care for you." Harry looked forlorn as he gazed on his glass.

"So Harry what happened the other day? You didn't want to swim with us and then suddenly you go running into the ocean." Draco decided to change the subject.

"I don't like the ocean. Yesterday… I just got so excited that I decided to run through the rocks on shore." Harry lied through his teeth, hoping Draco would drop it.

The blonde could sense that there was more to what Harry was telling him, but he left it be.

"Okay! Two burgers and fries." Madame Rosmerta came back with their meals. She set the plates down but her hand had accidently knocked over Draco's cup. It's contents were splattered and Draco could see Harry desperately dabbing the splashes he received.

"Oh dear, let's move you all to a different table while I clean up this one." Madame Rosmerta quickly picked up their plates and placed them in a booth near a window. Draco watched as Harry looked at the spilled beverage in horror and he quickly hopped over to the new table.

Draco followed, but at a much slower pace. It got him curious, what did Harry have against liquids in general? It was like he was terrified of them. He put it in his mental notebook to look into later. For now, he was going to enjoy his date with the cute brunette.


Harry gazed at the rocky ceiling in front of him. After his date he wanted to spend time alone on Mako. Sirius wouldn't be home for at least another hour, which gave him plenty of time for a swim. Being so close to transforming Harry had gotten quite a bit of a scare today. Harry blushed as he thought of the peck of the cheek he gave Draco as they said goodbye.

Harry scratched his tail, noticing that his new scales were coming in. Each year he shed his old scales and would do so until adulthood. And each year his scales became more exotic in color. His tail was getting brighter in green and there were some random colors that popped up in a scale or two. He had a few teal and blue scales showing now.

But until he 'molts' his tail would be looking ghastly. It was already turning a dull sickly color. His change was like a snakes but, sadly the process wasn't over in one go. He would see the new scales peeking through the dull older scales. His tail was all patchy with murky pale green ones and the brighter newer ones. His fin already had a small trail of peeling scales from it. Harry knew better not to peel that off. He learned his pain filled lesson when he pulled at it too soon.

Harry slapped his tail on the shallow surface lazily as he floated along the surface. It would seem that Harry would be stuck in the backyard pool for the next two weeks. He couldn't swim properly when he was going through this change, making this situation dangerous.

Harry took a deep breath and let his body drop below the surface. He sighed as the cool liquid soothed his tail, it was best not to be dry more than necessary or it would hinder his ' molting'. Harry turned and at a much slower pace than he usually would, he swam back to his house.


Draco sat in his boat with his chin resting in his hand. His date ended splendidly, though they didn't kiss goodbye, Harry gave him a peck on the cheek and they promised to have another date next Saturday. Draco smiled at the how red Harry had gotten afterwards and run off into the direction of his house. After words Draco felt restless and didn't want to head home just yet. It was still early in the afternoon and he had time to go out to Mako Island.

Draco went out in the smaller boat his parents owned instead of one of the smaller Yachts. He could come a little closer to the island without bringing much attention to himself. Draco wanted to explore to see if there was a way through land into the cave. Despite the far distance from where he beached his boat, the trip wasn't too far. The island wasn't that big at all despite its deceiving size at a distance. Within half an hour he made to the back of the cave and managed to find a narrow passageway inside.

The breeze coming in was faint and the ceiling reflected the water below. The caves shore had jagged rocks just like on the beach, which were perfect to hide Draco from sight.

And hide he did, when he picked up the faint sounds of splashing. Draco cautiously peaked around the current rock he was hiding behind. He could see a figure floating in the water, and a large fin lazily splashed the water. Draco bit his lips so he wouldn't yell out in his excitement. He could see the merman scratching his tail for a bit, before diving into the deeper water below.

Draco's eyebrow's furrowed. The merman's tail looked sickly and dull, nothing like when he had first seen him, the tail those times were vivid green. Was his merman sick? Could mermen even get sick? Draco ran a hand through his hair, frustrated. He knew next to nothing about mermaids and even if he did know something he could do to help, he doubted his merman would even let him near. Draco watched the surface for a few more minutes before he decided he should go back home for the day.

He hoped his merman would be alright.


Sirius knew something was wrong when Harry came back, the boy looked tired.

"How was your date?" Sirius asked worried.

Harry smiled. " It was great! We are going out again next weekend!" Sirius and Harry sat on the couch while Harry retold his first date, though Harry did not mention the slight incident that happened.

"I was worried at first about this Draco, but he seems like a nice kid." Sirius hugged Harry. "I want you to be happy, but be careful okay?"

"Okay." Harry bit his lips nervously, he was nervous about telling Sirius what was going on with him.

"What is it Harry?"

"My scales are changing again."

"I'll get the pool ready for you." Sirius was already heading to the direction of the pool. "I need to get your pool chair and-"

"Sirius, we have done the same thing year after year. No need to panic, why don't you invite Professor Snape over while I soak in the pool. We can make it a picnic!"

"Invite Severus for a picnic?"

"Why not? I need to be in water as much as I can and he knows our secret. How about you invite him tomorrow after school?"

Sirius bit his lip trying to find an excuse, but upon seeing Harry's face he gave up. "Fine." Sirius turned to grab the phone.

"Maybe you two can make it some sort of a date?" Harry grinned as Sirius fumbled with the phone.


Its been two excruciatingly long weeks and Draco has yet to see his merman again. Perhaps the disappearance had something to do with his tail? Maybe he was sick and needed to hide for a bit.

"Draco? You okay?"

Draco was snapped out of his deep thoughts. "Yeah I'm fine just thinking of stuff. Sorry." He was on a date with Harry and now felt guilty for ignoring him. Draco pecked Harry on his cheek as an apology. Harry accepted it no wanting to pressure him.

"What do you think of this necklace?" Harry held up a green colored puka necklace that one of the street vendors was selling. It had very unique coloring to it, showing almost every shade of green in the necklace. In the center was one big white round bead.

"Oh, that one is nice." Draco took it in his own hands to get a closer look.

"Good choice there." The old lady behind the counter picked up one that was the opposite colors of the one Draco had in his hand, the necklace was white and the center bead was emerald green. " They will suit you both well. Not many pick up these." She grabbed the green one from Draco's hands and she handed him the white one while she gave Harry back the green one.

"Colors match better. $15 for both. It's a steal." The old lady bargained with them in her rough accent.

"Okay, we will take them." Draco pulled out the exact amount and handed it to the vendor.

"Draco, you don't have to. I just thought it was pretty that's all." Harry began to complain, but Draco would have none of it.

"Nonsense, I want to."

"Would you like a bag?" The old lady asked.

"No thank you, we will just wear them from here. Harry, I'll put yours on for you." Harry turned his back towards Draco and they exchanged necklaces. Draco easily clasped the green one around Harry's neck.

"There." Harry turned back around and showed off his new necklace. "It brings out your eyes." Draco placed a chaste kiss on the Harry's lips.

"My turn." Harry used his pointer finger to make a swirling motion and Draco complied. As soon as the clasp closed, Draco felt a spark. He had no idea what it was, but his body felt warm. He looked over at Harry, who appeared confused and was absently touching his necklace.

"Ah, yes. Good choice, Very good choice. You two meant to be. Stay strong. Trust in each other." The old lady, whose accent they still couldn't pin point, smiled wide. "Time to go. Rain coming."

Harry looked up at the grey sky and panicked. "I have to go. I'll see you tomorrow at school?" Harry chastely kissed Draco on the lips.

"I can drive you home you know."

"It's alright Draco I don't live far and the scenery is nice through the marina sidewalks." Harry smiled at Draco, disarming him from questioning it further.

"Okay, be safe, text me when you get home." Draco kissed Harry back and watched the boy turn and run to the direction of his house. There was something familiar as he watched Harry figure off the distance. He just couldn't quite place it.


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