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Draco never thought in his whole life he would be excited to go school. Anything to get out the hospital, the white walls and the antiseptic smell was enough to drive anyone to the edge. Three days after the incident, and he was finally free of police, doctors, nagging nurses. The reporters backed off probably because his father bribed them.

"Oh Draco, honey, I was so worried about you." Pansy Parkinson clung onto Draco's arm. Both Draco's and Pansy fathers were college buddies so they hung out a lot when they were kids.

"Parkinson, let the guy have at least one day back without you clinging to him. Good to see you alive and kicking." Blaise and Draco were best friends since they were in diapers. He was one of the many people who can keep him sane with Pansy Parkinson clinging to him every moment.

"But, I was just so happy that he is healthy and back in school." She pouted, but thankfully detached herself from Draco's form. "I have to go turn a paper in to Professor Filch anyway. I'll see you two at lunch."

"Seriously though, Malfoy you are one lucky guy. I mean that explosion could have killed you. Thankfully, someone saw the fire coming from your boat before it sank and notified the police. So, did they find out what was the cause?" Both walked toward the direction of their first class.

"They said that there was no evidence that anything on the boat was tampered with. Most likely it was caused from some spark near the fuel line. Police ended the investigation yesterday."

"So no one has sabotaged you. Good. I would be very disappointed to see you being crossed off on someone's hit list." Draco was going to bat his friend on head when someone crashed into him from behind. He closed is eyes waiting for impact but it never came. Arms were around his waist holding him safely. As soon as his feet were safely planted on the ground the arms released him.

"I'm sorry! I was in a hurry to get to class." Draco turned around to look at his 'rescuer'. The boy was short though just few inches shy from Draco's own height. He had the just out of bed look to him. His short black hair looked windblown, his clothes were wrinkly and one shoe was untied. But, that wasn't what got his attention. His eyes were the brightest green he had ever seen, somehow they reminded him of something…..

"That's fine. No harm, no foul."

"Oh, your that Potter kid. The one that moved here a week ago." Blaise chose that moment to speak.

"Yes, my name is Harry Potter." The boy extended his hand.

"Blaise Zabini." Draco rolled his eyes at how enthusiastically Blaise was acting. The poor boys shoulder looked as if it was going to pop out of it's socket.

"And I'm Draco Malfoy." Draco and Harry shook hands just as the bell rang causing the boys to press the need to get to class.

"Best get going. See you guys later!" Harry waved goodbye and headed the opposite direction to his class. Draco was still staring in the direction Harry went. He was snapped out of his trance quite literally, by Blaise.

"Enough, lover boy. I can't believe you haven't noticed the new kid till now."

"Shut up Zabini. So what do you know of him?" Draco turned to Blaise, the one who recognized the boy in the first place.

"His name is Harry Potter he started school two weeks ago and if we don't move 20ft down that way in say… 4 minutes we will be late for class. Come on, I'll gather more info and tell you the rest at lunch." Blaise ushered his friend into the classroom chuckling at the face Draco was making. His curiosity will have to wait till lunch.

- Lunch-

Draco set down his tray and took a seat next to Blaise.

"Okay, Malfoy, I had my guy in the records department tell me a few more details but he wouldn't give Potter's file over."

"How is it you have a guy for everything?"

"Because I know a guy."

"Haha. Now forget about the file, what do you know?" Draco stabbed the pitiful excuse of macaroni and cheese debating on whether to eat it or not.

"Seems Potter is living with his godfather, Sirius Black."

"The owner of Black Industries?" Now that got Draco attention. Black Industries ran everything from shipping to pharmaceuticals.

"That's the one. Now hush, so I can tell you the rest. Potter's folks died in a car crash when he was about a year old however due to some legalities he was stuck in foster care till he was 10. This is apparently Potter's parents hometown so they moved here from Scotland three weeks back.

"On other note, he also has the same lunch hour as you and me. Aren't you lucky." Draco slapped Blaise upside the head. Draco's eyes locked unto the boy of their conversation. He was chatting to the Lovegood girl while waiting their turn in the lunch line.

"He is staring you know. What has Green Eyes done to get Malfoy's attention?" Luna played with her hair giggling.

"Aw, bugger. I didn't want to catch his eye."

"It wouldn't matter, sooner or later." She skipped to where the trays were held, grabbed two and handed one to Harry's. With their recently purchased lunch in hand they headed to an empty table Luna humming along the way.

"You're going to have to give it a chance." Harry stared at his friend trying to understand what she just said.

"Same ol' Luna just like when I met you in Scotland." Luna and Harry chuckled at the memory. Luna was visiting Scotland but somehow in trying to find her Aunt's house she discovered that she has missed the bus to town. According to Luna's story she had 5 miles before she herself decided she was lost. In order to locate the nearest town she climbed almost three stories in hopes to catch a glimpse of how much farther she would need to walk.

Harry and Sirius were driving through when a bag fell on the windshield. They braked it and jumped out of the car to stare at the brightly dressed girl sitting on a branch high above their heads. The first thing she said to them sounded ridiculous.

"The nargles here must really not like me."

Sirius and Harry offered her a ride to her Aunts house and along the way Harry and Luna bonded. Ever since that odd day they had been friends ever since. She also just so happened to live in the town he was thinking of moving to. It made his transition to school a whole lot easier with someone he knew.

The bell rang bringing them out of their thoughts alerting them that lunch was over. Harry went to go deposit his trash when Luna grabbed his arm.

"Oh Harry, I forgot to tell your horoscope. You may want that." Luna oddly enough handed Harry a polka dotted handkerchief. "Your horoscope this morning said 'be cautious with blue, friends found in odd places, Harry. Tata!" Harry stuffed the handkerchief down his pocket. Luna may act loony at times but after several of her 'horoscopes' coming true he learnt to trust her.

The day went smooth until Chemistry with Professor Snape. Something about the man was unnerving and it wasn't the way he stalked the students when they were mixing chemicals. Harry watched as the man stalked into room and began writing on the board.

"Due to a unfortunate mishap in one of my other classes. I am going to have to give you a reminder of the acids and bases and what NOT to mix. Turn to page 286 in your textbooks. And please do follow along. If I see any of you distracted be aware I will call on you to read a whole page aloud." Snape continued his lecture with no mishaps, students making sure they flowed along extra carefully.

Soon the bell rang to end the school day and students rushed to gather their stuff and head home. Harry was about to join the rest of the students piling out the door when his elbow tipped a beaker over spilling it's blue died contents on his sleeve.

Harry was in a panic, even though the rest of the student body had left he did not want to transform in front of the professor. He took off his shirt in haste and dabbed the moisture away with Luna's handkerchief. Suddenly there were pale hands with a towel rubbing vigorously at his arm.

"Honestly, how clumsy could you be Potter?" Once satisfied with his work the professor threw down his towel at the table and placed the shirt far from his body. Harry's mind and heart were racing. Why would the professor rush to help him when it was simply a tiny spill. He saw how carefully Snape placed the articles away from his own body. It could only mean one thing…

"How much do you know?" Snape actually looked startled.

"I have no idea what you are talking about. Did you know that blue liquid was died Clorox? It can be very irritating to the skin." Harry didn't believe him one bit. Clorox is irritating to skin, yes, that much was true but that was not a good reason for Snape to react like he did.

"Liar. How much do you know?" The man looked frazzled to say the least, but Harry knew the professor knew something about his secret. The man sighed as if relenting to something.

"Very well, it about time you know about what I know, please have a seat." Harry eased himself onto one of the stools waiting for the man to continue.

"I knew your parents and godfather in high school. Though I never got along with Potter or Sirius, Lily and I were the best of friends."

"And she told you." Harry heart was practically beating out of chest.

"Yes, in senior year Lily decided that she trusted me enough to show me her secret. One night almost two decadesago, she showed me her transformation from legs to a tail. I was shocked to say the least, but accepted her none the less. She explained everything to me that night."

"How the full moon made her act differently, what water or any liquid, could do, when she touch it. It made sense why she was always skittish around water. To her it was a relief to have someone who knew about her that could help her out from some peculiar situations."

"She herself was a full blooded mermaid. Since you are her son that indicates you are half mermaid, which means you, just like your mother, cannot be wet under any circumstances."

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