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It was a typical day in Agrabah. The market was filled with people buying and selling various wares. Meanwhile in the middle of the desert at the legendary Cave of Wonders the royal phazir V.V. Jafargost was persuading a random character to enter the cave and get him the lamp.

"All you have to do is find the lamp and bring it to me and the rest of the treasure is yours" The guy started walking towards the cave when it spoke in a booming voice.

"Halt, who goes there?"

"I-Ishmael" the man called out weakly.

"Do not enter" the voice said warningly. The man looked back at Jafargost and then started towards the cave despite the warning. The man wasn't about to pass up an opportunity to get his hands on some treasure. Big mistake. As soon as he entered the mouth of the cave it slammed shut dramatically trapping the man forever.

"Only one may enter here. You must find a diamond in the rough" Later back at Jafargost's lair he was talking to his pet and sidekick Lon the parrot.

"A diamond in the rough? Where are we going to find a diamond in the rough?"

"Patience Lon, I will use my powers to find this diamond in the rough" So saying he went to his crystal ball and used his powers to see who he was looking for.

Meanwhile in Agrabah, Wadi and her best monkey friend Fiskerton a.k.a. Fisk were working on getting breakfast.

"You know the drill Fisk distract him"

"Can do" he said in his special way. After which he swung down in front of the vendor and started dancing.

"Get out of here you filthy monkey!" While that was going on Wadi grabbed a melon and carefully picked it up.

"Bye, bye" Fisk said before he leapt up out of the vendor's sight.

"Way to go buddy" Wadi said. But before they could enjoy their food the roof they were on collapsed and they were able to escape using they're agility, but before they could make a clean escape someone shouted out, "Stop thief!" When Fisk tried to take someone's sack of gold coins.

"Fiskerton!" Wadi scolded as the royal guards led by their leader Munya (Playing the part of Razul) showed up and caused them to run.

While running from the guards, music started playing in the background causing Wadi to start singing.

Wadi: Gotta keep

One step ahead of the breadline

One swing ahead of the sword

I steal only what I can't afford

(That's everything!)

One jump ahead of the lawman

That's all, and that's no joke

These guys don't appreciate I'm broke

Crowd: Riffraff! Street rat! Scoundrel! Take that!

Wadi: Just a little snack guys

Guards (trying to knock her off her perch): Rip her open, take it back, guys

Wadi: I can take a hint, gotta face the facts

You're my only friend Abu!

Crowd: Who?

Wadi and Abu continue to run around the streets and rooftops of Agrabah until she fell through an open window where a harem was resting.

Harem: She's become a one woman rise in crime

I'd blame parents except she hasn't got 'em

Wadi: Gotta eat to live, gotta steal to eat

Tell you all about when I got the time!

One step ahead of the slowpokes

One skip ahead of my doom

Next time gotta use a nom de plume

One jump ahead of the hitmen

One hit ahead of the flock

I think I'll take a stroll around the block

Wadi continues running through the streets dodging obstacles and trying to avoid her pursuers.

Crowd: Stop thief! Vandal! Outrage! Scandal!

Wadi: Let's not be to hasty

Zack Saturday: Still I think she's rather tasty

"Wait a minute!" Song abruptly stops. "I do not have a puberty thing for Wadi!" Doyle steps on screen.

"Face it mini man she is rather cute"

"True, but I do not have a puberty thing for Wadi"

"Whatever you say mini man" Both walk away still arguing over whether or not Zack likes Wadi. Meanwhile back in Agrabah the song starts up again.

Wadi: Gotta eat to live, gotta steal to eat

Otherwise we'd get along

Crowd: Wrong!

Wadi runs into a random building and heads upstairs followed closely by the guards.

Wadi: One jump ahead of the hoof beats


One hop ahead of the hump

(Street rat!)

One trick ahead of disaster


They're quick, but I'm much faster

(Take that!)

Wadi grabs a sheet and steps up to the window preparing to jump.

Here goes, better throw my hand in

Wish me happy landin'

All I gotta do is jump

The guards watch as she jumped out the window and used the sheet like a parachute to glide gently down while they chased after her only to miss her and fall into a wagon of manure. While Wadi and Fisk made their escape a mysterious pair of eyes watched the whole thing from the shadows. A minute later Wadi and Fisk sat down to enjoy their meal. But just as Wadi was about to bite into her half of the melon she saw a couple of kids scrounging through a garbage can looking for food. She felt bad for them and decided to do the right thing and give her half of the melon.

"Here, you need this more then I do" The kids were reluctant to take it at first. "Go on, take it" At this point the kids decided that she wasn't trying to harm them and took the melon. About this time horns could be heard blaring from the nearby street. Wadi and Fisk walked over to see what was going on. A princess was heading towards the palace to try to woo prince Zack.

"Another suitor for the prince" a random guy on the street said sarcastically. It was well known that if Zack wanted to take the throne he had to marry a princess. Unfortunately countless princesses had come and gone with nary a bride to be found. As Wadi watched the princess and her entourage head towards the palace a gloved hand reached out and grabbed Wadi, covered her mouth, and dragged her into the shadows.

Hope you liked it. As for the poll the final results were 1 vote to stick with the plot and 3 for changing things up. So there will be a bit of the plot of the original movie in here as well as new stuff. And to xXDrewUchiaXx your idea will be used by chapter 3. Well that's enough of my rambling. R and R please.