Hello Again. And welcome to the sequel of High On Sugar ( : Shall we begin? If we do, everyone who reads this must swear no matter how well or terrible this is, they have to review ( ; Just kidding. Enjoy. ( By the way this was before she was changed and before the wedding )

It was seven in the morning.

I was watching Sesame Street.

I, Bella Swan. An eighteen year old for goodness sake!

But the thing is...Edward left to hunt this morning. Too early. At five. Since we were going to a waterpark this afternoon.

But still. Five is too early.

And I couldn't get back to sleep. It was too hot.

At this very moment, Cookie Monster was gobbling down a bunch of chocolate chip cookies.

Charlie had left to go to work early this morning too.

What was it with people and daylight?!

Those cookies looked majorly good, though.

I wonder...

I skipped to the fridge (a habit gotten from Alice) and opened it up.


I ran to the oven, then thought to myself, I can cook them much faster in the microwave!

And that's what I did.

I put them in for thirty seconds.

"Beeeeep," the timer went off.

My eyes widened.

And just like Cookie Monster, I gobbled down those freaking...cookies...or, well, melted cookies.

"MMMMMM!" I sighed in delight.

I think I started to hallucinate.

I saw cookies. Flying.

Colourful cookies.

Surrounding me.

Suffocating me.


"I neeeeed coooookiiiieeeeeessss more than BOOOOOKKIIIEEESSS!" I screamed to no one.

Someone burst in the door.

"Lookie! It's a chookie! Does he have a cookie?! For his smookie?!"

He stared at me. Like I was a beautiful blonde making out with Bella Swan.

Oh, I am Bella Swan.





"Cookies." He figured it out.

"Chookie. I need more cookies. MORE! Or i'll get a knife!"

He blinked a few times then his eyes widened.

"Then I chop Chookie's head off!" I smiled widely.

He blinked.

"Eh...hem...well, Alice saw my love bored and sweating. So after getting a few mountain lions..I decided to come home... To... this."

"Oogiieboogie. Oh Moy Gooood!" I sounded like George Lopez's mock teen voice. "SPAGHETTI! SINCE WHEN WERE YOU HERE!?"

He rolled his eyes.

"I need cookies. Now. Now. Now. Now. Now. Now. NOW!"

I think Edward got frightened.

Because he ran out and bought hundreds of boxes of cookies.

At least I was happy.

Cookies were addicting!

"Oy, what a night this will be." Edward said.

"He he he" I sounded like Fran Fine.

"MISS SWAN!" He sounded like Mr Shetfield saying MISS FINE!

I fell over laughing with a cookie in my hand and knocked over the vase.

Edward let it fall.

"Did I do that?" asked Bella Urkel.

I ran up to my room, many cookies in hand, as a weary Edward followed slowly.