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Esme POV

"Carlisle, we should really be getting back now."

"Yes, we should. I really don't like to leave the children home alone for so long. Hopefully none of them will have been arrested this time."

"Yes, hopefully. Let's go."

Carlisle and I were out hunting, and we had left all of the kids at home alone. We didn't usually do that, but neither of us had hunted in a couple of weeks, and we needed some alone time.

We ran home as fast as we could, hoping that the house would still be standing. Miraculously, it was. We walked inside, and instantly saw total chaos.

Jasper was chained to a chair, and Alice was doing his makeup. He was wearing a pink dress, and high heels to match. Bella was dressed in . . . well, I really don't know what, and was dancing to LoveGame, by Lady Gaga. Edward was encouraging her to strip. Nessie and Jake were wrestling in the middle of the living room, occasionally knocking into Bella. And Rosalie and Emmett were . . . well, I couldn't see them, but I could hear them, which told me not to look.

At that moment, Jake and Nessie crashed into Bella, causing her to trip and smash into the 60 inch plasma screen TV. Edward immediately got up from where he was sitting to help her, but tripped over Jake and landed on his piano, which broke. All was quiet for a minute, until I heard an earsplitting crash from the kitchen, and then Emmett's voice saying, Aw shit, Rose, we broke the table. Esme's gonna be mad." Alice was oblivious to it all, and she continued with poor Jasper's makeover.

I have had it with these kids. They have absolutely no respect for each other, for me or Carlisle, or for other peoples' belongings. They have destroyed ten TVs this month, and my favourite antique table, too. These kids need to be taught a lesson.

Before I could say anything, Alice yelled, "No, Esme! Please don't make us do it!"

Alice POV

She wouldn't. She can't. There is no way she is going to send us there. It's inhumane. I mean, invampire . . . what? She just can't do it! My life will be ruined! How can I go without shopping for two whole months? It's impossible.

"I'm sorry, Alice, but I don't know what else to do. You guys are going whether you like it or not."
"Going?" Emmett asked, confused.

"Yes, going. You will be going to John Island Camp for the whole summer, and working as counselors."

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