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Esme POV

My statement was met with many different reactions. Alice was dry-sobbing, probably because she wouldn't be able to shop all summer. Jasper looked relieved that he was no longer Alice's Barbie, but worried that he might not be able to control himself. Emmett looked excited, since he's always up for anything. Rosalie looked like she couldn't care less, but I knew it was an act. She didn't want to go. Bella looked shocked, and Edward was still dry-sobbing over the loss of his piano. Jake was laughing at him, and Nessie looked confused and worried.

'What am I going to do?" Nessie asked, "I only look ten, and I still grow pretty fast."

"You can be a camper, since you're too young to be a counselor," I answered, "and if anyone notices that you grew a lot, just tell them that you had a growth spurt. If we say that you're twelve, you'll be small for your age, and then you could say that you finally got your growth spurt."

"Alright," she looked uncertain, but went along with it.

Alice was on her knees at my feet, begging me to rethink my decision to send them to camp so that she could shop during the summer.

"Alice, you are going, and that's final."

"Noooooooo!" she wailed so loudly that she could have woken the dead.

I ignored her and told everyone to go pack, since we were leaving first thing in the morning.

Edward looked up when I said this. "But we can't leave tomorrow. We need to have a funeral for Elizabeth."

The room was quiet for a minute. Then Emmett asked, "Who the hell is Elizabeth?"

"My piano."

Sorry, I know this one was super-short, but it was kind of just a filler. The action will start soon, I promise. Chapter 3 should be up tonight, too.