I have something to said about in my introduction. the part where i said each master can only have one power with each dolls, it only applies Strings but it can also happen to Ancients in which i will tell in the next chappie! wait for it! I'm sorry for the late update! for on the 29th, i was finally admitted to the hospital due to my anemia. the 2nd week i couldnt was because of some personal problems! PLEASE FORGIVE ME! here my next chapter. enjoy!

I opened my eyes and saw two of my favorite dolls sitting on top of me.

"Hey! Wake up or you're gonna be late for you first day at that school you were saying" Alice is evil. I hate her. Of course not! I love her.

"Alice, don't say it like that…" I like Shiro better. He's much nicer!

I look at my watch and saw the time…AHHH!

"AHHH! I'M GOING TO BE LATE FOR MY FIRST DAY!" I screamed at the top of my lungs—I had a feeling I'm going to lose my voice soon if I do this everyday—and ran to the bathroom to take my shower.

When I got out, I saw my uniform all prepared on top of my bed with all my books for today. I smiled to myself. They sure are helpful. And that's why I love them!

After a few minutes, I look presentable. I went down stair to have my breakfast which I knew Shiro must have cooked—Alice never does—and I saw Shiro and Alice having a tug-of-war for an egg…

I put down my bag and stare. "Guys? Care to explain?"

They each gave one last glare and looked at me. "I'm sorry, Mistress. I wanted to cook you some omelet since all you ever eat in the morning are bread and I heard from the human's tv show yesterday that every good day starts with a good breakfast-" Shiro was cut off.

"But I wanted to use the egg to make some egg sandwich because I heard from Mistress Imai that omelet makes you fat" Alice said

"And that's where it started" they both said together. I was startled for a tiny second but regained my composure the next one.

I laughed a bit. "Come over here, silly." And I hug the two of them and that's when Shiro let go of the egg to hug me back which causes the egg to fall onto my lap. You guys could probably guess what happen next. To the egg, I mean.

Before I could give any reaction, Shiro was already acting berserk.

"AHHH! Mistress! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! The egg! The egg! I'm sorry! Its my fault-"

"Yeah it is." Alice which earned her my glare which in return she was giving me the 'what' look which made Shiro go into a more berserk mode if that was possible. Apparently, it can.

I sigh. I gave a pleading look at Alice. "Oh, fine. But next time, your cleaning. This time is because your going to be late."

Alice muttered "Reinigen Sie diese Verwirrung, die vorgekommen ist". I smiled. Sometime, having a doll as your friend that has a magic power, it saves time. Seriously.

I picked up my bag and my dolls jumped onto my shoulder. "Ready, guys?"

They nod and we head off to my new school where it is rumored where doll masters gather. Gakuen Alice. It was my mother's last will for me to go there and live there if anything happens to them…

Tears are coming out but I stopped them. Its been a half a year since everything happen but I already made up my mind, I will get through this. I will.

Oh and, did I mention I will be staying at the school. My mansion that my parents left me will be unused until such time comes for when its needed to be use or until I graduate. Which is in another 3 years because I'm 15 right now and I have no intention to go into university.

At least, that's what I planned. Once I'm fully 18, I will inherit my parents company on toys and doll—figure—and inherit a lot of money. Not that I don't have it right now, the ones I can use of course, but because I didn't want people to start wanting to hunt me down again.

I'll tell you later. Right now, I am apparently walking down the hallway with a teacher beside me. A gay ward if you ask me by the way he dresses. He was babbling about my class and my dorms and all. I only listened to the things I think is important.

We arrived outside my class and I heard my dolls thinking

'Don't die' from you know who. Don't worry. It's a way she says good luck.

'Mistress, make lot of friends!' Shiro thought. They knew I'll be listening. Of course I would. Its not like I have any choice. But sadly, they can't hear what I'm thinking. Inconvenience, much? Though sometime, you cant help but be grateful that they cant when you start swearing about them.

"Okay, Mikan. Here we go." He opened a door.

i stood and smile like the goof ball i am with Shiro and Alice on my shoulders.

"Attention, everyone." they didnt hear the gay ward -I discovered his name was actually Narumi-and the atmosphere turned sweet all of a sudden. he gave his earing a tweak and said again but this time with a more persuasive tone. you would have thought it would result to the kids to obey.

apprently, it can do worse. "Attention everyone." some of the kids almost fainted. poor them. Devil Human Pheremone Narumi.

"Good, now, we have a new student today so be nice. Mikan, introduce yourself to them."

i nodded and gave my best smile to the whole classroom. "Hello! I'm Mikan Sakura. Please to-" oh, darn. my last name. crap.

the whispering already started before i even knew it. I wanted to be normal but i guess that was off the list now. well, at least i can spill the beans now without hiding anything not worth hiding for.

with a radiant smile and deaths aura coming from Alice and Shiro, which aura cannot panitrate my 'radiant' aura, i said "If any of you wish to die a painful and slow death thus meeting your maker, feel free to come within 3 meters from every or any direction there is from me without my permission."

from the looks of their face, i could almost guess what their saying. its not too hard. what they're thinking is 'How can such a girl be threathening with such a smile?'. i wanted to laugh on that one but i kept my compossure.

Narumi decided to interfere. part pooper. "Uhh...Okay! Mikan, you can sit beside the boy with the manga on his face. your also gonna be his partner." i nodded again and went to the guy. before i sat down, i wanted to say thank you to the gay-i mean Narumi but he was gone, leaving the pitiful looking subsitute teacher. sad...Shiro and ALice thinks so too.

My seat was in the same row as my 3 friends and were at the backest row beside the giant window. i sat down and looked through the window, waiting for all of my old friends to begin talking. How its been a long time? i wanted to play with them a bit so i kept my mouth shut even though i wanted to burst screaming happily.

Natsume took of his manga and his doll, Helios woke up from his sleep on Natsume's lap (a/n: Natsume's a softie...huhuhuhu), Ruka stopped playing Uno with Kairi and Hotaru and Nana stopped working on the invention they probably was working on.

"Why are you here?" the question suddenly came out from Natsume's mouth. he looks angry...

Mistress, can i have a go with him? For old sake?

Not now, Alice. Later.


i chose my words really carefully before answering. if i dont, i might go back to my mysterious-dorm-which-i-havent-seen-yet with not a single strand of hair on my head. ugh. shudder.

"I...cant tell you...just yet. no, not with so many people around."

"Why not, Mikan?" Ruka asked this time. Kairi was getting edgy.

"Because its not the right time and place for it and dont worry, there will be. just not now." i regret having to say that. it taste bitter in my mouth having to say that.

"Then when can we have the answer? Remember the promise we made?" Nana answered for the 3 of them.

i'll never forget that promise. "I remember."


the 4 of us were playing Monopoly and our dolls were playing tea party. it was funny how Kairi and and Helios was forced to wear dresses. we were about 9 at that time. just hanging in my mansion.

" Hey, guys, if we're ever seperated from each other or not, can we all stay as best friends forever? Nobody will forget each other and we'll never tell lies to each other. never." Ruka suddenly said.

"What brought this on?" Natsume father of all perverts ask.

"I dont know. i just cant shake the feeling we're gonna be seperated soon." his voice sounded gloomy and everyone stopped what their doing. the dolls came to our side and hold our hands together.

"Lets make a promise okay?" I suggested

"Polka's being smart today." Natsume teased me.

i took on of the pillows and smick him on the head with it. with a resign face, he and all of us linked our pinky together. when we finished the pinky song, he dropped our hands. i thought i saw Natsume and Ruka's face was red as a strawberry. Maybe it was the trick of the light.

"Remember guys. this is our promise." Ruka remind us before we all went back to playing Monopoly and the dolls went back to torturing Kairi and Helios by teasing them how they looked like a real girl.

Just after 2 weeks making the promise, they were taken away from me. i stayed because my mother and father had some contacts in the academy that they could use to prolong me coming there until absolute necessary.

-flashback ends-

"Then you must tell us the truth." Ruka pressed.

i sighed. there was rarely a point arguing with Ruka when he gets desperate like this.

"Fine." i smiled grudgingly. he won me this time. "Tonight. Dinner and sleepover in my room. then, i'll tell you everything." with that, nobody said anything anymore and went back to doing whatever they did just now but this time, i joined Ruka and Kairi playing Uno. in the end, Ruka looked like a man that just losed his entire fortune in a nano second. and it did. it was priceless.

Hotaru manage to capture some picture of those and i thought i heard Natsume chuckled. oh well?

by the way, Shiro won. darn him.

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