how was the 2cd chappie? anyway, i'm extremely happy to write this cuz the last chp was a sad one but this one, i wanna make it more humorous. and FYI, anywhere the gang goes, the dolls goes. its kinda tiring always have to write it and anoyying too. sorry if anyone is offended by tht. now, i will give u exclusive info on the dolls power. check it out. PS: Sarcasm will be ocassionally put in this story so for anyone who x like it, read it if u want and my story contains dramatis so x get mad. pls read, though.

Helios: Barrier

Nana: Invention

Khairi: Animal Pheremone

Shiro: Dreamseer

Alice: Magic

now that u guys knows, i hope u'll enjoy it. good luck, take care and start reading.

"Mikan, wake up. Wake up or your going to be late…" Ruka called out to her.

Hotaru, Natsume and the others already went to the kitchen to cook breakfast. It seems like today, the might have to eat breakfast while running if Mikan doesn't end up waking soon.

Mikan groggily opened her eyes and when her eyes met Ruka, she did the one thing any girl would do if she wakes up and sees a guy's face in front of her.

She clutched her bed sheet close to her, ran to the nearest corner and screamed "AHHHH!PERVERT!"

Ruka almost fainted hearing those awful words coming from his used-to-be-love.

After a while, Mikan got back her senses—realizing she was fully clothed— and walk slowly to Ruka as her hands were out as if to say 'sorry'. "Ruka, I am so sorry for calling you that."

Ruka was still in shocked to say anything so Mikan grab her towel and ran to the toilet with her mind thinking Ruka must have hated her now.

While Mikan was in the toilet, Hotaru and Nana came slowly to Ruka's back and aimed the Baka Canon. Ruka snapped out of his trance and turned his back slowly to face Hotaru.

He raised both his hands as if a criminal trying to seek forgiveness. He slowly walks back towards the wall and Hotaru followed.

He scarceness was add up when even Shiro was holding a sword that Alice conjure up for him and she was holding a water ball while Natsume and Helios look at him, both with extremely deadly aura.

"Guys, this isn't what ur thinking. I swear I didn't do anything, honest!" he add when it looks like nobody is willing to believe him.

And that's when Mikan got out with only her bath robe covering her perfectly curved body.

Mikan clutched her body when her eyes was on Natsume. "AHHH! NATSUME! GET OUT!"

Shiro and Alice, sensing that Natsume was the new threat, did every thing they could to Natsume and Helios.

Helios had to put up a strong barrier to dodge those while Natsume ran out of Mikan's room but not forgetting the figure he just seen.

(Natsume's POV)

Wow, she was smoking when I saw her. After all these years, she finally manages to become so beautiful like that. I thought I was gonna have a nosebleed.

"Natsume, if you keep thinking like that, you know that Mikan's gonna found out and kick your ass." Helios said not bothering to think it in his head which I was sure to hear it.

'What is this smell?' I thought as I got closer to the kitchen. Helios was a lot faster to reacting to the smell.

"Ah. Egg burn." He said in his blunt ways. i was about to do the same too.

We just watch and watch until finally, Imai and that crazy doll of her hit us with her freaking large Baka Canon.

Not to sound like a girl but that hurt like hell. Seriously. God knows why Ruka likes her. I mean, the woman's a freaking maniac with no ethics to anyone except to that idiot. And even then, it was unseeable through normal eyes. Ruka are like, good and mostly innocent. Yeah, that's pretty much him.

So in short, the day Ruka and Imai get together is literally the day where Mikan and I get together which is impossible so its never gonna happen.

Helios thinks so too.

"You idiots. Don't u know how to turn the fire off when you see it burns? Hyuuga, I knew you were dumb but I didn't know it would in a very critical condition. Mind me taking a look in your head?" her eyes says picture and her dolls eyes said money. Both were very clear.

Oh great. Two of a kind.

"Imai, I'll kill myself before I even let you near any part of me." With a blur face and an evil glare. Helios was doing the same too. (a/n: Speak for yourself, boy. Your not the only two of a kind.)

Apparently, Imai thoughts are crazy. (a/n: aren't it already is?) "If you say it like that Hyuuga, then I have to kill you. I'm sure the girls love your dead, pale face than your living, unsmiling face. At least when ur dead, I can make you smile." They both went a bit closer to me with the canon loaded.

I tried imagining my dead, smiling face and shudder. Helios was not better. We were about to retort back but the other idiot shows up. Fully ready and also almost-fully-late.

She looks at the watch on her wrist. Her face went blank. Her face went into shocked. She screams out loud. My ear drum bleeds.


"WE'RE LATE! JINNO IS GOING TO KILL US!" even though she said that, she still took the half burned egg and the perfectly, toasted bread and shove it into her mouth.

All of us gather our stuff and use our own way of running to class. Well, Imai and her doll did. The rest of us just ran with all our might.

The idiot slammed the class's door open and everyone looked at our way. "Way to attract attention, genius." I whispered.

"shut up Natsume." She whispers back as we walk to our seat. Jinno isn't hear yet. Shame. I could have made his morning a lot better since I'm in the mood on doing it.

(Mikan's POV)

I gasped for air when I out down my bag. "Mistress, couldn't we have just made Alice transport us here?" Shiro said.

"Your right." I simply said.

I look at Hotaru, Nana, Natsume, Helios, Ruka and Kairi and said "shut up. Just, don't say anything. Just, don't." before they could even utter a single word.

When I thought I could go back being happy again, fate plays a very evil trick on me.

Jinno came into class with that frog doll of him on his shoulder. Before Jinno came to teach here, he was once my most hated tutor. Just right before we were about to move shortly after Natsume and the gang were taken away, mother thought it would be best to stay out of reach until then.

At first, I thought he was gonna treat me like any people treat an Ancient but I was dead wrong. Father thought it would be a nice lesson and a joke to have an evil person as my tutor. He said that Jinno was the best there is because he was my father's friend and the person that made his life a hell so he thought I should feel it too.

I didn't say anything to him for a week despite his begging and crying and wailing and sucking up to me. Though, in the end, the sucking up worked. I got the doll I always wanted and he got his daughter back.

I felt like laughing when I think of my father's begging face but I just smiled sadly thinking that I'll never see it again.

I snapped out of my sappy moments and remembered something. I took out a parchment out of my bag and told Alice to give it to him since Shiro and I was too scared to go to him.

He took it and opened it. Read for a while and didn't say anything. He tucked the letter inside his shirt and the hell's lesson began.

Kazu-nii told me to give it to him when I see him. I wonder what it said. hmmm…

and the rest of the afternoon were peaceful as peaceful with Natsume by ur side could be.

-Lunch Recess-

We're sitting under the Sakura tree that Natsume claims to be his. He even carved his name to the tree in front of my eyes with his flame to prove it. (a/n: your such a kid, Natsume.)

My eyes and Shiro's were almost out of its socket when we saw that. It seems to us that when he carved his name, it looked as if the Sakura Tree was suffering.

We weren't very hungry so all of us decided to just sit on the carpet that Shiro brought with him. I wonder how he brought it with him with such a small bag.

"Hey, Natsume, do you want to go to Central Town today? It might be fun. I hear there's a circus and a book fair coming today?" Ruka asked Natsume who were reading manga on one of the branch. Helios is sleeping on another branch but lower than his.

He looked at Ruka's face and—I can't believe I'm saying this—smiled at him. A warm smile too. Not a smirk or a half-smile. A genuine, unselfish smile.

Leave it to Hotaru and Nana to destroy the moment with their camera clicking. Sigh. I wonder when they're gonna stop doing those kind of things and I got the answer as soon as I thought about it.


"Sure, Ruka." And the smile was gone as soon as it appears. I wonder when the day will come when Natsume will really be able to smile for always.

-Central Town After Schoo-

It was pretty easy getting permission from Kazu-nii to go to Central Town. I thought he was gonna put up a fight since he's kinda protective of me. Guess he probably thought that I needed some excitement in my life after what happen…it's so like him.

(Ruka's POV)

I looked at Natsume's face and he was looking at the circus. I smiled. I remember the day when Mikan, Imai and us went to a circus near the house where Mikan lives.

Boy, was she excited. On the way there, she couldn't stop talking –it got on Natsume's nerve a bit which resulted in her hair getting a bit burned but thank goodness Mira was there to stop making the hair completely burned—but when she got there, she was totally quiet. Her face was filled with awes. She looked so innocent.

For your information, Mira is the protective doll that Mikan always carries with her. That was the doll that her father gave her-after he chants it with the protection spell- before we left. At least, that's what Imai said when she read us out all the information she shacked from the school's computer.

i wonder where it is right now?

"Hey Mikan, why don't we go there and check it out?" it was actually for Natsume but I don't think he's gonna answer truthfully so it was better to ask Mikan.

"Sure, Ruka! I was thinking to go there too but I was caught up with something just now." her smile was across her face.

If she asked me this in the past, I would have blushed like crazy but now, just a small blush.

(Natsume's POV)

Ruka wasn't blushing like a tomato anymore 'cause 3 years ago, he realized that he was actually in love with that crazy Imai more than Mikan. Turns out that Mikan was actually just a huge crush and—he's too shy to admit it—Imai were the love of his life.

Thank god I don't have to fight my best friend for a girl. Saves me the trouble to choose but just like me, we weren't confessing anytime soon. Probably never because we rather save our friendship like this than shatter it with confession. That sounded so cheesy.

I followed Imai and Polka-Dot from behind with Ruka and we shared a glance for a while and smiled, knowing we were thinking about the same things.

Mikan and Imai looked us with a face. I returned to being cold again.

When we got to the entrance, there was a guy selling Howalons. Polka expectedly ran to it and asked for a giant set. It has like 30 in there! Is she trying to get fat?

"Your such a glutton." I said when we got to a seat and she started to pop some into her mouth.

"And your such a jerk." She said with a grumbling face.

"Thank you. I take that as a compliment."

"It wasn't a compliment. And no more saying. The show's about to start."

I hated being told off. "It no more 'talking' not saying, idiot."

"Alice, barrier please." Her eyes were still on the ring and suddenly, there was some sort of feeling between us. I tried touching her but it felt like something was stopping me.

I saw the idiot smirk from the corner of my eyes. I'll get you for this, little girl.

When we got out, I am positively happy to admit,

the show was crap.

This is so not personal. I mean, why would the circus show suck if 'that idiot' be chosen to get on those flying acrobats thingy and the crowd cheer for her and the boys look like she was the 'it' girl of the year?

'Yeah, why?' Helios raised his eyebrows at me. I shot him a glare. He must have heard that.

We don't know why but because of some strange glitch, he could hear my thoughts and I his without both of us being Ancients.

And we don't even have the same powers too. Yeah why? There were times when we joke about us being Ancients but it were impossible. There were only 12 Ancients family. No more no less. Positive.

(Mikan's POV)

Ever since we got out, Natsume have been acting strange. He looked like he was in deep thoughts or something.

"Hotaru, I want to go check out the book fair. You wanna come with?" I ask her who was standing behind me and Natsume with Ruka.

(Hotaru's POV)

"No. I have to go somewhere to buy some more things for my invention."

Bunny boy was about to say something but I gave him a glare enough to stop him. "and bunny boy here is coming with me to help me carry my bags."

"Oh, okay then. Well, I guess I have to go alone. Later guys." She looked sad a bit but not for long.

"Yeah. We'll see each other on dinner. Come on bunny boy." I didn't have to say anything to know that Hyuuga will be coming with the idiot.

I looked at Ruka and I guess he got the message. We both said goodbyes and part.

We were both walking when he ask "Hey Hotaru, did you do that to help Mikan realize her feelings and let Natsume has a chance or your just saying that 'cause your bored?"

I kept walking and walking. Too lazy to answer. Beside, bunny boy should know the answer without me telling him what.

At last, we have arrive at the heaven shop of metals and electric devices. The best in the whole academy.

"Wait Imai, you were serious about the whole making-me-carry-your-stuff thing?" he sounded shock. Now that's a surprise.

I gave him a look and said "Who said i wasn't?"

And I went inside with his extremely shocked face still fresh in my camera and in my mind.

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