I used to be able

To tell when it was a dream,

But it so real looking

That I'm not sure anymore.

~Bella, Breaking Dawn.


"So you're saying that you've had dreams about Alex before? He's reached you in your dreams?" My trill voice shot out of my throat, curiosity and anger boiling inside of me.

"June, why didn't you tell us!" Edward cried, pinching the bridge of his nose, Bella patted his shoulders soothingly.

I felt Jasper's strong arm around my waist, and a sudden wave of calmness settles over me. I could feel the tension ease in the room. I looked at Jasper giving him a 'Really, Dude?' kind of look.

"Well, I thought it was just nightmares, how was I supposed to know that vampires and wolves are legit things!" She responded; I could see Jasper's calm waves took no effect on her.

"Guys, we should relax on the whole situation, I mean, come on, how was she supposed to know this stuff was for real? She probably assumed the Quileute legends had influenced her nightmares. I just don't get how this guy was able to reach her through her dreams." Jesse had defended her yet again, damn wolf and stupid love! I mean, don't get me wrong, I love June just as much as anyone else around here, but we need answers and we're not getting them.

I buried my head in my hands, letting out a huge sigh.

Jasper's arm pulled me closer to him; I leaned against his chest, inhaling the smell of home and him. I looked up at his golden eyes that always have the answers. His shaggy blonde mop of hair was all messy, and he was wearing a black long sleeved shirt and jeans. I could kill him.

I, on the other hand, was wearing a very sophisticated blue and grey Juicy Couture dress, with knee high boots, and other accessories. I looked back over at June, who looked as if she were ready to pass out, she was that tired.

I sighed again.

"June, go to sleep, we'll all talk again in the morning." Jasper said in a strong voice, I guess he'd seen her tiredness too, and sensed my stress.

I stood up as she did and pranced over, placing a kiss on her cheek. She laughed and I giggled, "I put some pajamas in your room, and someone has to stay with her tonight, there is no way she is getting out of anyone's sight until this whole thing is over."

Automatically I could see Jesse's head shooting up, as in he would do it.

"Jess, I don't know, maybe one of the girls should stay with her, just for PG reasons." Jake told him carefully, and Jesse fell back, his expression falling with him.

"Ness and I will stay with her tonight, because Edward might die if Bella doesn't stay with him and I do NOT need to hear Rose whine about how much she misses Em." I offered with a bright smile. I'd stay up all night, nothing could get by me, and Ness could be the other one, just so June and I don't get bored out of our minds.

"So it's settled; everyone off to your rooms." As it was said, everyone stood up; leaving for the rooms they'd been given.

Jesse gave June one last hug, and she made him pull back after a moment, saying, "I'm tired. Go away." That which made me laugh; I felt Jasper's cool arms around my waist, picking me up off my feet, making me shriek slightly.

"Alice, chill." He chuckled, his wide toothy grin right in my eyes.

I slipped out of his tight hold and stood in front of him, my hands on my hips.

"Go. Now. June needs sleep, and I need to figure out what we're doing next." I told him sternly and he put his hands up in defeat, before walking straight out of the room. I glanced over at Nessie, who was helping June toward the bedroom, she had a look of exhaustion over her face, and a slight stagger to her walk.

I sighed and walked over to her, supporting her on the other side, basically carrying her to the bed. We tucked her in like good supportive mothers and she was out within moments. Nessie yawned and crawled into the other bed. I rolled my eyes and soon enough, she was asleep.

I sat there for hours, thinking over what we should do with the whole Alex ordeal. It was around two in the morning when I heard a voice.

At first, I was looking around, trying to figure out where the voice was coming from, and my eyes landed on June, who as of that moment, started thrashing around in her bed. Her face was pained, and worried, her arms flailing out in front of her as if she were trying to stop someone from getting close to her.

I jumped up, and shook her carefully saying in a worried tone, "June? June! June, get up!"

She jolted up, her hand rubbing her eyes.

"June, are you alright? You started talking and then moving around a lot, you had on a scared expression." I told her, biting my lip.

Her arms flew around me, "Alice, it was him again, but James was there, and then he- he," She stuttered, "He started to take my clothing off…" She stopped, tearless sobs, coming from her throat as I hugged her close.

"Shh, Shh, its ok, June." I patted her back gently, I could feel a tear drop onto my shirt, but I ignored it.

"Alice, I've noticed something, each time he'd reach me through my dreams, was when I'd be sleeping alone. The one night he hadn't, I'd been with Jesse…" She trailed off, a mix of confusion and anger falling over her face.

"Since he can reach you through your dreams, do you think it's only when you're not with Jesse?" I asked her in a small voice.

So, Alex could reach her through her dreams, but whenever Jesse was with her, he couldn't. Was it because Jesse is a wolf and could kill him? Jesse blocked his power, because of A. The wolf gene; or B. Because he was technically rendered as her protector.

"Do you want to go back to sleep?" I offered and she shook her head violently, I saw another tear escape her eye.

"I have an idea, stay there," I warned her and she nodded, drawing her knees to her chest and hugging them.

I ran out of the room and down the hall to the wolf room, as I decided to call it, it was where the boys from the pack were staying, only three of them had come here from La Push, but they were just massive forms of beings.

I knocked twice on the door, and after no reply, I rolled my eyes, and judo-kicked the door, having it swing open easily. I smiled and made my way in, where a very flustered looking Jake was sitting up, rubbing his eyes, a yawn coming from his lips.

"Is Ness okay?" He asked urgently when he saw me, assuming I'd awoken him for her. "She's fine, where is Jesse?"

Jake pointed to the massive sleeping form across the room, near the air vent. I sighed and walked over to him, crouching down and shaking him lightly. He opened one eye and then sprang up when he saw who I was.

"What's the matter?" His eyes were huge with fright, everything that could be wrong with June flashing through him mind, I could tell.

"I need you to come with me," I said in a small voice, I grabbed his large hand, and it was really big in comparison to mine, and led him back to our room.

His heart was beating quickly; I could hear it, and every other noise in the hotel.

Finally we reached our room, and I pulled him to where June was still in the exact same position I'd left her, except more tears streaming from her eyes.

Jesse ran over to her, automatically scooping her in his arms. She curled into his chest, her sobs muffled by him. I suppressed an "Aww," that was dying to escape my lips.

They looked so cute together, and the way he was so gentle around her made me want to cry, if I could. I suddenly was longing for Jasper to be there, to feel his cold, skin on mine.

Before I knew it, literally seconds after I'd thought of it, Jasper had his arms around me, a smile on his face.

"Edward told me," He whispered, his cool, cold lips pressing against mine. I couldn't help but grin, my fingers reaching up and tussling his blonde hair.


I was back in the meadow, I looked down, but this time I was wearing jeans, and a tight fitting black t-shirt. I was barefoot, and I ran my fingers through my long, golden mane. It was silky smooth. I looked around at the beautiful meadow. I couldn't help but run my fingers over the long, plush, green grass. I smiled, before I heard the footsteps. My head shot up, and my eyes landed on him.

"Why, hello, June," He beamed, and I glared at him.

"What do you want from me?" I hissed, more venom in my tone than I'd realized.

"My, my, June, was that necessary? I'm sure you wouldn't want to insult me." He was grinning, his pearly white teeth gleaming in the moonlight.

"Why do you want to kill me so much? What has driven you to that point?" I asked him angrily.

"Well, one of your dear friends, Seth, I believe, killed my darling Nicole. I want my revenge, and it seems as if you are the easiest target, killing a wolf would not only be hard, but it would hurt his pack. But killing a mere human, well, that is much simpler." He had his hands behind his back.

"Don't you recognize that I'm important to the pack? As well the Cullens? You've got more against you, and the odds are you will lose. I may be human, but I am an imprint, and killing an imprint would only make them angrier." I sent my best death glare at him.

"June, I can sense your hostility, but I think I know someone who could make you calmer," His lips formed into a smirk and he slowly disappeared.

I sighed and laid down; I closed my eyes, taking in a slow, deep breath, when all of a sudden I felt someone's hands on me. I knew it wasn't Jesse, because he has hot and large hands, that felt smooth on my skin, but the hands sliding over me were cold, ridged, and small. I opened my eyes and saw James, leaning over me.

I screamed, and he pinned me down, I tried to push him off of me, as his hand slid up my shirt, taking it off of me. I yelped and kicked and everything. For the first time ever, James was stronger than me.

I continued to try and push him off, but he kept murmuring sweet nothings as he pulled me closer, he was on top of me, and I screamed louder.

"June," He whispered, but instead of his course, low voice I was so used to hearing, I heard a high pitched, bubbly voice, and something was shaking me.

"June! June, get up!" The high pitched voice commanded, and I bolted upright, out of my sleep. I was looking straight at Alice, and she had the most terrified expression on her face.

"June, are you alright? You started talking and then moving around a lot, you had on a scared face," She biting lip, her worried expression still there.

I hugged her tightly; relieved to be seeing someone who I knew wouldn't hurt me. "Alice, it was him again, but James was there, and then he- he," I stuttered, "He started to take my clothing off…" I broke out into loud sobs, and Alice patted my back, saying something, but I didn't hear her, I was so scared I could barely hear anything except Alex's voice over and over again.

"Alice, I've noticed something, each time he'd reached me through my dreams, I'd been alone. The one night he hadn't, I'd been with Jesse." I whispered; I could feel my eyes getting bigger.

"Since he can reach you through your dreams, do you think it's only when you're not with Jesse?" Alice asked in a small voice.

Alice bit her lip, her tiny features twist into an expression as if she were giving something a lot of thought.

"Do you want to go back to sleep?" She offered me, and I shook my head as soon as the words were out of her mouth, I did not want to have any of those dreams again.

"I have an idea, stay there," She told me, and I nodded, hugging my knees to my chest, as she sprinted out of the room.

I glanced over at Nessie, who was dead asleep, probably having a great dream about Jake or something that was good. I was envious of that, and James' face flashed through my mind again, his blood red eyes making tears form in mine.

Seconds later, Alice reappeared in the room, Jesse in tow.

He took one glance at me and scooped me up in his arms, my head curled into his chest and the tears started coming. It was the first time I'd cried since I was eight, but I didn't care, I was just terrified.

Jesse held me close, his lips on my hair. He tilted my head up towards his, a frown plastered on his face.

I squeezed my eyes shut and rested my head on his shoulder, as he rearranged us so he was sitting on the bed, and I was on his lap.

I just couldn't stop the tears, they were streaming down my face, and it felt as if they'd never stop.

His hot skin on my cheek felt so good, and it was then that I noticed he was wearing only basketball shorts, that clung very low on his hips.

I sighed and I don't know when, but soon enough, I passed out in his arms, his hand stroking my hair, Jesse just seemed to make everything better.

When I awoke, I was sprawled across Jesse's chest; my head nestled between his neck and his shoulder, my legs straddling his waist.

He was breathing slowly and steadily, one of his hands was on the small of my back, his other one was laying at his side.

I didn't want to get up, but the lines of sunlight streaming through the blinds, which were closed, kinda told me I should. My eyes flashed over to the other bed, that Nessie was still in, but there was someone else there, someone VERY large.


I couldn't help but feel the disgust roll through me again, I mean, she was so young! She could NOT have been over 16, and she was sleeping in the same bed as my 20 or so year old brother! Nasty.

Then I remembered what Jesse had told me about that thing, uh, imprinting, I think. And Jake had imprinted on Nessie. But, still, I mean even if they were meant to be, it was a little bit weird.

I rolled off of Jesse, and he woke up instantly.

"June?" He whispered, looking over at me. I noticed how cute he was when he first woke up, the way his hair was all messy in his eyes, and his eyes were half closed. He yawned, stretching out his arms and backs, and that's when I noticed he had a full on eight pack.


"Yeah?" I finally responded, yawning myself, my hand covering my mouth, a habit I'd picked up a while ago.

"How are you feeling?" He asked, his eyes already worried. Flashes of last night's dreams, before Jesse had been brought here, reeled through my head, making me shiver.

"Better, now." I smiled and he smiled back, before getting off the bed and looking over at Jake and Ness, he rolled his eyes.

I couldn't help but laugh a little bit, as I slid out of the bed as well and walked out of the bedroom.

Alice and Jasper were seated on the couch, watching a movie on the flat screen. This is a really nice hotel room.

"I had another vision last night," Alice said, as if it were totally normal, which freaked me out a bit.

"What happened?" Jesse asked, freezing in mid step.

"We weren't in Philadelphia anymore, no, it was too hot for Philadelphia at this time of year. We were in a gym? June was there, and she was on a treadmill, running, and so was Alex. But he wasn't on a treadmill; he was standing over near the weights watching her..."

"Wait," I said, cutting in on her sentence, "Describe the gym I was at, were the walls, blue and white striped?" I gulped.

"Yes, how did you know?" Alice looked up at me, terrified.

"That's my school's gym," I heard the words come out of my throat, but I was begging I hadn't said them.

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