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Just so you all know, because of Nessie, with Jake's permission the vamps can go onto the rez as long as they don't hunt.

Chapter 2

I grabbed my carry on bag as we landed in the airport. I exited the plane and was immediately greeted by a girl I didn't know and a guy who kinda reminded me of myself in a weird way.

"OH MY GOSH! JUNEEEE!I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M MEETING YOU!" The strange girl screamed as she rushed over to me and enveloped me in a hug.

After she let go the HUGE guy shook my hand and introduced him and the weird girl.

"Hi, you must be June, I'm Jacob and this is my uh friend Nessie." He said looking at her in a way like he was a blind man looking at the sun for the first time.

We walked to the car with an awkward silence Jacob insisting to carry my bag. We were apparently almost there when we drove past a small market.

There was a crowd of boys there, all of them being as tall and huge like Jake. Of course as soon as they saw him they all waved. I noticed one boy he was about 6'8 and completely gorgeous.

"WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!? YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND YOUNG LADY YOU CANT BE STAREING AT OTHER BOYS!" my mind shouted at me. Damn I was right I couldn't do that to James. I shook it off as we drove into the driveway of a rather large house. (A/N yes Jake owns a mechanic shop and they bought a larger house of which Billy moved into)

As I got out of the car I saw a man in the window he didn't look very tall but for all I know he could be sitting down. I figured he was my dad. Jake grabbed my bag and opened the front door for me. I walked in and the man in the window rolled in front of me.

"Hi June, I'm Billy, your father." He said in an old husky voice.

I didn't really know what to do so I bent down and hugged him.

"Dad..," I stuttered "I can't believe I'm finally meeting my real father."

He smiled his face encrusted with wrinkles. I smiled back and I was pulled away by Nessie into a large room.

"Ok, because you'r staying here for the next week or so this is your room, and here is the attached bedroom," she waved her hand toward a door, "if you need anything my room is next door, and during the week we usually go to school at Forks High because the school on the reservation got wiped out in a HUGE spring storm, so you can stay here or come with us and visit with us."

"Uh, well I think I'll go to school just for something to do." I explained as she nodded.

"Do you want me to show you around La Push?" She asked with her big eyes pleading me.

"Of course Ness I would love to see La Push." I smiled with fake enthusiasm.

"Great, just let me go get shoes on!" She chirped as she rushed past me her arm brushed mine and I saw a beach the waves just crashing. I jumped back a little and she just scurried out of the room.

I looked around the room, there was a screen door leading to a personal porch, I stepped out and was hit with the strong smell of saltwater. The breeze was strong and I wrapped my arms around my torso to keep warm.

I saw a few of the boys that we had seen at the market walking by the house; one of them was that boy he looked at me for a second and kept walking.

I went back into my room and Nessie was waiting.

"Ah, so you saw the personal deck? I love that I used to go out there with a book and just read. It was nice but it is your deck this week. Ready?" she asked pointing towards the door.

"Sure let's go." I agreed putting the hood on my sweatshirt up.

We started at the first beach, which was just a few houses up from their house. Then we headed to the shop a local women owns I think her name was Ms. Call I can't remember her name. We got back around 5:00. After dinner there was a knock at my door. I opened it to see Nessie standing there with three other girls.

"Can we come in?" she asked gesturing towards the other girls.

"Be my guests," I said as they walked in.

"Ok, June, this is Alice," she motioned toward a rather small girl with spiky black hair that was completely beautiful, "This is Rosalie," her hand fluttered toward the tall blonde that was so gorgeous at one glance a girls self esteem would drop to an all time low.

"And, this is…." I cut her off as the short brunette stepped out behind her.

"Bella," I was so shocked I couldn't move. She was different, her skin paler, she was impossibly beautiful, and her eyes were a warm gold instead of her chocolate brown.

"Hi June!" She said in a high voice like ringing bells (A/N hee hee ringing BELLS)

She rushed me into a hug her skin cold on mine. I immediately hugged her back.

"Oh my gosh June I can't believe I'm seeing you finally!" She said looking me over, "Have you grown like another foot?"

I laughed, "No, have you shrunk one?"

We talked a little while longer when we decided to go for a walk for no reason at all. We were walking and laughing at everything we said no matter how stupid it was.

We had only walked a few blocks when another girl about 5'6 with long black hair walked right up to us and said hi to all of us stopping at me with a huge grin asked, "Nessie who is this?"

Nessie explained, " Oh, Lauren, this is Jake's sister June she is here for the week she came to meet Billy, she might move here to live with us if she likes it." After walking a little bit with Lauren we headed back to my house, Lauren, Rosie, Alice, and Bella left, Nessie and I went to sleep.