Hey all reviewers! It's Miwokgirl101 in the house! Hopefully you read my 1st story Percy's Love vs. Athena's Hate. Here is the summary: Wadi is the new girl at the Institute of Cryptids. Wadi begins to fall for Zak Saturday. What will she do? Can she survive school and crushes?


Hi, my name is Wadi. I just moved to Canada (is that where Zak lives?). My dad was given a job opportunity here. I used to live in a town called Methuselah. I want to become a cryptid scientist when I grow up so my dad signed me up for the Institute of Cryptids. I would be starting school tomorrow. I hope it would be better than my last school. Everyone kept bullying me and making fun of me so I stole some of their stuff. My dad didn't like that so I had to give back their stuff, but that didn't mean their stuff had to be intact when I gave it back. I am sort of glad that we moved.

"Wadi, dinner is ready." said Maboul, my dad.

"Coming." I said.

I went down to dinner. I didn't eat that much.

"Wadi, do you have everything you need for school tomorrow?" said dad.

"Yes, dad. Stop worrying. Everything will be alright. Just don't mention me stealing anything to anyone." I said.

After dinner, I double checked everything and picked out my outfit. The Cryptid School allowed you to wear whatever you want as long as you don't have see through clothes, skirts longer than your fingernail, and no dyeing your hair. Of course, I would never do that. The Cryptid School taught you a lot of things dealing with cryptids and a few rumors said that they even bring in a few cryptids.

I just picked out a nice t-shirt and pants. I checked my clock. It was 10:00pm. I should probably get to sleep. I brushed my teeth and went to bed.

I woke up to my alarm blaring right next to my ear. I almost jumped out of bed. I slapped my alarm clock. Eight o'clock am! Shoot, I was going to be late. I jumped out of bed, got ready for school, grabbed a piece of toast, and ran to catch the bus. Luckily, it was still there by the time I got to the bus stop.

When I got on the bus I saw kids with weird outfits. One kid had black hair, but his bangs had white hair. He looked nice and kind of cute. He was wearing an orange and black shirt with an S on it while wearing yellow pants. He signaled for me to sit next to him.

"Hi, my name is Zak Saturday." he said.

"I'm Wadi Hassi." I said.

"Cool name." said Zak.

We began to have a conversation. It turns out his parents built and taught at the school. He was pretty popular considering that he knew almost everyone's name. I could also see some girls that were sitting at the front of the bus were glaring at me.

Finally, we had arrived at school. It was giant. It looked like it could be a whole neighborhood. Well then again it was grades K-12th grade.

"Zak, do you know where the office is?" I asked.

"Yeah, why don't I take you there." said Zak.

On our way there we ran into a boy with slightly green skin. He kind of looked like a fish.

"Hey Ulraj, I would like you to meet Wadi." said Zak.

"Nice to meet you. I am Zak's best friend." said Ulraj.

"Hopefully we can become friends Wadi" said Zak.

"Yeah. I would like that." I said.

"Okay lovebirds, we have to lead Wadi to the office for her schedule." said Ulraj.

We both blushed and I just followed Zak as he led the way to the office. When I got inside I saw a secretary.

"Excuse me, I'm Wadi Hassi and I came for my schedule." I said.

"Here you go and here is a map of the school. The principal also wants to see you before you leave the office building." said the secretary.

I went to a room that said Principal's Office. I knocked on the door.

"Come in." said a kind yet stern voice.

I entered the room. I saw a man with an eye that was white and the other eye was almost black. Like Zak's eyes.

"Hello, I am Doc Saturday, but call me Principal Saturday." said Principal Saturday.

"I am Wadi Hassi. Are you Zak's father?" I asked.

"Yes I am. I also would like to wish you a nice 7th grade year." said Principal Saturday.

"Thank you." I said as I left the principal's office.

As I left the office building, Zak and Ulraj came to me.

"Hey Wadi, what is your schedule?" asked Zak.

"I have cryptid technology for the first two periods, cryptid magic for the next two periods, lunch in between 4th and 5th period, cryptid biology for 5th period, and cryptid combat training 6th and 7th period." I said.

"Cool, we have the same schedule." said Zak and Ulraj.

"Well let's get to class. Thanks you guys. You guys have made this a pretty good first day." I said.

They gave me smiles. As we were walking down the hallway I saw this group of girls wearing too much make-up and overpriced clothes.

"Oh, look new bait." said a girl who looked like she was the leader.

"What's it to you?" I said in a bitter tone.

"Well what kind of name is Wadi or Hassi?" she asked in a nasty tone.

"Leave her alone Heather and no I will never date you. If I did then the world would end." Zak said in a stern voice. Just like his father's voice.

"But Zakkykins, you could do so much better than her." Heather said while pointing at me.

"Heather just leave or I shall call my dad over again. If you get in trouble one more time you'll be expelled." Zak said in an annoyed tone.

"Fine!" Heather said before her and her cronies stomped away.

"Who the heck is that jerk?!" I exclaimed.

"She is Heather. She is one of the meanest girls in the school. She gets jealous whenever I talk with any girls. Don't worry as long as a teacher, I, or Ulraj are close by she won't hurt you. She keeps trying to go out with me, but I would never go out with her." Zak said.

"Well like I said before let's go to class. By the way can you tell me something about the teachers?" I said.

"Well the cryptid technology teacher is my dad, the principal. The cryptid magic teacher is my mom, Drew Saturday. The cryptid biology teacher is Mr. Epilson who has a son our age and is kind of weird. The cryptid combat training teacher is my uncle, Doyle. Doyle is so down to earth and pretty cool. Though be careful to not scare him because he carries grenades at all times." Zak said.

"Wow, your family practically rules the school." I said.

"Well here is the cryptid technology class. When you're in cryptid magic class, don't mention love potion because my mom will start wanting to make one. Heather once tried it on me, but it turns out the real potion was destroyed as soon as everyone got a look at it. The recipe for the potion had ingredients so rare that almost no one could get it. The potion Heather gave me was just sweetener." Zak said.

I agreed. We took our seats inside the classroom. There were tables that could only fit two people.

"Hey Wadi, why don't we sit at one of the tables." Zak said.

I blushed, but I am pretty sure Zak didn't see it. The table could barely fit two people, but there were two stools. There wasn't that much room so our knees were touching. I swear I thought I felt some electricity when his knee touched mine. He apologized, but the second time his knee touched mine he didn't say anything, but didn't move it.

"Today class we will be building an electric cryptid field guy. Tomorrow we will learn how to fix the field guide." said Mr. Saturday.

He knocked me out of my daze. Though throughout the class Zak and I kept glancing at each other. One time Zak connected two wires wrong and it sort of blew up. Luckily nothing was too damaged that it couldn't work. I laughed, but it was more like a chuckle.

Soon this class was over. There was a 5 minute break and we went to our lockers to drop off our books. Fortunately, Ulraj's, Zak's, and my locker were right next to each other.

As I was putting my books away, Heather came up to me. Zak, Ulraj, and I just gave her glares. She still came over though. Well here's round 2.

"Oh look, Zak has his two shadows with him." said Heather.

"Why don't you go clown school instead of cryptid school? With all of that make-up on you could get a free scholarship." I said.

She was trying to think of a reply, but her mouth kept opening and closing. She made some angry noise and stomped off with her shadows behind her.

"Nice combat. Almost no girl in the school has stood up to Heather and is still at this school." said Zak.

"Yeah, I heard a rumor that every girl that did stand up to Heather's family disappeared, but you're still here." said Ulraj.

The bell rang for the next class. We had to practically run to cryptid magic's class because it was at the opposite side of the building. Well let's see what will happen in this class.

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