A girl, no not a girl but a young woman, a teenager. She's wearing a black hoodie the hood of which is covering her long, brown hair, dark skinny jeans and checkered vans, the ones made for guys.

She is not normal, she never was.

This girl is me, Hailey Bright, I'm walking down the long street covered with very happy- looking houses that are now partly hidden in shadow, as it is currently 2:00 am.

I couldn't sleep, too many nightmares. Therefore I decided to take a little walk, a walk up to the mansion, the mansion that is supposed to be haunted.

By now I am standing in front on the magnificiant house.

I push open the gates with a sickening creeeeeek, walk through them.

What I saw I was not expecting. I wasn't expecting to see beautiful, grand sculptures. In fact they weren't even real sculptures, the were bushes and hedges. Amung them a squirrel, a sea dragon, and most importantly a hand.

Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a black figure hide behind on of the masterpeices. I whirled around fast enough to see something shiny glistening in the little light.

Snip, snip.

Just as I was about to run I heard it say something.

"Please," Said a soft voice, it was soft and slightly high, but it was deffinately male.

"Pardon?" I breathed in a scared voice.

Just then the man seemingly materialized out of the light fog. He was now standing a good seven or eight feet away from me. Oh god he was beautiful, in every aspect of the word.I had to stop myself from giggling at his crazy hair.

"Please, don't go."