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I know what you want
I wanna take you a midnight show tonight
If you can keep a secret
I got a blanket in the back seat on my mind
And a little place that sits beneath the sky
She turned her face to speak
But no-one heard her cry
Drive faster, boy
Drive faster, boy

I know there's a hope
There's too many people trying to help me cope
You got a real short skirt
I wanna look up, look up, look up, yeah yeah
Midnight Show by The Killers

Lisa looked down the street. She was not very familiar with this side of town. There were several abandon warehouses around and the street lights were flickering. She was standing by a rundown bar. It reeked of beer and illegal drugs. Her stomach was rebelling against it making her want to puke. Lisa held her purse close to her. It contained the essential a girl needed; make up, tampons, her cell phone and a gun. It also held pepper spray but if it came down to it, she would prefer the gun. She rocked back and forth on her heels, anxious for this to start. She tugged on the bottom of her skirt. It was much much too short. She could feel goose bumps form on the back of her legs. Her top was low cut at her own request. She wanted her scar to be visible.

She had been waiting for this day the moment Braun decided to make Jackson her assassin. There was no way she could be getting cold feet now. Her adrenaline was keeping her going. She repeated the same thing in her head over and over again. "We need to stop him from raping more girls. It's revenge for the good people." That was the whole point of this mission; to get revenge for the good people who have been subject to something they did not want any part of. The more she repeated it the braver she became. She thought of all the other girls that he raped and cringed that others had experienced what she did. She was happy that she chose this path.

Jackson was down the street waiting for her to run to him. He had given her words of encouragement before he sent her off. It almost looked like he was going to go to Plan B and not send her out. She can be brave though. She can do this. It was all part of the plan and she needed to go along with it. Matt and Stevie was hopefully ransacking Alex Peterson's apartment as she stood there.

Lisa knew that Peterson would be coming out of the bar any minute now and see her there. Her breath was steady despite the situation. The door opened and the rumble that came from the bar momentarily became louder. Lisa heard someone come out. She peaked. Her breath increased.

Black hair. Black eyes. Black soul. It was him. It was really him. Lisa's insides froze and she felt her body stiffen. Oh God. She can't do it. She cannot go on with the plan. She needed to leave. She wanted to get out of there. Her body was tingling, telling her to run away as fast as she could. She could go unnoticed.

Except that she didn't. Right as she was about to run, he turned to look at her. Her face held fear as his expression turned from curious to the grossest smile Lisa had ever seen.

"Hello, sweetheart," he said sauntering to her. He was dressed in baggy jean and a T-shirt with a skull on it. "Don't see many girls around here who are as pretty as you. Lookin' for a ride? Cause I can give you one if you like. I could give you several rides."

He slowly walked behind her. She could feel him approach. She really wanted to throw up but it was too late to get out of it now. The midnight show must go on. She faced him knowing exactly where he was. Her scar shown in the street light and was clearly visible. He didn't notice. Adrenaline made her on edge. She can do this. She can do this.

"You alright, hot thing?" he asked trying to be seductive. "I can make you feel better."

Yeah fucking right.

He enjoyed the view of her cleavage. It made her feel conscious; even more so then she was before. Then his eyes fell upon the scar. His eyes widen and his head snapped up to look at her face, seeing if he recognized it.

"Wait a minute. I fucked you before, haven't I?" He stared intensely at her scar. Oh God. The scar was a mark. He has raped multiple girls before he got to Lisa. Each one of them would have a scar similar to her. It was his mark. He wanted all of them to think of him years later to re-live the moment. She felt sick, but courage ran though her. "Oh yes, I remember. I fucked you in a parking lot at that mall not that long ago. Liked it so much you came looking for me again, didn't you?"

That was her cue. She took off running with him following behind. He was pretty fast and it took all of her effort to run faster. No wonder Jackson train her so hard. It would have been impossible to outrun him before she met Jackson.

Her thighs were burning as she turned into the alley was that Jackson and Logan were located. They were hiding behind some trash cans as Lisa ran into the dead end. Lisa pretended to be trapped. She banged against the chain fence like doing that would make a difference.

"You're not going to get away," Alex told her in a deadly voice. "I'm going to fuck you again like I did in that parking lot. I'm going to do it again and again and then I'm going to kill you."

Lisa did not want to imagine what he would do to her, but at the sound of his words she could not help it. She winced. Each step closer to her was treacherous. Where was Jackson? Alex was close, very close. Too close. Lisa held her purse close to her chest with her fingers on the gun.

"You know," said Jackson revealing himself. "Men now-a-days have no class. No wonder the world is as bad as it is today with men who think that they can just rape and kill someone. Where is the sophistication in that?"

"Who the fuck are you?"asked Alex turning to look at Jackson. He was not expecting that him and was immediately suspicious. He had froze dead in his tracks as soon as Jackson had come out of his hiding spot.

"Not to sound clichéd at all, but your worst nightmare," smiled Jackson. He pulled out his knife as Logan pulled the safety off of his gun. Lisa took out the gun in her purse and pointed at him. He was surrounded.

"You bitch," said a panicked Alex. He was searching for some possible source of exiting. Nope, not a single way out of it. Lisa could practically smell the sweat on him as looked between Lisa, Jackson and Logan trying to escape.

Everything was going according to plan. They were to surround him then once he surrendered or they managed to get a hold of him Logan and Jackson would hold him down as Lisa sliced the knife into his skin. Once he bled like she had, Jackson would stop his movement permanently.

Alex surrendered. His knife made a loud thunk as it fell on the pavement of the alley. His expression showed one of defeat and disbelief. Lisa guessed his thoughts as being something along the lines of "How did this bitch trick me?" This was definitely the last thing he was expecting when he approached her. Good. Lisa was not expecting to get raped in a mall parking lot. The expression he gave Jackson and Logan confused Lisa. It was almost like he was given a quiz and was thinking of the answer.

Thinking that it was time to grab Alex so she could slice him, Lisa started moving towards him with her gun pointed at him. Jackson yelled for her to stop a beat too late as Alex grabbed her arm. In one quick movement, Alex had one of Lisa's arms trapped by her body with his arm around her torso. The arm with her purse on it managed to not get captured. Her gun betrayed her as it was digging into her temple.

"Move and she dies," Alex told Jackson and Logan.

Logan looked very calm with the current situation with this gun still pointed at them. He knew that you must remain calm whatever the situation. If you were not calm, you might do something stupid. Jackson looked like he was about to do something stupid. His eyes were blazing not leaving Lisa's. She mouthed sorry trying to work a way out of the situation. She had never seen such passion in his blue eyes. It made her shiver.

"I know who you are," said Alex suddenly. "You're from the group in New York. The other assassin group run by Braun. And would you look at that! He put his number one assassin on the case. Jackson Fucking Rippner. Oh yes, we know all about you. Impressive work you did in Russia. I was quite jealous that the people who hired you chose your group over ours." His grip on Lisa suddenly increased as he dragged her closer to his body. "I fuck you," he whispered into her ear "and the first thing you do is run off to find an assassin, huh? And not just any assassin. One of the best out there. Maybe I should not have underestimated you. Or maybe I should not have let you go." He licked her ear causing her to squirm even more and whimper in disgust. Logan had to grab Jackson's arm to keep him from charging straight at them. Lisa had to come up with a plan to get out of this. It was her fault he was in this situation right now and it was up to her to get out of it.

"Oh, the boss is going to be so thrilled when I deliver him Braun's favorite pet. This is how things are going to happen. You two are going to come with me. Any attempt to escape or kill me and she dies." He dug the gun deeper. "I'm going to take you to our hid out and hand you over to my boss. As for this bitch, hehe, she'll be dealt with separately. I think a good whipping for misbehaving while I was gone will be in store for you and then once you get all cleaned up and pretty again, a good fuck. That's exactly what you need."

Lisa was not paying attention to his bravado. She was busy concocting her get-a-way. There was no way she could beat him physically so she needed some sort of weapon. Lisa's hand slowly dug around her purse looking for a something that could be used as a weapon. Eye shadow? No. Sunglasses? Definitely not. Wallet? Lisa's mind thought the worse until she felt a certain object in her purse. Her hand gripped it as hard as she could. Ok, so, this will not be the greatest weapon, but it could certainly do the trick. When you are desperate, anything will work. It was, of course, a pen.

Lisa flicked off the cap of the pen and felt the plastic run through her fingers. She slowly took her hand out of her purse trying to hide the pen from Peterson. He was too wrapped up in his speech to notice. She would only have one chance to do this and she needed to do it right. Her green eyes meet pale blue ones that held intrigue. Jackson could sense a plan.

Seconds felt like hours waiting for the opportune moment. Peterson brought Lisa closer to him moving his arm around her neck and whispered something into her ear. What he whispered, Lisa would never know. The only thing that could hear was a slight ringing and her own heart doing a tango inside her body. This was it. It was now or never. Now or die.

Putting forth as much power as she could muster, Lisa swung her arm around with the tip of the pen forward aiming for his neck. She felt the pen hit a surface, break into it and lodge itself into his neck. Thank God for all the training Jackson had given her.

"AARRG!" yelled Peterson letting go of Lisa for a moment, but it was just enough. She tore away from his as fast as she could. As she managed her get-a-way, she felt his arm grab the back of her shirt. He forced her to the ground with himself on top of her legs. Lisa wriggled her leg free and kicked him straight in the face. Jackson helped her up.

Peterson's nose was broken. He had one hand trying to stop the bleeding from his nose while the other pulled the pen out of his neck. The blood was unstoppable but Lisa felt no pity for him. Peterson looked Lisa straight in the face and scratched out in a nasally voice "You bitch."

"You are not a very creative man, are you?" asked Jackson standing before Peterson as he knelt on the ground a bleeding mess. "You have allowed yourself to be captured by three enemies without doing anything really drastic about it. If you were me, you would be long gone by now with your enemies dead. You would also be a hell of a lot better looking than you are right now, but that is beside the point. You are also not creative in insults. That was what, the tenth time you called Lisa a bitch? Really? Get some new material, man."

Jackson was enjoying this as much as Peterson hated it. Venom was shooting out of Peterson's eyes as he looked up at Jackson. Peterson was also shaking; whether from the blood loss, fury that he lost or pure fear no one knew. All they knew was that they were going to win.

"You're going to die," whispered Jackson. Peterson looked towards the ground admitting his defeat. Jackson called for Lisa. "Didn't you have a certain request that involved a knife?"

"I've changed my mind. I'm not going to cut with the knife. I will do this though." Her legs felt wobbly as she stood beside him. She grabbed the pen once more. She flung it at him again, this time in the base of his throat. It was fitting that a pen would be her weapon. She was a common, ordinary type of girl and that was a common, ordinary instrument. When you put those two together, they could do dangerous things. Blood was splattered all over her hand. "That," she told him "was for all the girls you rapped before and after me. It gives me pleasure knowing that you will never be able to do it again."

She nodded to Jackson who had a smirk on his face. Logan stood behind Peterson, holding him in place as Jackson sunk his knife into the very center of his heart causing blood to spill all over them. Lisa turned away not wanting to see Jackson's other fancy knife work. She heard a thud behind her. Jackson stood over the body putting his knife away as Logan did his job with the body. Jackson faced Lisa.

The two of them stared at each other for a while each of them in their own state of disbelief. Lisa was in disbelief that Peterson was dead and her part in it. It was also shocking to have finally seen Jackson in action. She only really knew him for the cocky guy who lived in her apartment. Jackson could not believe she stabbed him with a pen.

"That was a neat trick you had there," he praised her like a proud teacher.

"It was the best I could come up with in that short of time. It was my fault that I became a hostage and I needed to take responsibility for it. Not too bad I hope."

"You did wonderfully," replied Jackson. Jackson threw on his genuine smile. He brought out a handkerchief from the inside of his jacket and wiped the blood off of Lisa's face. There was a strange expression on Jackson's face. Lisa knew that expression because she was pretty sure she wore an identical one. Jackson slowly leaned in, as if asking for permission. When Lisa did not move away, Jackson went for the kill.

Slowly, she felt her lips meet his. Kissing Jackson was nicer then Lisa could ever imagine. It was nice and soft at first. It was the kind of kiss that you wish would be your first kiss instead of the messy, gross one you usually get. They eventually remembered that this was not their first kiss as it became more intense. They were finally letting out the sexual frustration that was building up over these weeks out.

It was no surprise to Lisa that Jackson had complete control over the kiss. His hand ran through up her already messed up hair while the other held her in place. It was a good thing that he was holding her because her knees were certainly about to give out any second.

Lisa's world was filled with bliss. For some reason she something deep within her knew that this was right. She vaguely wondered how long they had been kissing. A minute? An hour? Three glorious years?

"As much as I can't wait for Braun to say 'told you so,' we do have a job to do here," interrupted Logan standing by the van.

Oh damn, forgot about him not to mention the fact that they just murdered someone and were covered in blood. Minor details.

Lisa's face burned in embarrassment. It was so unlike her to display such a state of affection in front of a stranger…in an alley. Jackson straighten out his jacket which Lisa had messed up trying to pull him closer.

"Come on, Leese," he said. "We have work to do." What? They just made out and that is all he has to say about it? Frustration filled her as they made their way to the van where Logan had a dead Peterson in the back. Gross. Jackson didn't frustrate her for long. As they were walking, Jackson brought her close and whispered "We'll continue that later."

Yeah, Lisa definitely had goose bumps after that. His hand wrapped around her waist leading her to the van. Once in the van, they drove to the bar he was at earlier. Getting there was extremely easy; the problem was that it waiting until it was all clear. They had to wait only ten minutes (which can seem pretty long in a van with a dead body) until they saw the owner of the bar lock it up for the night. Once the coast was clear, they drove around to the back. Jackson and Logan placed the dead body between two trash cans.

The owner would find the body the next day. He would call the Slayers and let them know. They would realize this was no random hit; this was a murder. This was a warning. They were coming. The Slayers were going to lose.

David Grey watched as the van pulled away and came out of his hiding spot. Well that was not something you see every day. All he wanted was to go out and to get a beer, but normalcy was not in his life. No, when he goes out for a beer he gets to witness the death of a coworker. Granted, he and Peterson were not on the best terms (Grey was still kind of the new guy and there was nothing Peterson hated more than a new guy) but he did not want to see him get murdered. He left the bar and started walking home when he heard someone scream. To think that Peterson would end up in a situation where a woman was stabbing him with a pen! (He probably did deserve it though). Grey was not the best with weapons but he certainly was sneaky. He managed to hide right as Peterson was being slaughtered by the tall man.

Grey had a dilemma; he could try to take on them by himself or call the rest of the gang. There was no way he would be able to take on these three by himself and if he called, by they would hear him and by the time his gang got there Peterson would be long gone. Either way the company was going to be mad at him. Grey cringed to himself. Any though of betrayal meant death. Hell he would probably die just for telling the boss his favorite guy died. He decided wait and see if he could get any other information.

Peterson fell on the ground dead. The large man went to work on the body as the tall one cleaned up his woman. He ended up kissing her but it was strange. It seemed like their first kiss. From what Grey saw, she was well trained and they were in sync with each other. There was no way this was their first assignment together. She was very beautiful; they type of woman you would not have a first kiss in an alley with. Who were these people?

The large man dragged the body into their van. This was definitely not a random hit. They knew who he was. He turned towards the couple and grunted out "As much as I can't wait for Braun to say 'told you so,' we do have a job to do here."

Braun. Braun was behind his. These were Braun's worker! The tall man had to the infamous Jackson Rippner. He was whispering something to his woman. She gave him a girlyish look. Was it possible that this was her first assignment? They hopped into the van.

Grey looked around. He might be sneaky but he would not be able to follow them without a vehicle. The large man had cleaned up very well. There was not a spot of blood anywhere to be seen. There was no sign of at all of what had happened. Grey was going to walk away when he noticed something on the ground. Walking over to it, he realized what the object was. It was a pen. The one the woman assassin used. He inspected that pen.

"The Lux Atlantic."

Grey smiled. The company was really going to be proud of him. He tried again and again to make his boss happy but never could. The boss hated him and he hated the boss. That was pretty much everyone in the company save for a few. Maybe Braun taking over would not be that bad, but still, he needed to prove himself. He was going to make his boss very happy. Not only did he know who killed Peterson but where they were.

Grey took out his cell phone.

"Schmidt, it's Grey. Put me on with the boss. I have some news."

Dun dun dun.

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