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the limo entered the gates of ouran and i saw a endless sea of guys and girls dresses in their uniforms, i refused to wear that...that thing but since my father ordered it might as well wear it, that's what i thought but momo-san(my personal maid and best friend) got me the guys uniform, she knew i hated it, i was shocked and happy that she knows me so well.

when the court yard was clear i said my goodbyes and went towards the reception desk. I rounded a corner and walked in the main office and went to the super attendants office.i knocked on the door and opened it.

"Oh mitsuki, welcome to Ouran," said the super attendant motioning her to sit down. She sat down in the seat in front of his desk, "thank you, Suou-sensei." He smiled at her, "your father must be proud to have such an attractive young lady like you, demo," he said looking at my clothes, "why are you wearing the boy's uniform?" I closed her eyes while trying to keep my pose perfect, "uhh...haha..you see...i didnt really like it." A sudden knock on the door pulled their conversation away, "yes?" The door opened to have a young blonde guy walk in, "you wanted to see me?" The super attendant mentioned his hand for him to come in, "yes, Tamaki meet your new friend mitsuki." I stood up and turned around to see his face better as my long brown hair moved with me, i bowed. Tamaki bowed.

"Well tamaki can you please show our new student to her class please?" the super attendent said. i looked at tamaki as he came and took my schedul from the super attendent. when we were in the hallway it was silent and he woulnd stop staring at me is there some thing on my face? is my hair sticking out on the side? WAAAAA! i thought i looked over to see if he was still staring, yep he was, i blushed and he broke the silence " so how are you liking the town?" " umm...its ok i guess... but i dont really go out much im usually inside singing writing, music..." he was nodding like he knew what it felt like to be stuck inside all day. "Are you happy you moved here?"

She shook her head no, "I never wanted to move; demo … I guess I have no choice now...We're alike you know?" Tamaki made a puzzled look as he thought about it, "alike?" miki waited for a bit before telling him, "ano...we're alike because of our grandmothers. My father, unlike yours, met my mother and took her away from her parents, but only because she was in love."

Tamaki stared at her while she finished, "She was in love and she also didn't want to have arranged marriages. She died when I was little," she said looking down at her feet. She felt a hand on her head and looked up, "don't worry, we're friends now remember," Tamaki said giving a gentle smile. i blused and smiled" right".

We walked into our first class as everyone either said 'ooh' or 'ah'. Tamaki stood beside her as the teacher looked the papers she had and mentioned to another student, "Kyoya, will you formally introduce our new student?" He nodded and opened up his notebook, "koyoma, mitsuki… also known as miki by her fans and schoolmates. miki only allows those close to her call her by her first name mitsuki such as close friends, higher nobility like family friends, and family." She looked at tamaki as she listened to him speak, he nodded and smiled i blushed again and looked at my hands. "Well known in the fine arts such as singing and dancing, she is also known for being athletic and flexible. She also plays several instruments like piano, violin, guitar, the flute, and drums," he said closing his notebook and looking up and looking between me and tamaki, "her only family consists of her grandmother and father." when he finished everyone looked at me and tamaki. "um..its very nice to meet everyone," i said then smiled and tilted my head to the right against tamaki shoulder by mistake. All the guys in the room started to blush as the girls yelled "KAWAII" with heart in their eyes. oops!

After school was a lot better for me as i walked home with my book bag behind my head in my hands while my arms hanging loosely at my sides. i walked for a bit before someone grabbed mer by both arms, "what the-!?" I looked up and saw two guys that looked alike while a limo pulled up in front of them, "what going on!?" The window opened as Tamaki's head looked posed in the car, "take her away," he said as the window went back up. "Hey I have to-nyaaaaaa!"

Sometime later I looked up and saw they were at a private beach. "Where," I slowly began, "am I?" I felt arms around I again as I saw the two guys from earlier, "welcome to the Host Club's get away!" mitsuki's face twitched as my anger grew until I took both guys by the arm and threw them five feet into the air. Once they finally landed they got up and stared at me shock and fear as I yelled at the top of my lungs, "what the heck am I doing here!? " They got up and introduced themselves, "we're the Hitachiin brothers, Hikaru and Kaoru." my anger got the best of me, "that doesn't answer my question!" They pointed to a house, "we were told to bring you here by our lord." I calmed down a little, "lord?...What lord?" They gave a sly smile as they headed towards the house, "come with us then and find out!" I sighed and walked behind them into the house.

"Welcome miki-chan," greeted a young looking boy KAWAII hes soo cute! i thought to myself, "you can call me Honey-sempai and you can call him Mori-sempai," he said pointing to a really tall guy with a content look. I rolled my eyes as I walked to the center of the room and looked around, "where am I?" "They took you by the arms and brought you here huh?" I looked to my left and saw another girly looking boy, "they do that to me all the time, I'm Haruhi miki-sempai." I overlooked this one carefully as i spoke, "your a tomboy Haruhi?" "Huh?" "Well i mean your a girl dressing as a boy so...um...you're a tomboy right? ," i said as she looked up. Tamaki and Kyoya walked into the room when I saw them i yelled in their faces while Tamaki hid behind his friend scared of me, "why would you bring me here when I said that I wasn't interested in going out anywhere!?" Kyoya did his signature 'push up his glasses' then told me, "we asked your grandmother and father if you come. Your grandmother refused but was convinced by your fathers words." my face fell then i clinched my fists tight, "then why didn't you-," I started to yell as the twins brought a single piece of luggage, "let you pack? Because one of the maids already had one packed for you," they said.

Dinner rolled around as they all sat and ate. Tamaki's 'puppy' eyes stared at me as my anger marks (anime anger marks) moved around my head. With fear in his voice he asked, "do you want to sing for a bit?" I looked at him, "you have a station ready here?" Honey agreed to it, "miki-Chan! Go ahead and sing to us! Haru-chan's a fan of yours." I looked at Haruhi, "you are?" She nodded her head a little and blushed, "it's in other room though." I got up and walked over to her chair, "which one do you want to hear," she asked as I rubbed her cheek and gave a lovely look which froze the guys solid. "Ano…whichever, I kinda like them all." I smiled "ok" i stood straight up and walked towards the door, "well then, let's go." All of them got up and walked ahead of me as i followed. we walked down the hall and into a mini theater where the guys, and Haruhi, sat down while the stage was ready and set. i stood by the microphone, "any song?" I asked staring at them. "Whichever one you favor the most," Tamaki said calming down a bit from earlier. I nodded once and took a breath before I began singing a song, "all right then, this one is called focus"

doko no dareka to nanishite tano? okoranai kara syojikini
shiranai piasu (pierce) tabako ni pinku (pink) no ru-ju (rouge) ga tsuiteiru

mou nigerarenai nigasanai subete wo hanashite to itta no wa watashi dakedo
yappari kikenai hanashi no tochuu tobidasu "nee"

doushite uso deshou doushite! kikanakya shiranakya shinjinakya yokatta
watashi dake aishite watashidake yasashii wana wo shikakete oiteyo
itsukara uso deshou itsukara? donna fuu ni dou yatte dokomade shitteru no?
watashi ni wa naimono motteruno? souzou bakari ga fukurami dashite ru

kitsukeba itsumo kimi to kiteta kouen ni tadori tsuiteta
nani ga nanda ka mou wakaranai kimi kara no denwa nani yamanai

zutto mae ni yamerutte itteta hazu no tabako sui dashite gomakasuno
yappari kikitai hanashi no tochuu kininaru "haa"

doukoka ni kiechau dokokani usotsuki kizutsuki aisotsukita kara
isoide mueni konakucha kimi to onaji koto watashi ni mo dekiru yo
mecha mecha konna ni mecha mecha uragiri yokogiri girigiri nanda kara
kantan ni kirai nanre tara donna ni rakuna no? dou sureba ii no?

pin de tometa futari yorisou shashin yugandeku
dou mitemo mou fo-kasu (focus) ga awanai yo nee

doushite uso deshou doushite! kikanakya shiranakya shinjinakya yokatta
watashi dake aishite watashidake yasashii wana wo shikakete oiteyo
itsukara uso deshou itsukara? donna fuu ni douyatte dokomade shitteru no?
watashi ni wa naimono motteru no? souzou bakari ga fukurami dashite ru

i finished, i looked at 'The Host Club', "ano … I'm finished. They clapped while Honey jumped center front with excitement. "That was good miki-chan," he said while he finished clapping then hugged his bunny i blushed. A golden retriever ran inside the room and licked Tamaki on the face, "Antoinette, stop!" I stared at the dog and my eyes got big as the dog turned and growled at me and started barking, it would have ran and bit me if it wasn't for mori-sempai. the host club looked shocked as the dog got out of mori-sempais grip it charged to me,when i screamed the dog attacked me, my scream got the club moving and hikaru was the first to reach me everyone else got the dog out the room, when they looked at me i was shaking with tears crawling silently on the side of my face hikaru helped me up "are you hurt?" " n-no" i said as i held on to his shirt when the rest of the group came. "IM SOOOO SORRY! i dont know why Antoinette attacked you shes really a nice dog im soo sorry" tamaki said then honey came and and handed me his Bunny "are you scared of dogs miki-San?" i nodded

"...I don't really like dogs..." Kyoya stood up and turned towards the door, "this week is all a holiday week so we might do something to repay miki-san for what just happened that is if the girls feel up to it." Tamaki made another puppy face, "Kyoya! You're right!"

i nodded as hikaru helped me walk out of the room behind Kyoya, who was showing everyone to their rooms. He turned and held out his hand towards a door, "this will be your room miki." I opened up the door and saw that I had a view of the beach then turned back to Kyoya while standing at the door, "thank you, Kyoya … would you call me by my first name from now on please?" He stared at me until i got tired from being stared at; i took a step back and started closing the door when he held the door open with his arm, "be ready at noon tomorrow, and wear casual clothes too ok mitsuki?" i smiled and nodded before I closed the door and looked at myself in the mirror. my ears twitched and when I blinked then my white cat ears and cat tail popped out my eyes changed to pink and a bell popped onto my tail. i sighed and thought about my new 'friends' while i looked at my handheld brooch that looked like a egg with a heart crystal heart in the middle. i looked up and felt my ears twitch as they popped away. "For as long as I'm with them, I'll protect them." hopefully i wont need to i thought to my self

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