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the next moring I woke up just as the sun was rising above the horizon its was a pinkish orangeish color, "pretty," I thought as I fixed my hair into a ponytail and turned to get dressed for a day on the town.

"Hurry up everyone!"

"What for, we're right here," the twins said as the walked down the little thing of stairs. Tamaki gave his royal speech, "the girls aren't ready yet and that's who we're waiting for." Hikaru pointed out, "Haruhi should be ready by now, and its miki-sempai that's probably holding us up. Why didn't we complain to her about keeping Haruhi's gender a secret?" Honey nodded his head in agreement, "why dont we Tama-chan?" Tamaki looked at Kyoya for help until he answered, "mitsuki-san is a star and an up-and-coming international one for that matter as well, so keeping her mouth shut about certain things is what she does best."

"Why did you call her by her first name Kyoya-sempai?"

The guys turned their heads to see Haruhi walk down the stairs. Kyoya turned into his rather 'study' mode, "she asked me to last night." They stood around him trying to figure out why when they heard me speak,

"what are we waiting for again?" They turned to see me dressed in a ocean blue thanktop with a pink and white jacket over it, navy blue jean shorts, flipflops, my favorit multicoloer ones, black sunglasses, and a pink hairband holding back my waist length hair in a ponytail so that my hair looks like it falls a little past the shoulders and my bangs falling by the side of my face. Kaoru air poked me, "we were waiting for you, demo," he said overlooking me again; "you look ready to me." I turned towards the door, "um..ok; are we ready to get this thing over with or not?"

The guys were looking at everything while Haruhi and I walked side by side. I had my hands folded across my back while Haruhi walked with her arms by her sides. we went into a shopping center full of people; most were crowded around a single table selling merchandise. Two young looking girls squeezed their way out and took a breath before they walked off happy, "this is her best one yet!" The other girl told her friend, "yeah miki-sama sure is pretty in this book. It says," she said stopping and looked at the cover, "a new side of miki that you haven't seen before." They both squealed as they walked off. What the girls didn't know was that the Host Club and I heard everything, and that made me embarrassed and annoyed at the same time. The twins put their arms around my shoulders like they did the last time while they asked kind of curious; "a new side of what?" With, how you see in the shows, a huge angry head yelled at the twins, "what the world are you thinking about!?" I stormed off in a different direction with hikaru following me; out of range of any punches I might throw, but close and quietly.

I found a bench and sat down feeling kind of pissed and alone … again. While I sat there I readjusted my hat so that it would sit with my hair and muttered to myself with hikaru watching and listening from around the corner. "Why the hell did I even agree to come here?" I saw an old lady walk by with a small child. "That's why; grandmother huh? 'It's not called gym-nice-tics' she says, 'you're such a reckless child with pointless dreams' she says!" my voice broke a little as i said that. "With so many that I refused now I'm sure she's going to make another rash decision about my friends. I can't let them know my secret," I held myself around the arms then I took out my pendant with the heart in the middle, "I want to protect them and keep them close by my side for as long as I can and as safe as ican.

sigh "their feelings are pure and so is their heart, kish will stop at nothing to try to take that away from them. Just let him try to hurt my friends! For their future and everyone else's, I will protect them as long as i can."I leaned my head against the wall and smiled after taking off my sunglasses; while hikaru had his full back to the wall and very troubled by my statement.

"She has doubts about her own life," he said under his breath, "is her grandmother really that mean to her? i mean Not even tanaki's is that mean but … she acts like it from time to time." A shadow fell over him while he stood there trying to figure out what to do. sigh this is going to really hard we both thought at the same time. he walked away to find the others, he wanted to give her some time alone

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