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"Hey mister."


"Why do you have those whiskers on your face?"

"Well, I was born with them. And they're not really whiskers."

"Really? Do they itch or hurt?"

"No. Why do you think they do?"

"Umm… Well, I don't know… They look like they will. But if mister says they don't, then I believe you!"

"…Hey kid, what's you name?"

"Mm? My name is Nomura Tomoko. Nice to meet you! What's yours mister?"

"I'm Uzumaki Naruto! Nice to meet you too!"

"Ah, fishcake-san!"

"O-oi! It means maelstrom, not fishcake!"

"Tee-hee, mister, your face is funny! It reminds me of a kitsune-chan!"

"Tomo-chan! It's time to go home!"

"Ah! I have to go Uzumaki-san."

"Eh, yeah. Go on kid. Don't want your mother to be worried now right? …Hmm, what a nice kid. That aside, where can I find this Onizuka Eikichi? I heard he's a pretty interesting person…"


A few years later…

"…Hmm? Isn't that… AH! FISHCAKE-SAN!"


"Ah! Fishcake-san! Are you alright?"

"T-Tomoko? Oh wow, small world."

"A-ara? F-fishcake-san! Are you sure you're alright? You just trip when I call you!"

"Yeah, I'm okay. Just surprised. Now run along now. I think your friend is calling you."

"U-UAH! I forgot! Urumi-chan! Sorry fishcake-san! I have to go now!" Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa!

"…Kanzaki Urumi… ka?"


Two year before the start of GTO storyline…

"Tomoko! Hurry up or we'll be late!"

"A-ah! Miyabi-chan! H-hold on! You're going t-too fast!"

"You're just too slow Toro-ko!"


"Ma, be nice to her. It can't be helped that she's slow."

"Yeah, whatever Urumi. We're still going to be late!"

"I… I'm sorry!" Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa!


"See! Now you made her cry! TOMO-CHAN~~!" Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa!

"Quiet Urumi! Tomo-chan! Come back! I'm sorry!" Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa!

"…Hehehe, she grew up quite nicely. A little shy true, but I'll leave that to Onizuka…"


"Oh shit!"





After the last chapter of GTO…

"Now this is going to suck. Who knows after all this time I still have to go to school?" Uzumaki Naruto, physically appears to be 15, dressed in a simple white shirt and loose black pants and sneakers, said as he gazed at the strange entrance gate that is currently attracting plenty of attention. It looked like a blonde guy squatting and smoking a cig at the same time while some other bold-headed person is behind him. It reminded him of some strange murder scene for some strange reason. "Still, why do I have to go back to school?"

"Because Naru-chan, you need to give out a final test to see if your choice is worthy of your blessing." A woman of average height, but rather stunning features, be it her face or her body with waist-long raven hair and dressed in a fine kimono with sakura pedal design, said as she gently tapped her companion's arm. "Besides, you say you were bored."

"Hey, being immortal doesn't cook out to be all that it sounds you know? Besides, I didn't choose to be immortal." Naruto bit back with a sour face, but he quickly blanched and started apologizing when he earned a glare back. "S-sorry Inari-baa-chan."

The woman sighed with a pout on her face and said, "Naru-chan! Stop calling me baa-chan. Am I really that old?"

"…Should I answer that?"

"I dare you to!"

"Your humble Naru-chan shall keep his mouth shut, baa-chan."

"That's what I thought, and I'll only let you call me that." The woman identified as Inari said as she produced a fan and covered her mouth with it. "Still, you know that you're my main messenger on earth, and as such you have duties to perform."

"More like I jacked the place of your messenger, but hey, he's a lousy drunk." Naruto smartly replied, which earned him a smack to the head. Or he would have if the woman didn't suddenly stop herself and remember that indeed, the previous messenger was a lousy drunk.

Seeing no other choice, she pouted and said rather sourly, "…Alright, I'll give that to you."

Naruto flashed Inari a charming smile before continuing what he wanted to say. "Anyway, I'll do it under one condition."

"I'll think about it." Inari said with a charming smile before her face lost all happiness and became hardcore serious. "But no, and I repeat, no ramen related…"

"Not going to." Naruto swore with a raised right hand. When Inari nodded the blonde let down his hand and said, "I get to take this girl under my wing."

Now that causes Inari to raise a delicate eyebrow. Her eyes, which are brown right now shone in amusement as she closed her fan and gently tapped her cheek with it. "Now who could this girl be to catch Naru-chan's interests…? Hmm?"

"I think you know. And I think you know the reason too."

"…Touché…" The woman said with a sigh as she waved her fan in a manner as if to say 'of course.' Humming to herself, Inari tapped her chin for a few seconds before she smiled and said, "Oh what the heck. Sure, why not. I'll let you bless another mortal. You practically earned it with how you worked-"

"You mean slaved. BONK! Itai!"

"-for me for the… well, a long time." Inari finished, completely unfazed by either Naruto's comment or admitting to the punishment she dealt out with her fan. "Well, so long as you don't make it so obvious that it hurts. Your last stunt is enough. I still have Kami-sama on my behind for it!"

Naruto just chuckled and nodded his head while giving her a thumb up. Seeing this, the woman just smiled before simply vanishing, leaving behind no trace that could even tell that someone was there a moment ago. The blonde boy chuckled before he turned on his heel and walked away from the school.

As he walked away, nobody noticed the mysterious blonde boy that simply departed. No one took notice of that one blonde kid with whisker marks on his cheeks. "Watch out world. Uzumaki Naruto is here." No one even suspected that their life is about to be pushed for another roller coaster ride.

Well, no one except for a certain slow-poke with F cup breast of course.

"…Is that… Fishcake-san?"



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