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October 27, 1927

Sixty-four years. I had been in hell for sixty-four years. While the scenery didn't match up to my human idea of hell, it was hell nonetheless. The sun had just sunk behind the horizon of the desert that stretched in front of me, and I missed its warmth already. I couldn't feel cold and the heat from the sun never really warmed me but the sun had always made a part of me feel comforted.

I remembered my human life clearer than most, and it was both a blessing and a curse. I knew that I had been a good man, a good leader and a fighter for freedom from oppression. I had been a Major for the Confederate army, defending the south from the oppression of the North. It had never sat right with me that the will of another entity could force another to bend and conform.

That thought almost made me laugh now. My life had become what I had fought against. I was aware that another's will was bending my own for its own purposes. Her own purposes to be precise.

Maria was the end all and be all of my life now. When I had first laid eyes on her and her blonde sisters I faintly remember thinking them to be the most beautiful creatures I had ever seen. As they had approached me my instincts had told me that something wasn't right about them and I should run, but my gentlemanly side had overridden that. How I rue that day.

Maria had brought me into this existence and hadn't let go of me since. Her physical beauty had never diminished, but her once awe inspiring effect had. I had grown to hate her as much as I loved her. The hate was easy to understand, she used me on a daily basis. I was in charge of her newborn army. I taught them to fight, to obey, to hate and to kill the enemy. She used me to dispose of them when she was done with them, a cycle of killing that never ended. Oh how I hated her.

The love was harder to explain. I did not love her romantically, although we have fucked countless times. The love was one inspired by the power she wielded over me; she fed me, clothed me and rewarded me. It's the kind of love that a pet might feel for its owner. It sickened me, but there was nothing else out there for me. I deserved nothing. The atrocities I had committed only strengthened that argument, I was a killer and nothing I could do would change that fact. I would suffer in this hell as my punishment until God deemed it fit that I join in the hell that I had imagined sixty-four years ago.

I sighed quietly and turned my back away from the last rays of the dying sun and began to walk back to camp at a human pace. My only priorities tonight were ensuring the thirteen newborns we had on hand did not rip each other to shreds. Lucy and Nettie had been spending more and more time away, and my instincts told me that something was brewing with those two. Maria had also been disappearing without explanation over the past month. Her disappearances weren't unusual; she often disappeared once or twice without explanation when she was stalking a human to be in her army. It was strange that she had been doing it for a month with no new newborn to speak of.

Perhaps she was growing more cautious in light of the Volturi's recent involvement. In the last battle against Emilio's clan, for the territory south of Monterrey, the Volturi had showed up unexpectedly and massacred every newborn on the battle field. The only fighters that were spared were Maria and her sisters, Peter and I. Emilio had fled before the Volturi's arrival, sensing he was losing and had probably survived and was regrouping.

Maria wasn't one to be unprotected for long and after only a week had passed since the Volturi left she had created five new vampires. In the next week she created three more and her sisters had spawned the rest. The batch Peter and I were in charge of currently were less than two months old and while they were strong they were like rabid animals with no thoughts other than the thirst. That didn't surprise either of us as we had never met or dealt with a newborn that was capable of control or rational thought in our entire existence.

I drew closer to where we had made camp. I could see a large bonfire going and about half of the newborns surrounded it seemingly entranced by the flames. My vampire eyesight caught the movements of four others coupled off and having sex in the shadows that bordered the camp. Another two were fighting. The emotions that hit me as I drew closer were staggering. Lust, hunger, hate, aggression, frustration.

I took a breath and walked into one of the four tents that were arranged in a semicircle around the bonfire. Maria and her sisters had their own private tents while the last tent was left for the rest of us. Peter and I were the only ones that really used it; the newborns tended to fare better outside, their aggression unimpeded by the canvas walls.

Peter was in his usual spot in the tent, back against a corner using the pole that created the frame as an anchor. His long legs stretched out in front of him and his dirty-blonde head bent over a book. He greeted me without glancing up from the book we had both read repeatedly. He had been in Maria's army almost as long as I had, being turned in 1875 at the age of 25. Peter was a couple inches shorter than me, standing at 6'1 but he was stockier and his muscles bigger.

"Have you seen Maria?" I asked him, curious if she had given a reason for her absence.

"Nope. The crazy bitch took off awhile ago and didn't say shit. She looked creepier than usual when she left though. She's definitely up to something." Peter's voice held his hate for our maker. He resented her with everything he had and I always wondered why he hadn't made a run for it. He didn't hold his guilt close to his heart like I did; he wasn't using this as justice for his sins.

I had come close to committing treason against Maria by hinting to Peter that if he ran, I wouldn't go after him like I knew I would be ordered to do. He had grinned at my obvious loyalty, but said 'it isn't time yet'. He wouldn't elaborate and I didn't push.

My years with Peter by my side as my brother and best friend taught me that he was usually right and cryptic as fuck. I knew he had a power, but what it was I never could figure out and Peter never explained it. The closest he had ever got to explaining it was, "I know things. Good, bad, now, then, things to come…" He had trailed off with a glazed look coming over his eyes.

I didn't get it then and I don't think I get it now. My best guess was that he had strong powers of intuition that helped him know how to deal with others, using his knowledge of their past, present and future to help. He had known about me and my past before I had really told him the details. He knew the best way to deal with the newborns when we weren't training or fighting and he seemed to be able to predict what was coming down the line in advance. It was creepy as shit sometimes.

"I'm pretty sure she's picking up a human to turn. She wants a new one that will be gifted." I said. Peter looked up and his excited red eyes met mine. I felt his anticipation and excitement and I didn't understand why he was feeling that way. I sent him a wave of curiosity, my way of asking what was going on with him. He grinned at me.

"I think you're right. I also think that the human she will pick will be special. Very special indeed." He winked.

"You think? Is that your fortune-teller way of saying you know?" I ribbed him. He always said shit like that when he very well magically knew that he was right.

"I'm keeping my trap shut. I have a good feeling though." Peter's good feelings always boded well so I relaxed. I suddenly felt a wave of caution coming from him and I watched his face darken slightly.

"I think the shit's gonna hit the fan soon with Lucy and Nettie. We need to be prepared. We need to protect…" He trailed off and I knew he wouldn't continue. I nodded at him; I had been thinking the same thing for awhile now.

"They went off again. They are getting damn greedy. I overheard them asking Maria to make a play for Mexico City, the actual city, not just the outskirts like we normally do. She turned them down and they didn't seem too thrilled with her. As fucking greedy as they all are, Maria at least has the sense to know that big city domination would get us all fried by the Volturi." I said as quietly as I could, I didn't want to be overheard. Peter nodded his understanding and turned back to his book.

My thoughts were swirling around a course of action against Lucy and Nettie if necessary. I kept my ears tuned to the happenings outside of the tent, making sure the newborns behaved while monitoring the emotions they were giving off. The lust, thirst and hate never dissipated and it took a lot from to not reflect it back out and intensify it for everyone. The only source of calm or rationality was Peter and I wished I could focus solely on his emotions, but I had a job to do.

I heard the climaxes of the couples that I had seen in the shadows and I hoped the lust would decrease, for my own sake. I couldn't remember how many times I had fucked Maria or one of her sisters in spite of my hatred towards them just because newborns only seemed able to feel horniness, thirst and rage. I hated it with a passion when their emotions got the better of me, and it was like that more often than not.

I suddenly heard several angry growls and I shot to my feet, thinking a fight was about to start. Peter was right behind me as I flew out of the tent ready to separate whoever was going at it. My nose picked up the sweetest smell I had ever encountered and I suddenly understood the growls. Blood. Freesias and strawberries permeated the air and the source was being clutched to my maker.

Peter shoved me towards a few newborns that looked ready to pounce on the figure that Maria held and I stopped breathing and flew at a newborn that was getting ready to pounce. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Maria go into my tent with the woman and I heard a soft body fall to the ground inside. I had the newborn in a headlock and was trying to calm him with my power. Peter had started yelling at a few of the other newborns and he too held one down, his knees on the male's chest.

I tried to expand my power to hit every newborn with my manufactured calm and I could see it start to work. Peter hopped off the newborn he had held to the ground and stepped away as he jumped to his feet. I decided to send out a wave of apathy to the group and soon most had returned to their previous activities. I saw Maria leave the tent she had dropped the human off in and I strolled over to her, keeping my facial features blank and cold. Peter was a step behind me as I reached her and greeted her with a curt nod.

"We will have a new addition in a few days time. I expect her to be trained and ready to fight within a month. I gathered that she will have a gift, so train her well. If her gift proves useful we may keep her." Maria's sharp words suddenly made me angry.

Keep her? Like she was a fucking dog for Maria to own? I shook the anger and thoughts away, I had never felt this strongly in response to Maria's dictation of a newborn's fate and it confused me. Maybe I was more sick of this shit than I had originally thought.

I had felt Peter stiffen behind me at Maria's words as well. I didn't know what to make of any of this so I just nodded and watched Maria walk to her tent. I turned to face Peter when I felt his emotions shift to an excited restlessness, an unusual combination for him. He jerked his head in the direction of our tent in indication that he wanted to see the changing human. In Maria or her sister's presence we tended to use gestures or code to communicate, not wanting to give them any ammunition against us.

I followed him to our tent and held my breath as I entered; her scent was too sweet to inhale without consequences. Peter seemed to breathe easily and I marveled at it, but decided that she must not smell the same to him. There was a kerosene lamp in the middle of the tent that lit the woman's stiff figure. I could feel her excruciating pain and was amazed that she hadn't made a sound. She wore what looked to be a loose pair of men's Levis and a simple black button-down short sleeved shirt that was torn, missing buttons and I knew was covered in blood. She was barefoot and still had a purse slung over her shoulder. Peter knelt next to her and quickly disentangled the woman from the purse so he could presumably search for identification. He whispered an apology to the girl that I was sure she hadn't heard, as her emotions didn't shift a bit from the determination and pain I was getting. He moved away from her slightly and sat down waiting for me to join him.

I took my perch next to him and he dumped the contents of her purse on the ground in front of us. There were two U.S Passports and I gathered them up and opened them. They were both legitimate, which meant that she spent a great deal of money on forging a new identity for herself. One read her name to be Isabella Marie Swan while the other stated Freya Jameson. I looked over to Peter's finds and I saw him holding up three different driver's licenses. Two were from Texas with the names Freya or Isabella while the third was from Louisiana and had the name Marie Renee Whitaker.

"What the hell is this girl involved in?" Peter whispered to me at vampire speed. I shook my head and handed him the passports while I picked up a stack official looking documents that were coming out of a couple envelopes. My eyes scanned the pages quickly and I discovered they were bank records and information regarding her account balance and donations. I handed these to Peter as well and took a minute to process the numbers I had seen. The woman that lay at our feet, changing into a blood-sucking vampire was a charity endorsing millionaire.

My eyes fell on the last of it, a couple pieces of jewelry. I gingerly picked them up for examination. There was a gold heart shaped locket with an intricate pattern etched on its face branching out from a single diamond in the center. I opened it carefully and saw a small picture of a couple; the woman looked like an older version of Isabella or Freya or whatever her name was. The male had a sharp look about him and his hand rested on the woman's shoulder. Her parent's most likely.

I felt Peter's shock and I knew that he had come to same conclusion I had about the papers he had finished reading. I handed him the locket as I lifted the ring to inspect it. It looked like an engagement ring. It was made from a thin rose gold and held a solitary diamond that looked to be about a carat. It was simple but beautiful. I wondered if it was hers. I handed the ring to Peter trying not to imagine the girl with a fiancée that would never see her again.

I found myself gazing at the woman, noting how her long hair spread out around her head in waves. Her skin was almost as pale as mine and I wondered how much more it would pale. The light reflected off the tears that ran in a steady stream from the corners of her eyes, dripping past her ears onto the ground.

"I don't think it's hers." Peter said quietly. I knew he meant the ring. I felt a tension release from inside me that I hadn't been aware was there. I could see Peter smirking out of the corner of my eye. I wanted to punch the knowing smirk off his face. My attention was diverted when I saw the girl's jaw clench further. Her pain was intensifying and I knew I couldn't be near for very much longer; I was already in agony. Peter noticed my tense position and he quickly put everything back into the purse and set it aside in his own things knowing no one would touch it. He grabbed my arm and dragged me from the tent swiftly. The newborns barely looked up as we ran a few hundred yards away from the camp site.

I took a deep breath and released the pain I had absorbed, feeling guilty when I saw Peter flinch.

"Sorry." I ground out. He shook his head, dismissing my apology. His face soon took on that irritating knowing smile and I rolled my eyes.

"Isabella sure is a trooper, I wonder if she'll crack. I can't wait for her to wake up!" Peter sent a wave of excitement to me and I fought the urge to do a jig. I scowled at him in warning to tone it down and he complied.

"Well I guess I should get back to her and make sure none of the newborns attack while she still has blood in her." Peter turned and ran back to the tent. I stood there for a moment and thought about the upcoming days, knowing I would need to train with the newborns away from camp so I wouldn't get distracted by Isabella's pain. I wondered why Peter picked that name as her real one, but realized it was probably something that he just 'knew'. I steeled myself and followed Peter's trail back to camp, giving my tent a wide berth that didn't help much and made my way to Maria's tent.

I found her brushing her long black hair, gazing at nothing with a sadistic smile on her face. Her emotions matched her expression. She looked up as I entered and smiled devilishly.

"Maria." I inclined my head in greeting. "We are regrouping ahead of schedule. Are we going to attack Emilio again soon? We were interrupted by the Volturi before we officially claimed his territory."

"Yes, we will be officially claiming that territory within a fortnight. I can't wait to see how my new one fares." Her soprano voice grated on my already frayed nerves. I kept my face emotionless as I answered.

"I will be taking the newborns away from camp to train and do reconnaissance into Emilio's status. Peter will stay with the human, as usual. Will you be joining us in the field?"

"I will check in with you after I speak with my sisters. Have you seen them?" She asked. I shook my head. Her eyes darkened and her emotions shifted to distrust and anger, but she said nothing. I gave her a nod before I turned on my heel and left to gather the newborns for training.


I heard Jasper gathering the newborns for training in the desert as I sat near Isabella thinking. Aside for the occasional muscle spasm Izzy, as I had taken to referring to her, gave no indication that she felt or heard anything. I knew she had at least two more full days of this so I decided to make myself comfortable as I kept my vigil. It was always my job to watch the turning of humans and I also was the newborns keeper. While Jasper trained them to fight and obey, I made sure they had the bare minimum of necessities like clothes and I made sure to break up any fights when Jasper couldn't diffuse the tension with his power.

I kept a solid eye on the ones that I knew would give us trouble and that usually helped to prevent any unnecessary fights. Hell, it was all unnecessary really. I knew deep inside that there was something better out there, a life that didn't involve so much death and destruction. That feeling helped sustain me, it kept me sane until I knew it was time to reach for it. The time was getting closer; that much I knew.

I had a feeling about Izzy and that feeling told me that she would be the spark for change. Change for myself, for the whole fucked up fight for territory in the south, but especially a change for Jasper. I smiled at how I knew she would change him but I kept my thoughts from wandering.

Jasper had once theorized aloud about my power, and he seemed to hit the nail on the head unwittingly. I had a gift for intuition, plain and simple. I knew stuff about people's past, present and future. I could tell which newborns would fuck up and get themselves killed in what way and I knew when bad shit was coming our way. I did my best to protect Jasper and myself from the attacks I knew would come and I usually succeeded with minimal damage.

Jasper and I were both pretty marked up, proof that we had served Maria for over half a century. I knew that Jasper thought that each of his scars were his just desserts for the vampires he's killed, but I saw them as proof that I could survive until I found a better way to live. I had tried to talk sense into my brother, trying to get him to ease up on his guilt trip to no avail. That was where I could see Izzy stepping in and shifting his being to accept his mistakes and move on. He wasn't a self-pitying drama queen, he just didn't believe he should be saved from the hell that Maria sired us into.

I heard Maria shift around her tent before running into the desert. My gut told me she knew that her sisters were plotting against her and Izzy, Jasper and I would be pawns in her quest for revenge. I vowed to protect them both though I knew they would be able to take care of themselves.

Time seemed to pass quickly for me, though I knew it was dragging for Izzy. I tried to get a read on what her gift would be but I couldn't grasp at any one thing it could be. I crept closer to her with each passing hour until I sat next to her, legs crossed under me, watching her blank face.

Her skin was hardening and paling. The heat that she had given off in the first two days had diminished. I saw the differences in her facial structure. When I had first seen her she had been beautiful, but I could tell that as a vampire she would surpass the beauty of all others. Her lips had plumped even more and were a raspberry red. Her cheekbones were more defined and her nose had thinned and aligned perfectly. She seemed to have grown an inch in height making her an even 5'8 and any excess fat she may have had had disappeared leaving only toned muscle. She had a decent sized chest before, but I was sure she had grown larger in that area as well. I couldn't wait for her to wake up and keep us company!

I got up silently and made my way out of the tent, intent on finding some water to help clean her up a bit. There was still dried blood and sweat from the initial stages of the change that I wanted to free her of. The sun had gone down and it was fast approaching the end of three days. I ran towards the nearest town, knowing there were wells along the dirt roads for animals making the trek. I ran for a little under an hour, a couple hundred miles away from camp when I found a water source that I could use to fill my jug. As soon as I filled it I ran back, going faster in anticipation.

I reached camp quickly and I could see Jasper and the newborns approaching from the east, Maria flanking him. I held back a groan at seeing the sadistic cunt. I went to my tent and filled a small bowl with some water and ripped some cloth from an old shirt to use as a wash cloth. I sat next to Izzy and took in her still state and knew instinctively she still hadn't screamed. I grinned down at her, what a tough little kitten.

Dipping the cloth in the cool water, I wrung out the excess and began to clean her face gently, not wanting to cause any further pain. I whispered in my most soothing voice, "Almost done, kitten. Almost."

My ears picked up on the newborns settling into their leisure activities of fucking and fighting. The sounds of the tent flap being moved alerted me to a presence. Jasper. He made no sounds but I smelled his scent, apples and cedar mixed with a musk that was all his own. I cleaned her brow and worked my way down her face, being thorough. I made it to her neck, careful not to put to much unnecessary pressure on the crescent scar Maria had left. The blood came off quickly and the scent of it was no longer appealing.

I smelled her before I heard her, and I didn't bother turning. Maria paced behind me, clearly agitated. Her citrus and sunflower scent threatened to turn my vampire stomach.

"It's been more than three days! What is wrong with her?!" I rolled my eyes, the bitch had no patience.

"I don't know. I've never seen anything like it before." Jasper spoke up, and I could hear a trace of pain in his voice. We could all hear her heart still beating, so we knew she was alive and changing, but it had gone past three days and that had never happened before. Maria growled and stalked out of the room.

I began to worry for Izzy. I knew she would be my sister, a bond I never had in my human or vampire years and I didn't want to give it up before it had begun. What if she didn't turn? I began to doubt my gift irrationally. I was usually so calm and collected, knowing if things would work out or not; but in this instance my emotions were getting the best of me.

"Do you think she'll turn?" I asked Jasper, hoping for reassurance.

"I honestly don't know. It might be better for her if she didn't." Jasper's words reflected his own hatred of this life, but that wasn't the kind of shit I wanted to hear.

"Jasper!" I said sharply. I continued my ministrations and I allowed my affection for Izzy to come to the surface of my thoughts, wanting Jasper to feel it.

"She looks like so young and innocent. But damn is she tough. I've watched her and she hasn't moved or let out a single whimper. Maria's venom burns hotter than Hades and she's as quiet as a goddamn mouse!" I said with a bit of pride for Izzy.

"I've noticed, Peter. She feels it though. I can feel her pain and her determination. Maria sure knows how to pick 'em." I could still hear the pain but also a hint of pride came from his quiet voice.

My hand stilled at the juncture of her shoulder and neck when I saw her open her eyes. I froze as her eyes landed on me. They were so beautiful. They were milk chocolate colored and seemed deep and wise. They were also full of pain and I felt a pang of hurt for her. My mind caught up with the situation quickly and I grew more excited.

"Jasper, she opened her eyes! Is the pain gone? Why are her eyes brown?" I whispered, turning my head to him. His eyes were locked on Izzy and he was projecting his emotions. Awe, hope, sadness and affection. I turned back to Izzy only to find her staring at Jasper.

"She's still burning. I can't understand why she is able to open her eyes and I don't know why her eyes are brown." Jasper whispered. I was confused.

"Kitten, were your eyes brown before?" I asked gently. I didn't really expect a response but I wanted to offer my voice as a distraction from her pain. I could hear her heart speeding up I knew it was getting to the end, and with the end came the absolute worst of the pain.

I saw the barest of nods from Izzy and I could not have been more shocked or proud of her coherency while burning. As suddenly as those feelings came they were replaced by worry when her eyes suddenly slammed shut and she tensed tightly. Her heart began to race until it almost sounded like one continuous beat.

Suddenly it was silent. Jasper unleashed a torrent of emotions that shifted too fast for me to identify. The stillness became too much for me to bear, and I broke the silence.

"Open your eyes, kitten. It's over." I couldn't hide the happy tone my voice held. She obliged me and opened her eyes once again.

They were still brown.

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