Hello! This is a poem I wrote about my favorite character in Rurouni Kenshin: Seta Soujiro

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Disclaimer: I do not own Rurouni Kenshin or its characters, I only wrote this for fun.

Tenken no Soujiro

A smile

That don't reach the eyes

A sword

That always


Hits its target

A warped mind

A crying child

An young assasin

"But why must the weak die?"

That is the question you ask yourself

The words that have kept you alive

"If you are strong you live, if you are weak you die"

And the question you ask yourself

Is making you confused

"What is the real truth?"

What Shishio-san lived by

"If you are strong you live, if you are weak you die"

Or what Himura-san lives by

"The strong ones exist to protect the weak ones"

"But if what Himura-san says is true

Why didn't he protect me that night?"

Why wasn't he there to stop the ones that wanted to hurt me?

Instead I had to protect myself

With a single sword

And the truth Shishio-san taught me in front of my eyes

I killed my family

If you can call them that

I didn't want to

But when Shishio-san went towards me

I as usual smiled

A smile that don't reach the eyes

I went with him that night

I became an assasin

I became 'Tenken no Soujiro'

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