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Summary- One month topside is equivalent to a decade down below. So taken those kind of calculations, One month in hell is 6 hours topside. drabble

All in The Timing

Dean had been left on those hooks soon after arriving and for the longest time, after having given up on Sammy to save him, he had thought foolishly that this is what hell was to be. Eternity hanging in utter boredom with nothing but his thoughts to keep him company. It was a fleeting thought that lasted a day. Screaming Sammy's name had lasted a week. Though he supposed he really hadn't been hanging around all that long. He had heard from some pretty vague sources that Hell's time frame was vastly different form the norm. One month topside being the equivalent to a decade in the pit. He hadn't told Sammy for fear of what that kind of information would do to the guy. If he didn't know already.

So given those kind of calculations, he had basically been down here for an hour and six minutes... roughly? To everyone topside anyway...


...God, that kind of thinking was damn near maddening.

"Well, look what we have here."

Hm, company.


And that does it. I was actually supposed to write a crack-shot but that whole time difference thing just wouldn't leave me alone. So it's a drabble instead, just a snippet really. It's also my first Supernatural, so tell me your thoughts, whatever they may be.

Thank you for reading!