AN- This is my second story. On day I was just randomly thinking about what would happen If Mr. Morden and The marquis de Carabas met. This is the result, enjoy!

Unfortunately, I also own no part of anything that either Neil Gaiman or J.M.S. created.

It was many years ago that Morden learned that London was not all that it seemed; it had another side beneath it.

One never meant to be seen by those who lived above it.

It was around 1400 hours when Londo asked to meet him. By 1430 Morden was in the hydroponics garden waiting in the hedge maze. He was waiting, quietly talking to his shadow when what looked to be a doorway formed out of a hedge wall and out walked a man and young woman in raggedy clothing. The man turned to the young woman, "Thank you, Door. I now owe you a minor favor." The woman disappeared.

Now, Morden could see the man better; he was a dark man with his teeth and eyes contrasting his face. He looked oddly familiar… "Mr. Morden, it seems you owe me a favor and I've come to collect." Then Morden remembered; "Marquis de Carabas?" The marquis laughed, "From the look on your face, you never expected to see me again did you?" Morden was about to say something when he was cut off. "Now, Mr. Morden I hear you associates can find about anything. What I am looking for is a coat, black, somewhere between a frock and trench coat." The marquis had a sly grin, "This coat is special to me and I expect you to find it and bring it to this location next week." He turned to leave.

Morden smirked, "Marquis, rest assured my associates will find your coat and you as well. Good day." The marquis then looked back a minute, "Those fellows behind you, they are making an awful hard effort to remain unseen." He turned and bowed to Morden, "Pleasure doing business with you." Afterward the marquis grinned and proceeded to disappear through another odd doorway.

Just then Londo turned the corner and approached Morden, "Ah, Mr. Morden, I have another favor to ask of you." Then he got a good look at his face, "You seem awfully pale; have you considered getting a drink?"