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Some time later

It is about 7 p.m.

John, Juan, and Barbara are in New Orleans

Barbara: What happens now?

John: I think we should find a hotel before we begin searching for Oliver and Mark.

Barbara: Okay! Do you think we will find them tonight?

John: I can't say for certain that we will. It is possible that they're not in New Orleans yet.

Barbara: Or that they're not coming here!

John: We don't know that for sure!

Barbara: Do you think we'll be able to get Oliver and Mark back?

John: Yes, I do!

Barbara: Okay! I think I should call Kyle to let him know that we're in New Orleans?

John: Okay!

Seconds later she goes to make the call to Kyle, and on the third ring he answers the phone.

Kyle: Hello!

Barbara: Hi Kyle!

Kyle: Hi Barbara!

Barbara: Are you in New Orleans?

Kyle: Yes, I am!

Barbara: I think you made a good choice in doing that!

Kyle: Did you tell John about it?

Barbara: Yes, I did! Have you found Oliver and Mark?

Kyle: No!

Barbara: Well, what if I were to say that me, John, and Juan are in New Orleans.

Kyle: I would say that's great! It would be better if there were other people in the search to find out where Oliver and Mark are.

Barbara: We're going to find them!

Kyle: I think we will.

Barbara: Do not tell anyone you're searching for Oliver or Mark.

Kyle: You think that that could be spies working for your ex-husband?

Barbara: Yes, I do! Also, if someone tells you that they know where Oliver and Mark are, don't go with them. You have to get in contact with me, John, and Juan. We have to be able to follow you so we can help you get out of whatever situation you get yourself into.

Kyle: Okay! What should we do if we see each other?

Barbara: I don't think we should know each other, so pretend like we're strangers and we'll do the same for you.

Kyle: Okay! Be careful!

Barbara: We will! Bye!

Kyle: Bye!

Seconds later she ends the call!

Barbara: John!

John: Yes!

Barbara: I have a plan that I hope you and Juan will agree to.

John: Okay! Let me hear it.

Then she tells him about the plan!

After John listens to Barbara's plan he think that is it not a bad idea. Maybe be doing that it will keep each of them safe.

John: I think it is good idea.

Barbara: If anyone suspects we know each other then I'm really afraid of what will happen to Oliver and Kyle.

John: Do you think your ex-husband is capable of harming them?

Barbara: I don't think he will do anything to harm Oliver but I think he could kill Mark.

John: Mark was supposed to help George with his plan, but he decided to not be part of it.

Barbara: John, I need to know what was found at the hotel.

John: Are you sure that you want to know?

Barbara: Yes!

John: All I know is that I found a spot of blood on the carpet, and that the room was messed up.

Barbara: Was it Oliver's blood?

John: No! It was Mark's.

Barbara: So, what we don't know is how bad Mark was beat up.

John: No!

Barbara: Mark has to be fine. If he was hurt in real bad way then something would have been shown on the news.

John: Yes!

Meanwhile Neil is pulled over at a rest over. He has decided to tell Oliver and Mark that Kyle is at the secret location.

When he takes to the back of the truck he finds that the both of them are awake.

Mark: Why have we stopped?

Neil: I just wanted to let you know that Kyle is at the secret location. (He lied)

When they heard they were thinking different things. Oliver was thinking I hope that is not true, and Mark thought I'm not going to believe anything that Neil says.

Neil: So, what do you guys think?

Oliver: If Kyle is really at the location then I want to talk to him.

Mark: I think what you're saying is a lie.

Neil: I could be lying but what if I'm not?

Oliver: Prove to me that Kyle is at the location.

Neil: Well, what if I were to say I could take you to where Kyle actually is.

Oliver: What do you mean?

Neil: He's in New Orleans.

Oliver: That can't be true!

Neil: If I were to say that my sister can confirm that Kyle is in New Orleans, would you believe me now?

Oliver: What? (He says in a shocked tone)

Neil: I told her to keep a watch on Kyle!

Oliver: If what you're saying is true how do I know that Kyle won't be harmed?

Neil: Well, if you cooperate then there is no reason for anything to happen to your boyfriend.

Oliver: Let Mark go and I will fully cooperate with you.

Neil: I can't do that! By letting him go he will go to the cops and I can't allow that to happen.

Oliver: So, you would kill him?

Neil: Yes, I would!

Oliver: Mark is no threat. You don't need both of us and even if he goes to the police do you think they would believe him?

Neil: He can't prove anything!

Oliver: No! (He lied) He has nothing to prove that you or my father are involved in the kidnapping plot!

Neil: Well, maybe letting him go is not a big deal then.

Oliver: No!

Mark: Oliver, I can't leave. If something were to happen to you…

Oliver: Mark, you're no good here. You need to go to the hospital.

Neil: Listen to him Mark!

Mark: Oliver, if I were to go are you going to be okay?

Oliver: I'll be fine!

Neil: I'll have to call your Father to let him know that I'm letting Mark go.

Oliver: Is that really necessary?

Neil: Your father gives the orders and I have to respect him.

Oliver: Of course but what do you think will happen to you after my father has me and Mark?

Neil: I get paid and then I leave!

Oliver: Are you sure that you will get paid? How do you know that my father won't turn against you?

Neil: Do you really expect me to believe that your father will turn against me?

Oliver: I don't know! Do you really think my father will let you go knowing that you have the opportunity to go to the police? I don't think he would risk that but if you trust my father then call him right now.

Neil: I need some time to think!

Oliver: Take all the time you need!

Seconds later Neil exits and then he closes and locks the door.

Mark: Oliver, what are you doing?

Oliver: I'm going to anything to make sure the both of us get our of here no matter what it takes.

Mark: What if Neil decides to use as a bait to get your father to give him more money so he doesn't go to the police?

Oliver: I don't know for certain what Neil will decide but maybe right now it's our chance to get out of here.

Mark: You really think we can get out of here before Neil comes back?

Oliver: I hope so! I'll wait a few minutes before I start working on the lock.

Mark: No! I think you should start now. I don't want us to be here when Neil comes back.

Oliver: Okay!

To Be Continued