No, Jacob….Part 2

Re-hauled 13/2/2014

Bella's POV

I hopped out and thanked Angela for the ride, and headed for my front door. As soon as I'd opened it. Edward raced towards me, his whole face euphoric. Obviously he had found out, somehow.

"How did you find out?" I asked wearily.

"The Black's house is the closest to the boundary line, something about being able to protect the rest of the pack, and you were pretty loud" he shrugged elegantly, " I was listening."

Then he swooped me up into his arms and kissed me. "I love you" I said

"As I love you" he replied embracing me.

"Can we go to your house" I asked "Alice wouldn't have been able to see and I think she'd like to know."

"Sure" he said smiling the crooked smile I loved.

He opened the Volvo door for me and vampire sped to the driver's side.

When we got there Edward opened the Volvo door for me, as usual and we went straight into the lounge room.

"Hey, everybody, I have something to tell you"

They all rushed in.

Alice, I noticed, looked ridiculously happy. She must have seen me telling them. "I gave Jacob a piece of my mind, just now" I said, smirking. Emmet hooted with glee, Jasper smirked probably feeding off of everyone's satisfaction, Alice bounced up and down, Carlisle smiled, Esme hugged me and Rosalie was silent until

"FINALLY I thought you'd never tell him to get a life and take a hike!" I smiled over at Edward and he grinned back at me with pride. Our eyes caught and held and I faitly noticed everyone else go back to their routines as Edward situated me on his lap on the couch. We remained there for the rest of the day, talking quietly, and Edward occasionally kissing my engagement ring.