my first story….

so if there is missed spelled words or what not oh well .

life isn't perfect. and neither am I.

so live with it or jump off the nearest mountain peak.

either one works for me…

… meow …...

Another day and I knew it wasn't going to go well. I had the day off or so I had believed until I had awoken this morning at 7 from my stupid phone going off once again.

So now here I was going out on my day off to meet Iruka to please him and keep him happy. Cause a mad Iruka is a scary Iruka.

Iruka had been my manger since the beginning of my modeling and acting career. He had watched me do my first commercial and laughed with me when I accidental spilled coffee all over the director at my first movie recording. He had always been there for me.

And so her I was making my way through town in a needed but irritating disguise. Me, Naruto the most popular model for the last 2 years was walking through town wearing a orange and red flowered skirt with a orange shirt and fake boobs all for Iruka .

All so that Iruka would be happy. All because Iruka had found out I was getting threatening letters once again.

So I had been poisoned once or twice….. all right six times. So I had been stalked. Almost raped outside my apartment. Even kidnapped a time or two that doesn't mean I couldn't defend myself. I don't need a bodyguard.

… meow …...

He graceful elegant walked through a crowd of noisy rushing citizens. He could feel his skirt brush against his legs as he slow walked through the streets making his way to the city square, where he knew Iruka was again waiting for him to arrive.

He had passed that awesome ramen shop and had paused to conceder if he had enough time to stop for a bowl or twenty before he meet Iruka, when he felt the evil intent coming some where from behind him.

This had happened to him before. Like when he was little and his adopted father came towards him to beat him or right before he got kidnapped. Yes he had felt this so many times that he reacted without thinking . He dived for cover and started to wave random through the crowd towards the side streets hoping to get away from the killing intent he could feel breathing down his throat.

But he knew he wouldn't. He never did.

He felt the burn as the bullet cut into his shoulder, missing his heart as he tripped over his own feet in his hurry to get away. He felt the blood start to soak through his orange floral shirt. Naruto needed to get away . He needed to hide. Or he seriously would be killed today Iruka wouldn't have to worry about getting a bodyguard if he didn't find get under cover soon.

…meow …. …

He had made it into a side street finally after what felt like forever. So he had been able to escaped from the sharp shooter. Their was no way the shooter could see him now, not from where he believed him to be from the bullet's path.

Now he had to make it to a different location, a side street shady convent store. They sold everything from clothes to guns if you knew how to ask. And Naruto know how to ask and talk here. He knew how to live here. For he had been living in this shady world since before he was little enough to remember.

He had ran through these streets hiding from his adopted father and his no-ending beatings. He had played with other misfits and thugs by dumpsters. He had been part of the gang, one of the members until he had meet Iruka.

But even though he had been living outside in the light for a while now. He still had connections here in the shade. He still came to drink and hang with his group of thugs and he still knew how to survive. Something's you never forgot.

But right now he didn't want anyone he knew to see him. He didn't need others to get in this fight. No this was his fight it was between him and his foster father. Yes, it was between him Orochimaru.