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Naruto awoke to the irritating sun in his eyes. It was his day off today, or at least it must be since he had been allowed to sleep in. He never got to sleep in on the days he had to work. He always had shots and pictures to take. No it was only on days like this were he got to sleep until the sun woke him up. When he would be able to just turn over and cuddle into his comfy pillow.

Damn it... why couldn't he cuddle with his pillow. Turn body turn. Naruto growled with his eyes closed as he tried to stay asleep and turn onto his side at the same time. Too bad it wasn't working. For each unsuccessful struggle to cuddle was waking him up little by little. Damn bed...

"You can give up already Naruto. You won't be moving for a while." The last of Naruto's sleepiness was gone in an instant at Shikamaru's voice floated into the room. What was going on? Why the fuck was he tied to his own fucking bed?

"Damn you Nara. Untie me this instant." Naruto cursed and started to struggle with his full strength. His plans of cuddling up and going back to sleep forgotten in his need to get away from this situation.

"No can do. It would be too troublesome to follow you around the house all day to get you to actually talk to me. This way is much less work." Naruto glared at the man who was just laying at the end of his bed in between his spread legs. How had he not noticed he was spread eagle out on this fucking bed? how could he fucking sleep through being tied up like a Christmas ham? This was just way too much. As if his life wasn't embarrassing enough.


Shikamaru sighed as he closed his eyes away from Naruto's glare. The guy wasn't too strong at glaring at people. It was kind of laughable. Such a fierce attempt to look so funny. You would think since he knew all those gangsters like he did and that he was an famous actor he would be able to make a better attempt.

"Shikamaru untie me now. You have no right." Yeah this might have not been the best plan he had ever had. However it was working quiet well. Naruto was talking to him. Which is an improvement over the last week and an half.

"I have every right. You are a total drag. you won't let me near you. How am i suppose to be able to protect you if i can't even reach you?" Naruto flinched a little in front of him and started to slow down in his struggles. He was starting to calm down at least. That would make this a lot easier and less troublesome for Shikamaru.

"I haven't been avoiding you. And even if i have i don't need a bodyguard anyway. I don't need you here." Shikamaru frowned at that sentence. he had seriously thought that they had gotten over that point in their business relationship. He had actually thought that Naruto had started to like having him around. comments like that actually hurt.


"Really Naruto. Is that so?" Naruto froze as the lazy man moved away from his laying position on the end of the bed and started to crawl up the bed. Naruto's breathing froze and started again as Shikamaru's chest gentle brushed against his own as he moved further and further up the bed. Until his chest was above Naruto's own and his face was just inches away from his. With just a small movement they could have been kissing.

"you don't want me here." Naruto couldn't keep his breath even as Shikamaru leaned in and whispered into his right ear. Small nibbles working there way in between words. This was not how he thought the day would go.

"So you don't need ." Shikamaru's warm tongue made a path down his chin and sweet small kisses started to tease his face just centimeters from his mouth. Never touching Naruto's mouth always just out of reach.

"Your body says other wise. Blondie." Naruto gasped as Shikamaru used his position to grind their groins together. The sensation of his own own boxers against his skin and the pressure of the man above him too much to keep in.

"It seems you body wants me." Shikamaru was right about that. He was hard and panting. Small moans making their way from his lips as Shikamaru rubbed his groin deeper into Naruto's own.

"Your body needs me doesn't it? Naruto." Naruto moaned and tried to press himself up and against Shikamaru's body as the man above him started to move away from him. An ache deep within his groin from the lose of his pleasure.


"Shik.. amaru.. please." Naruto was a beautiful sight below him. Panting and begging in such a lust filled voice. His hands no longer struggling for release but instead trying to reach him. His body bowed on the bed trying to get back the pleasure Shikamaru had stolen away when he moved away. A tent in Naruto's orange boxers gave proof that he defiantly was enjoying something Shikamaru had done.

"Please what Naruto? You have to tell me what you want." Shikamaru cast all his weight onto his knees and started to glide his hands done the naked chest before him. Naruto slept in only boxers it seemed. that was perfect. It gave him a perfect view of the tan chest beneath his hands. He could see each little quiver as his fingers glided across Naruto's stomach.

"Please.. god .. please Shikamaru." Naruto's eyes were closed, blocking his view of Naruto's blue sparkling eyes. He wanted to see them glazed over in passion. He hadn't had the chance when Kyuubi had held the reins.

"Please what Naruto. do you want me to stop." Naruto's nipples were so sensitive. Each small lick and suck brought out moans and pleas, so much so that Shikamaru had to force himself to remember why he was sucking on them in the first place. It was just so tasty. Definitely worth the work.

"No No No .. don't stop... god please.. more." Shikamaru let a smirk pass his lips against the stomach he was kissing his way down. His face hidden where Naruto wouldn't be able to see the victory in his eyes.

Naruto's voice and small moans was starting to make it difficult to focus. He just wanted to pound into Naruto's warm small hole. he wanted to embrace the body he was teasing and playing with. It was hard not to just go wild and tear the clothes from his body and throw Naruto boxers into some unseen corner. It wouldn't do for this game to end too soon.


Shikamaru's mouth was causing a heat to spread through out his body. his dick pulsed in anticipation as Shikamaru's tongue moved in a swipe at the borders of the top of his boxers. Wetting both his stomach and the top of the fabric. His nipples were still hard and aching from the treatment of just seconds ago. Each small lick had moved his desire higher and higher. Each small nibble and suck had made him groan out and thrust against the air. He couldn't wait to see what that mouth could do on his hard and aching dick.

"Damn it ... More Shikamaru.." Naruto's stomach quivered at the feel of warm breath as Shikamaru laughed at his demand. Naruto's boxers were darkened at the top from Shikamaru's kisses and licks. And dark and moist from Naruto's precum below that and the bastard laughed as if nothing big was going on. This was no comedy act.

"Get off me. you jerk... how dare you laugh... assh.." Naruto's rant cut off at the feel of Shikamaru's warm moist mouth finally reaching his dick. Even through his boxers he could feel the warmth of Shikamaru's mouth. The small licks sending sensation through his boxers only increasing the ache in his body. The suck of his mouth against the boxers making him cry out in pleasure.

"Oh no i'm not even close to done with you yet Naruto. No this is going to be a long long day." Naruto couldn't help but gasp at the feeling of air brushing against his hot flesh as Shikamaru finally pulled his boxers down past his groin. His hard and pulsing dick finally free in the air. Shikamaru's hungry eyes taking in each inch of him making him thrust up in anticipation.

"So pretty Naruto. So mine." Naruto screamed as Shikamaru swallowed his dick without any warning. His warm hot mouth surrounding him and sucking on his flesh making his eyes roll into the back of his head. Naruto's hips being held down by Shikamaru's hands and the rope still tying his legs apart causing him to beg as Shikamaru started to move up his dick. Fresh air chilling his now moist skin as Shikamaru's mouth started inching up until it reached the top once more and licked along his slit causing him to moan and struggle for more.


"Your mine. Right Naruto?" Shikamaru's hand had taken over the job of teasing the dick before him. One taste hadn't been enough but he couldn't continue to taste him without just losing control. Naruto's dick was already glistening with precum on the top. His mouth watered at the thought of licking the dick before him once more. Sucking until Naruto screamed his release to the empty mansion. However first he wanted to make his point. Then he would give in to such temptation.

"Mine to do with as i want." Shikamaru moved his hands in a slow gentle pump. Softly and slowly moving from base to tip. Never giving Naruto the friction he wanted. Just teasing him with the possibility.

"Mine to kiss." More precum had joined the rest. Naruto's nipples were hard and wet from his kisses. His mouth begging with every breath and panting for more.

"Mine to fuck." Shikamaru held back a groan as Naruto's struggles moved one of his legs against his already hard dick. Even through the jeans blocked his access Naruto had unknowingly made this harder on himself. It took every last drop of strength not to fuck the blond into the bed. So instead he focused on teasing the flesh before him. Kissing the sweat covered chest with butterfly kisses. Rubbing and stroking the hard dick with gentle fingertips. Moving circles around Naruto's precummed covered head and gliding down his length.

"Whenever, where ever i please. Is that right Naruto?" Shikamaru made his way back up Naruto's chest. His mouth gliding across stomach and higher to reach nipples. Sucking and nibbling each one into hardness before moving up to the blonde's throat and started biting into the soft flesh bare before him. Leaving small teeth marks but never biting hard enough to cause any blood to be shown.

"Open your eyes and answer me Naruto. Are you mine?" Shikamaru's hand held Naruto's hard length and stopped all it's teasing motion. His mouth moved to just centimeters from Naruto's own as he stopped all the pleasure and looked into Naruto's just opened eyes. The blue orbs were glazed over in lust. Unfocused and beautiful.


"Yes. yours... please Shikamaru." Naruto strained against the ropes to move himself closer to those lips just moments away from his own. He wanted them, needed them so bad. He wanted that kiss that was just out of reach. He wanted that pleasure that was just seconds away.

"All yours .. Shikamaru." Shikamaru sighed and smiled above him and finally leaned into Naruto breaking those last centimeters and closed his lips onto Naruto's. Naruto groaned at the sensation of those soft and pressing lips on his own. His mouth opening to them quickly and allowing Shikamaru to capture his mouth into a deeper kiss. Tongues battling and fighting for dominance that Naruto lost within seconds. Too filled with pleasure and heat to put up a real fight.

"All mine." The next couple of minutes were a blur to Naruto. The rope was removed and he had motion of his hands and feet again. He then took that chance to help Shikamaru strip of the pants and shirt that blocked him from his access to the lazy man's skin. Within minutes they were only two bodies of pleasure. Hands moved across skin, taking pleasure in the feel of each others breath and each shiver of pleasure. Groins rubbed against each other harder and harder. Faster and faster seeking the pleasure that was just out of reach.

"No No... i want to be inside you before i cum." Naruto could feel himself reach closer and closer to that moment of bliss, however that was cut short as Shikamaru froze above him and forced Naruto's hips to stay pinned to the bed and unable to reach the body above. Naruto whimper and struggled, trying to move the man above him into action. Pulling at arms and sliding his legs against the others legs. Trying to break the small amount of control Shikamaru had been able to gain. He had been so close. So close.

"Stop Naruto. Let me gain some control back. I don't want to cum before i get to feel your tight body surrounding my dick." Naruto froze and moaned at the plea in the others voice. he didn't want to agree. He didn't want to stop. He wanted the release that had been almost seconds away. he had been teased so long he wanted to reach that bliss Shikamaru had promised. However he also didn't have the heart to deny the man above him panting and shivering in his small hard gained control.

"Hurry up .. Shikamaru... " Naruto quivered at Shikamaru's laughed against his throat. It had caused warm breath to caress his throat and sent a shiver to race through his body seeming to go straight to his groin.


"God Shikamaru... Please Hurry." Shikamaru shivered at the lust in Naruto's voice. He could get use to hearing such a voice.

It took strength of will however Shikamaru was able to move his body without falling back onto Naruto in mindless lust. He allowed his weight to once more rest on his knees as he moved Naruto back into a better position.

"Suck Naruto." Shikamaru almost came as Naruto lips wrapped around his fingers and started to lick them. God what a clever little mouth he has. He would have to remember to try it out on his cock later.

"God.. that's enough Naruto." Shikamaru moaned out loud as he pulled his fingers from Naruto's mouth with a wet pop sound and shifted them to line up with the small hole presented before him. Naruto voiced his pleasure as Shikamaru started to circle the small hole and applied pressure to loosen up the opening.

"Damn it Shikamaru... just do it already." impatient brat. Shikamaru's first finger went in without any complaint from Naruto. It wasn't naruto's first time, Shikamaru already knew, hopeful he wouldn't have to spend too long on preparation, since he didn't think he could hold back much longer.

Naruto whimpered as Shikamaru thrust the second finger in along with the first and started to move his fingers back in and out. Scissoring inside the quivering body, stretching the warm opening. It was so warm and tight inside Naruto's body. His dick pulsed at the thought of it.

"you are so tight Naruto." Naruto's body started to move with his fingers. meeting each thrust his small pleas begging Shikamaru to continue.

Shikamaru started pumping Naruto once more as he thrust in all three fingers without warning. Swallowing the small cry of uncomfort with a deep kiss. Not giving Naruto time to think about anything but the pleasure of his dick and the actives of his mouth he continued to stretch the blonde. He could feel Naruto's muscles squishing his fingers as they thrusted in at a steady rhythm. Scissoring and stretching Naruto. he couldn't take much more of this.

"Oh god there." Shikamaru rubbed his fingers against Naruto's prostate twice more, enjoying the sound of each small scream at the shock before he pulled his fingers out of Naruto's body and spread what moisture was left across his own hard on along with his precum.

"What a greedy hole you have Naruto. It's begging for me. Gasping to be filled isn't it." Naruto's hips thrusted upwards as he felt Shikamaru's tip touch his opening. However Shikamaru wanted to see Naruto's eyes once more before he allowed himself to thrust inside the blonde.

"Look at me Naruto. Please." Naruto's eyes were as blue as always. So beautifully blue covered in lust and desire as Shikamaru thrust his hips forward and rammed his dick all the way into Naruto's body aiming to hit the prostate he had explored seconds earlier. Naruto's cry of pleasure was loud in the room as Shikamaru panted and held himself still making sure not to hurt the blonde.

"Move... or else..." Shikamaru laughed at the small threat before he allowed his body to start a hard pace. naruto gasped at the first thrust and wrapped his hands into Shikamaru's hair bring his mouth down for a deep kiss, his hips thrusting upwards to meet each thrust.

It was so warm. So tight, squeezing him and seeming to suck on his dick that any rhythm or gentleness was lost in pleasure as Shikamaru started to fuck Naruto hard trying to gain his release.

"Harder ... Faster... So good." Naruto's voice seemed to feed his desires higher as he reached between their bodies to pump Naruto's dick.

"Cum for me Naruto." Naruto cum splashed across Shikamaru's stomach as Shikamaru thrusted in. Less then seconds later Shikamaru followed behind him. Filling Naruto's body with his warm cum.


Naruto could feel Shikamaru's body laying across his as his breathing started to even out. His body was starting to cool and he could fell the drying cum leak down and out of him.

"Where do you think your going." Naruto had tried to move out of the bed, however Shikamaru had stopped all movement by simply shifting his body weight onto Naruto's chest. Damn heavy lazy ass.

"The shower. I'm all sticky." Naruto held back a groan as Shikamaru seemed to cuddle deeper into his body. His chin seeming to borrow into his neck. His arms moving to brush against his hair. Petting it down like calming a pet.

"No Like i said Naruto. Today is going to be a long day. You don't need to bother with such a troublesome thing." Naruto didn't even get off one word in reply before Shikamaru's mouth once again took over his own. His tongue diving deep into his mouth and exploring the warm cavern.