Hinata gasped but Hiashi didn't pause. His next punch landed on her right cheek. Hinata spun and fell to her hands and knees. Hiashi kicked her, catching the girl in the ribs. An audible snap filled the air. Hinata collapsed onto her side, curling into a ball as she struggled to breathe.

"You're weak. You don't deserve to be a Hyuuga." Hiashi spat the words at her. Hinata curled up tighter, waiting for the next blow. When it didn't come she lifted her head up slightly and looked around. Her father, it seemed, had left the clearing. As she got to her feet, a sharp ache shot through her body.

Her father had apparently broken a few ribs. Hinata walked slowly into the surrounding forest, getting deeper and deeper until she finally stopped at the heart. She was fed up with life. Her father hated her for being weak, but her cousin, her cousin hated her simply for being alive.

The lavender eyed girl pulled a kunai from her weapon pouch. But it wasn't just any kunai, it was a kunai that a certain onyx eyed man had given her before he left the village for good. He had been the only one to ever take notice of her or care for her.

Itachi followed the dark haired girl who had just walked into the forest. He had a weird feeling that he used to know her. Idly, he wondered where she was going when she stopped. His breathe came in on a hiss as she pulled out a kunai. It looked identical to one he had given a girl when he was younger.

She had been almost painfully shy, and stuttered a lot. The little girl had been alone most of the time. Her family just about shunning her, as her cousin became the prodigy.

A sudden movement brought his attention back to the girl. It was then that he finally placed her. It was the same girl. He watched as she placed the kunai to her chest and finally understood why she was all the way out there. He leapt to the ground just as she plunged the weapon deep into her flesh.

Hinata coughed and gasped as blood filled her lungs and began to dribble out of her mouth. Faintly, she realized that some one had jumped to the ground and was kneeling beside her.

The last thought she had made a faint smile come to her lips.
"Maybe someone will miss me after all . . . . ."


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