Well, this story will soon be coming to a close unless i get some fresh ideas.

Hinata walked into the Hyuuga complex beside her friends, Gaara and Naruto. She was to be married to Neji in one day. Neji had been completely different than he had been. At first when he had seen her he had been quiet but soon he had knelt before her, bowing and asking for her forgiveness. She had forgiven him and helped him stand.

It was as if things had never happened aside from her gaining a demon. She smiled at Gaara befor spreading her wings out. She flew up and Naruto was about to call her back when Gaara stopped him and led him away. He understood that she needed time to herself.

Hinata let the wind take her, surprised when she found herself back in the very clearing that had started it all. She looked down and walked into the forest to the very heart and sat against the base of a thick tree. She closed her eyes, just breathing in the scents around her.

A familiar scent tugged her head up and her eyes met those of her cousins. Neji slowly walked forward until he was beside her before he slowly knelt down.

"I hope I did not ditsturb you, Hinata-sama." His voice held no inflection. She just shook her head and went back to staring up at the sky.

Neji did the same before reaching out his hand and gently carressing her cheek. "I never did hate you. I was just always so angry and you, you were so perfect, always so sweet and shy, as if your father could never break you. That day you didn't come home I looked for you. i didn't stop until two onths had passed with no sign of you. I had found the blood and feared the worst."

"Hinata lifted shocked eyes to him as she listened. She hadn't thought that he ahd cared about him. He had always ignored her or treated her with contempt.

Neji took her shocked silence at his advantage and pulled her to him, putting her head on his shoulder as he rubbed her hair, the softness a balm to him as he talked on about how he had gone nearly crazy. Hiashi had taken a week before realizing that his eldest daughter was missing.

By then it had been too late, she had been long gone. Hinata slowly raised her hand and placed her palm against Neji's face and turned his head until her lips met his, cutting off the flow of words. She didn't care. It was all in the past now.

She broke the kiss and smiled up at her cousin softly. "I forgive you, Neji-niisan, but we are to be married tomorrow. I hope to put all of this behind us." Neji nodded and picked her up bridal style. He was going to carry her home and never let her out of his sights again.

Itachi watched as the Hyuugas left, taking one of his few chances of keeping his brother safe slip through his fingers. He knew had been a little too focused on his idiotic brother. He had let a wonderful woman slip past him and now she was taken.

That's it. I'm finished with this story. If I get enough of a response I might be persuaded to write another chapter for this story, or at least a better ending.