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Scene 7: Jacob's house

Jacob: Bella, I have a secret…

Bella: Oooh, are you gay?

Jacob: NO! I can't tell you it, but I need to tell you, but I'm not allowed, but I have to…Aaargh! Let's play charades and see if you can get it.

Bella: Ok, one word. Umm, two syllables. First syllable…er, clothes! Shirt! Taking off shirt! Putting on shirt. Wearing the shirt. Wear! Ok, wear. Second syllable…cat! No? Umm, big, howling furry thing? Er, lemur? Snake? Oh wait, they're small, don't have fur and don't howl. Jake, this is difficult! Make it easier! Oh, you have a picture on the wall? It looks sort of like…a cow! No, it has hair. Mike Newton! Still no? I see, you're writing it down on a piece of paper. W-zero, oh, O!- J, no wait, that's an L-F.

W-O-L-F, wolf. You wear wolves? That's cruel, Jake. I'll have you know I'm against fur. OMG, you're a WEREWOLF!

(Jacob collapses to the floor in relief and exhaustion.)

Jacob; Finally!

Bella: So, if I shoot you with a silver bullet, will you die?

Jacob: No, but I will bite your head off.

(Bella hides gun behind her back)

Bella: I'm going home for dinner. I suppose I'll see you tomorrow.

Jacob: But I just told you I'm a werewolf. Aren't you afraid?

Bella: Well, considering I spent most of the summer making out with a vampire, not really.

Jacob: Ew, you made out with a leech? Ugh, that's gross! Agh, mental images! Not good, not good!

(Jacob falls to the ground , holding his head in his hands. Bella shrugs and walks out, leaving poor Jake curled up on the ground.)

Scene 8:Bella's house

Bella; Thanks for dropping me home, Jakey-kins!

Jacob: You gave me a nickname?

Bella: Of course Jakey-kins. I love nicknames. There's Eddie-kins, Alicey-walicey, Rosie-posie, Emmy-kins, Jazzy-poo, Carly-warly and I couldn't find anything to rhyme with Esme, so I call her Carly-warlys ickle wifey.

Jacob: Ohhh-kaaay…. Hey look, an unexplained car is parked outside your house! I'll let you go in by yourself and greet them. Let's hope it isn't a vampire who's going to rip your throat out! Goodbye!

(Jacob drives off very quickly. How strange. Bella goes inside the house.)

Bella: How mysterious. I expect they're waiting for me to turn on the light.

Alice: *Appears mysteriously out of the shadows* No, Miss Swan, I expect you to die…

(Awkward Silence )

Bella: Was I supposed to, like, say something or what?

Alice: Look, I saw you drive off a cliff on a motorbike so I came to see if everything is alright.

Bella: Jacob wears wolf skin. That's not alright.

Alice: Bella, listen to me. Are you dead?

Bella: Yes! I mean, no! Well I don't know. Why do you need to know that anyway?

Alice: So Edward doesn't commit suicide.

Bella: Edward?

Alice: *sighs* Yes, Edward. The love of your life, creepy stalker vampire boyfriend, wants to drink your blood?

Bella: Ah yes, that Edward.

Alice: Well, we have to go to Italy to stop him committing suicide by Volturi.

Bella: Is that a sort of gun?

Alice; Come on!

(Alice drags Bella out to a car and onwards to the airport.)

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