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Scene 11: An aeroplane

Bella: Next time we go on holiday, I choose it.

Edward: For the last time, it wasn't a holiday!

Bella: Sure it wasn't. So, will you turn me into a vampire now?

Edward: No. But I'll say I love you again and we'll come back to Forks.

Bella: You've bribed your way out of this situation for the last time, Eddie-kins. I'm letting your family vote on this one!

Edward: I've a feeling we're forgetting something.

Bella: Nope. Got the ballot papers right here.

(Holds up ballot papers saying 'Turn Bella into a vampire because she's awesome' and 'I agree with stinky-face Edward. Don't change her'

Edward: How did you get them so fast! But I really think we've left something behind.

Bella: Got them off a guy at a market stall cheap. He said they were second hand.

Edward: Who would need them other than us?

Bella: Dunno. I want Skittles. Call the air hostess Eddie-kins.

(Edward presses the bell. The air hostess walks up)

Edward: Eddie-kins!

Bella: Idiot! (Slaps Edward)

Edward: Ow! Violence doesn't solve anything! And you said 'Call the airhostess Eddie-kins', so I did.

Bella: Shush. (To air hostess) Can I have some Skittles please? And a cup of warm blood for my boyfriend. Lion blood if possible.

Air Hostess: What the f- *faints*

Bella: Phew! That nearly caused the rating to go up! Lucky she collapsed when she did. (Prods unconscious woman with her foot) Out cold.

Edward: Are we there yet?

Bella: Shut up.

Edward: Are we there yet?

Bella: I SAID SHUT UP! *Slaps Edward again*

Edward: Ow! I hate travelling with you. You're mean.

Bella: One more word out of you and I will turn this plane around and we'll be murdered by evil, torturing vampire twins. Now, are you going to be quiet?

(Edward sighs then nods his head)

Scene 12: Cullens House

Bella: We're back!

Carlisle: Nooo… *groans*

Esme: But I just told everyone at school you'd been eaten by a rogue tiger. Now we'll have to say it puked you up again!

Bella: Ewwww… Gross!

Edward: Bella has something to tell you all.

Esme: Oh my god she's pregnant!

Edward: No she isn't! Yet.

Bella: Edward, if you're going to say that you have to say 'Warning: Breaking Dawn Spoilers' first! Now, let's call everyone together to vote!

Edward: Guys! Come here!

(Emmett, Rosalie and Jasper come downstairs.)

Jasper: Umm, where's Alice.

Bella: I think we left her behind.

Edward: I knew we forgot something!

Jasper: You forgot my wife, Eddie-kins! DIE!

(Jasper is about to attack Edward when through the window comes…)

Alice: I had to swim all the way across the Atlantic! My last stop before here was Ireland and all they have there was badgers! My dress is ruined from the salt water!

Carlisle: Well, now we're all here let's vote. Do you want Bella to be a vampire and join our coven or not. Here are the sheets. Edward, no reading minds to find out what people are voting.

Edward: Aaaw, Dad!


Esme: Well, let's count them. Here's one for Bella crawling into a bush and dying, one that says 'Bella, I love you, don't do this to me!' one saying 'Up the South, go Confederates!' another one for Barack Obama, one saying woof… hey, how did Jacob get in here? Anyway we've one for…umm 'Prezzydent karlile'. Carlisle, how did you spell your own name wrong? Honestly!

Carlisle: Esme, the votes were meant to be a secret! Now everyone knows mine!

Esme: And the last two are 'vampire bella is hott'…

(Rosalie smacks Emmett round the head)

Esme: Rose! Finally we have… 'Bella for vampresident. Woot!' Well, I think the result is obvious.

Carlisle: No it isn't.

Esme: *sighs* Bella won. Duh.

Edward: No. She's not being turned into a vampire. I own her and I say no.

Bella: You don't own me! However, you are my boyfriend and I love you, so I'll respect your wishes at this time.

Carlisle: D…Did she just say something…sensible?

Cullens: *Gasps*

Esme: I think we should go.

Jacob: Not yet! I still have to tell Charlie about the whole motorbikes thing and get Bella grounded!

Bella: Grrr…

Jacob: Ooops!

The End

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