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I sat up in the clearing of the Inkworld and realized that Dustfinger wasn't here. Swinging my head around I couldn't find the fire eater that I had come to love. Mo walked over and put his hand on my shoulder,

"Roxanne has him in a barn, find her, she'll take you to him." I looked up at Mo, "Don't go running off as the Shadow though." Grinning I took off towards Roxanne's barn.

X: This next part is in Dust's POV

Dustfinger woke up with a massive headache and it felt like an elephant was sitting on his chest. Opening his eyes, he saw Roxanne sitting against a barn wall and he saw tears in her eyes. He watched as she picked her head up, bringing her eyes up to meet his. Roxanne crawled over to him and touched his face where his scars were.

"Where are they?" She asked quietly

"What do you mean?" Dustfinger asked back touching his cheek. It was smooth and new, he laughed, "I guess Death wanted to give me a clean slate. Do you know where Reiley is?"

He felt a stinging pain in the side of his face and Roxanne's contorted in anger, "How dare you ask about her when I am here. I am here. She isn't!"

Dustfinger furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, "I'm asking about her because, as crazy as it seems, I love her! She came and got me from Death. That is the only reason why I'm alive!"

"I am the mother of your children and yet you still go to her…what the hell does she have that I don't?" (AN I know original isn't it!)

"She cares!" He said softly, "Reiley cares."

"Then why isn't she here?"

X: Rei's point of view.

"Then why isn't she here?" Roxanne yelled.

"Because you refused to tell any of us where he was." I was, to say the least, infuriated, and not yet ready to give in to peaceful tranquility. Still dressed in my "ninja ness suit", I walked silently into the barn and strung my bow.

"Rei-?" Dusty said confused. I chuckled, "Relax, jez…I'm not that violent!" Putting the bow in my quiver at my hip, I looked back to Roxanne, "You had no right."

"I did, I'm his wife."

"Technically, no, your not."

"Yes, I am."

"No, I've read the book, your not."

"I have had two of his children." She was standing toe to toe with me now, I just smirked.

"You're not his wife though. I mean a, you have no ring and b, you're a bitch."

"And your not?"

"I prefer….well, actually no I'm not."

She pulled her hand back to slap me and as it came at me, I grabbed her wrist. Roxanne tried to hit me with the other hand and I stopped that too. Still smirking, I pushed her back. I walked to the door and grabbed my katana that was leaning against the door and put it in its sheath as I walked out.

"Hey! Where you going?" Dusty called.

"I came to make sure you got through alright…you can come if you want…."


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