Two men where standing in the back room of the Sunnyshore gym. Before the recent conversation had started up, you might have been able to call them best friends. A blond and a red head. Surprisingly it wasn't the red head yelling., but instead the blond.

"You heard me Volk. I'm sorry but there was a vote, and I'm just the one to tell you." Flint rubbed the back of his head. The flamboyant red head really didn't want to be the one to do this.

"But Flint, I don't understand! How can you just kick me out of my position as eighth gym leader?!" Electricity almost sparked from Volkner's hair as he screamed this, barely keeping his rage in check.

"I already told you! The league thinks your putting too much of a strain on the town…"


"Okay city whatever. Anyway, your renovations put too much of a budget strain on this city. So they've found someone else to take your place. It's nothing personal. Just business." Volkner glared at Flint with unrestrained hatred in his eyes.

"You said you took a vote. How did you vote?"

"Ah, man Volk. You can't ask me that."

"If you refuse to tell me I can only assume the worst."

"You have no proof of that."

"You were supposed to be my friend."

"I am your friend!"

"Friends don't do that to friends."

"That's ridiculous. I would never…"

"Never say never. You voted to have me kicked out of Sunnyshore!"

"That's ludicrous! You're not kicked out of Sunnyshore!" Volkner closed his eyes and silently rubbed the bridge of his nose, attempting, at least, to keep calm.

"Flint," Volkner said calmly, "Kicking a gym leader out of a gym is like keeping them from their city, maybe even their region. Do you have any idea what this will do to my reputation? Did you even think, before you voted for this new leader, what I might feel about this?"

"No…" Flint stared at the ground, like a child being scolded.

"Exactly. How long before I have to leave?"

"Tomorrow morning." The elite silently replied. Volkner sighed. He was expecting more time. Now that the rage had finally burned out, there was nothingness left. Nothingness and…the strong sense that he had been betrayed.

After Flint had left, Volkner went to bed. He had already packed, Flint attempting to help in to no avail. He was only iced out. When Flint stepped out the front door, Cynthia was waiting for him.

"How'd it go?" She asked quietly, knowing the answer just from Flint's expression.

"Horrible. He couldn't have taken the news worst. And he guessed that I voted against him."

"You didn't tell him…"

"No I didn't tell him that no voted for him. He would have been crushed."

"I know…Poor man."

"He'll still be able to live in Sunnyshore, right? Even if he moves he'll still be in Sinnoh?"

"No, probably not. Once someone's disgraced in such a manner, there not very likely to stick around."

"Oh…I had no idea." Flint trailed off in thought, dejected. He'd just alienated his best friend from everything he'd lived for, strived for. His position, reputation...pride. All gone now. It would be a silent trip home.

That night Volkner lay in bed, cherishing the sight of his beloved gym. The last time he'd ever see it. He had put so much of his time into the meticulous rotation of the various mechanisms that sprawled throughout the complex. 'Why? Why would Flint and the others do such a thing?' He just couldn't make himself understand. Most of all, there was the pain of his own best friend not standing by him. At least supporting his position. He knew Flint had automatically agreed. Heck, he knew all the members of the league agreed. These things weighed heavily on his heart. He sighed sat up and look around at his now bare room. Nothingness. That all he was now. A shell of the person that once was. But then, from some overwhelming depth the sadness came. And refused to stop. As soon as it had filled up the nothingness, it burst through his eyes, streaming down his face. All he could do is rest his head in his hands and let it all run out. Out until the numbness of nothingness replaced the sorrow that was rapidly leaving him. After his eyes had all but dried up, he fell exhausted onto the bed, his eyes drifting closed until finally he was sound asleep.

The morning came too quickly for Volkner who was still worn out from the unusual bout of tears last night. If it was for the feeling of dried tears on his face he would have guessed he had dreamt it. After washing the last remaining bits of sorrow that clung to him like a spider's web, he composed himself. He guessed that the new leader would be waiting outside for him to leave so he or she could promptly move in. For the time being she probably wouldn't renovate the gym much. After all, that was what got him kicked out.

As he was leaving he ran his hands across the walls one last time relishing their feeling. This was his home. For a brief moment the unstoppable urge to fight for what was his rose up from whatever place the previous night's sadness had welled up from. But just as quickly, it died down to nothing but bitter grief and despair as he thought it through. What could he do against the whole elite four? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Come to think of it, he hadn't told his pokemon yet. He should, after all this was their home too. 'I guess I better give them the option of staying too…' The thought of being apart from them brought up the feeling of sadness that he thought had departed. After releasing them from their balls, he described the situation, giving them their options. After running around one last time they all thankfully came back to their poke balls. Or so he thought. After glancing around just for old times sake, he turned to go.


"Do you want to stay here then?" Another shake. "Do you want to follow?" It nodded, albeit slowly. The almost ex-gym leader smiled, and turned towards the doors, knowing that when he stepped out of them, that it was the end. 'Well, maybe not the end end, but close enough' he thought. Luxray looked up at him in understanding and nodded. Volkner sighed. No point in putting it off. Heck maybe it was a joke and he could just push Flint off of one of the conveniently placed cliffs. But he seriously doubted it. Another sigh as he pushed open the door and stepped out into the blazing sun.

Volkner shielded his eyes with he hand as they adjusted. At first there was no one to be seen but then…then he could see the shape of the five elites and one other petite figure. Looking closer he could see that she was female, dishwater blond hair that fell just a little under her shoulder. Her skin glowed in the sun from her faint tan that contrasted perfectly with her crème and red colored sun dress.

"Volkner this is Maybelene. She's your uh…" Cynthia started strong but failed towards the ending.


"Yes, if you put it that way." The champion looked relieved.

"What type?"

"Electric." the girl had a pretty, shy voice.

"Hmm. Well you're a perfect replacement then. Well I'm off. No point in hanging around." And with that he was off, leaving the other's to just stare.

"He seemed…so different." Flint noted, in a saddened tone.

"Well what did you expect Flint? Him to be just fine with it?" Lucian snapped.
"Well, at least it'll spending impact on the town now." Bertha chipped in. Flint took off.

"Flint comeback y…"

"Don't Cynthia. Let him be." and with that Lucian turned on his heel, opened his book and teleported himself to the league.

By the time Flint caught up with Volkner they were already half way across town and closing distance the exit rapidly.

"Hey! Volk, have a nice vacation!" No response.

"Catch a lot of pokemon, and remember keep away from those beedrill!" Still no response. By now they were almost to separator gate.

"Volk…we're still friends. Right?" At that Volkner tensed and halted causing the red head to run into his back. Volkner slowly turned on his heel. Luxray growled and sparked. Flint was afraid to look in Volkner's eyes. And rightfully so. What he saw there was a mixture of hate, hurt, rage, betrayal, sadness, resentment, and so many other indescribably emotions. That look would haunt him for the rest of his life, causing him to wake up screaming in the middle of the night. Then everything was gone, and was replaced by nothingness. Slowly he untensed his muscles and sighed.

"I don't know. Probably not, after what you did to me." And through the door he went. And Flint wondered if he'd ever see him again. Not knowing that what happened would lead up to something that would inevitable put Volkner's life on the line, and cause him an unmeasured amount of pain.