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Koga had been walking around the rather large Sinnoh League HQ for quite some time and had yet to see any sign of Will. He had already checked all the bedrooms, bathrooms, and training rooms. There were various closets that had to be checked and the ninja still had no clue how many living areas. With a sigh Koga moved away from the closet he had just finished checking. Of course Lance would ask of him a rather difficult job that would consume his precious time.

The poison type trainer came to a dead end in the hallway. Koga was just about to turn around when the acrid smell of melted metal reached his sensitive nose. He slowly wheeled around to inspect the wall once again. Now that he looked at the wall closer, there appeared that there was once a door here.

'Dang these people and their fondness for shiny metal!' Koga gave the door an experimental push. The door didn't yield a bit.

'Even a Machamp with its training belt off wouldn't be able to knock this down. Good thing I have something even better.' With a small smile Koga withdrew a minimized pokeball from his belt.

"Go, Muk!" It wasn't spoken a yell like most trainers do. No, it was a soft whisper, like a soft breeze moving through the leaves only rustling them slightly. There was a small, low key tone and a brief flash of red.

"Muk." This too was soft, though not as soft as its trainer's.

"Acid." The corrosive mix shot out of its mouth, dissolving the metal faster than a teaspoon of water would in a gallon of pure water.

Koga's first action was to scan the room for danger. Though he didn't suppose that there was any here, training stuck. After the quick scan, Koga thought that maybe the door had just been accidentally melted shut, but then his sharp eyes pick up the small lump of purple and…blood red.

"Ah, snap."


"VOLKNER!" Flint yelled again rushing forward, only to have his progress halted by the Pokemon Rangers.


"This is ranger business. You have no business here."


'Sheez this guy yells a lot.' Thought Sven. Okay, look intimidating. Don't let his yelling give you a headache.

"Calm down. We're working on it right now."

"CALM DOWN? YOU WANT ME TO-" Flint was cut off mid yell by a loud explosion and the groaning and shrieking of torn metal.

"What was that?" As soon as the guy in the cowboy hat turned Flint rushed past, already reaching for a pokeball. Lopunny would be best due to the pouring rain. Before the red head could even call out his pokemon, there was a battle cry from somewhere under the machine and an enormous Dragonite shot out.

The crazy little man that had been jumping up and down with a happy look on his face now looked confused and a little scared.

"Who are you!?" The man ("Dr. Crazy") asked as a caped man dropped off his Dragonite and on to the platform. Before the guy had a chance to respond a lightning bolt snaked out of the sky towards Volkner.

"DRAG!" With a determined look in its eye, the dragon sent a Thunder from its antennae right back at it, hitting it halfway there.

"Now that's more like it." The caped man said with a smug smile.


"Will!" Koga rushed over next to the lump, adjusting the form a little to get a better view of him. Will's eye were partly lidded and unfocused.

"Will what happened?" No answer. "Will! Will answer me!" Koga gave him a soft shake. There was a muffled gasp of pain in response.

"What happened? Will I need to know!"


"What about him?"

"He wanted to see Volkner."


"And he threw me into the wall and over the back of the couch." Will was strained for breath Koga knew, but he needed answers. Though Flint didn't seem strong enough to throw people around.

"Flint threw you into a wall?"

"Well," gasp for breath "it was actually his Infernape." Now it made sense. Will coughed and closed his eyes drawing in a rattling breath.

"Will?" There wasn't a response, not even a rattling breath.


Lance hadn't noticed before how high the platform was. Not that he was afraid of heights, he just didn't want to fall.

"Now why don't you be a good mad scientist and let the blond man down so we can all go home early?"

"No. Don't make me go ninja on you!" The crazy little man took up an odd pose that looked like one of those cheesy ninja movies where their mouth s didn't match their words.

"I'm so afraid. What are you trained in? The ancient art of origami?" There was a narrowing of eyes.

"Don't mock me." Lance had to smile at this.

"You know what, I'm going to call you Dr. Crazy. It just fits you." Lance had just enough time to duck a round house kick to his head and block a solid punch his stomach.

"Woah now, Dr. Don't want you getting hurt now." Lance didn't have a chance to get more words in because he was assaulted by a hail of punches and kicks. He ducked and weaved, though how long he could keep it up he didn't know. And Dragonite was getting worn out countering the punches. Lance looked up at Dragonite. That was his mistake as he caught a punch to the face. He slid back on the slick surface, accidentally touching the electrically charge surface of the machine. If he hadn't been wearing he cape, which was resistant, he probably would have absorbed quite a bit more. Still though, it hurt and left him momentarily dazed.

"Who's laughing now, hot shot?" Dr. Crazy took out a knife and brought it down.


"Gosh, where do you think Koga roamed off to?" This was a new arrival that belonged to Johto. Her hair was a silvery blond, and Lucian couldn't decide quite what color it was.

"I honestly don't know Karen. He said Lance asked him to look for Will." Her expression grew worried.

"What was wrong with Will?"

"He had a vision. But he looked like he'd recover."

"That's not good. He's totally drained after those happen. I've never witnessed one, but when we were involved in that organization, I know that the mask would…well let's just say that the mask would induce those visions somehow." Bruno raised his eyebrow but said nothing more.

A long silence stretched out for what seemed like a half hour of just staring. Lucian was happy though. He could read his book without any interruptions. Now where was he..?

'Bring, Bring' It was one of those ridiculous ringtones that sounded like an old telephone.

"Hello? Koga? What is it? What! No way! Of course. Of course. I'll be right up." Karen grew more worried throughout the conversation.

"What happened?" Bruno asked his look carefully blank.

"Something happened to Will."


Quite frankly, Flint could care less about the spiky redhead that was ducking fists and dodging kicks. Flint couldn't see a way up the platform yet. He was frantic.

'Almost there!' Flint had almost run close enough to get a good look at Volkner.

The first thing he look for was if he was still breathing, which he was, in very strained breaths. The next thing he noticed that he was horribly filthy and beaten up. Dirt was smeared all over the blonde's face, mixing with the blood that was dripping from his hair line. The blue jacket was shredded, from what Volkner couldn't tell. But there were bruises that were a horrible colors and deep cuts running all over his body.

"Volkner…"That soft word was all Flint could manage. He knew this was all his fault. Volkner was suffering because of him. The same person that Volkner had known and trusted all his life! Flint got angry, with himself. With himself and those who had organized this. The afroed man didn't notice how hard he was clenching his fist until blood started running down his hands. Clenching his eyes tight one last time, he open them with a determined look in his eyes. Stepping back a few paces, Flint got a running start and jumped the gap, barely grabbing the edge.

The spiky haired man was about to die at the hands of Dr. Crazy.


"Who's laughing now, hot shot?" Dr. Crazy took out a knife and brought it down.

Lance raised a hand to protect himself, but found it unnecessary. Dr. Crazy's death stroke had been stopped by a large Blaziken, who was clenching the Dr.'s arms.

"Blaze." It said shaking its head.

"Woah, that Blaziken's huge!" Lance looked down to see an afro poking over the edge of the platform.

"And who are you?" The dragon trainer asked, quirking an eyebrow.

"Flint. Of the Sinnoh Elite Four. Now will you help me down please?"

"Nope. You got yourself up there, you can get yourself down."

"But I might die!"

"Too bad. On second thought, if I help you up, will you get that guy of the machine after I shut it down? Key word being after."

"Of course!" The excitement was barely contained (no kidding) and Lance just rolled his eyes. Maybe he'd get electrocuted and provide some source of entertainment. Either way, Lance held out his hand, helping him up rolling his eyes again as the grown man practically skipped over to the blond.

"Is he still breathing?" Lance asked, hope in his voice.

"Ya, thank goodness."

"Dang it." That makes it so much harder. Now I actually have to shut this thing down.

"What was that?"

"I said 'Oh boy, I can barely contain my overwhelming excitement!'."

"That's what I thought but I wasn't sure." Lance literally face palmed. How did he get that out 'Dang it'? Two words verses nine, two of them being rather long.

When Lance looked at the podium with buttons on it he was at a loss. He turned to the Blaziken who was still holding the scientist. It looked then shrugged his shoulders, pointing to the phone.

Lance dialed. At first he didn't think the person was going to pick up. Then…

"You're calling again?" There were voices in the background.

"You have people over?"

"I couldn't get back to sleep, and Garret was already up so we decided to watch a movie. Van Helsing to be exact."

"Who's this Garret person? Do I know him?"

"Um ya. Remember, went to school with him. We're kinda shorta like brother and sister, yet close cause we don't fight as much." Lance relaxed at the 'brother and sister' part, but still couldn't recall him.

"Um…Still drawing a blank."

"From the Go-Rock Quad you numbskull!" Someone else shouted from the background. Lance looked taken aback a second until he heard

"Be nice Billy! I'm sure he probably see quite a few people a day." Now he remembered Garret. He had the slightly annoying punkish older brother.

"Anyway, why did you call?"

"I don't know how to shut this machine down. I got to the panel, but it's still…electrical." As if to back him up the strange man behind him poked it and was shocked.

"Hmm, what model?"

"Model? There's more of these things?"

"Is it silver or black?"

"Looks pretty silver to me." Man, how did she remember this?

"Good then press the red button. Now the green. Red again. Next the blue. Type in 45, 65, 75. Now turn the dial full turn counter clockwise. Now halfway around clockwise. Now the purple button."

"There's a purple button?"

"Top right of the panel."

"Okay, is there any reason I'm doing this? It's not working."

"Just hit the purple button." Was all the exasperated voice at the other end said. Lance hit the button and there was a loud 'whoomp'. A pillar of electricity shot into the sky from somewhere down below, narrowly missing the platform.

"There ya go. Now I'm going to get back to my movie. Bye Lance! Talk to you later!" Lance smiled. So she did reciprocate his feelings. It was obvious she just felt awkward picturing him in her mind. Yup, that had to be it.


There was yelling. Cries, snarls, laughing. Everything circling inside his mind was giving Volkner a migrane. Now someone was moving him. Maybe this was death. Knowing what was happening but not being able to understand it. Pain shot through his body. Agony, burning, the smell of charred skin. Burning hair. Rubber that was melted. More pain.

Now Volkner was on his back. Someone was shaking him. Shaking him slightly. Volkner opened his eyes slightly. He was going to tell them to let him go back to being dead. He had relief. Relief from everything that was happening. The pain.

When he did open his eyes he saw Flint and a guy with spiky red hair that seemed to defy gravity.

"VOLK! You're alive! I was afraid you were brain dead or something." There was a huge smile plastered across his face. It disgusted him. He was smiling at his pain. This was his fault. So what if he was here now? He had once again messed things up. First he got him into this mess, now he had to take him away from that desolate oblivion.

"Get away from me! Don't touch me! I don't ever want to see your ugly face again!" Volkner yelled as loud as he could, which wasn't very loud. Flint drew back hurt, letting go of his shoulders. Finally, he could return to that oblivion.

"Oh no you don't! There's no way you're going to die after I spent my time saving your sorry butt! Now we're going to the hospital whether you like it or not!" And Volkner didn't fight. He just slipped into the darkness.


The dragon trainer had gotten the situation solved. Crawford was more than happy with the result. Somebody was escorting the crazy little man away who was happily yelling:

"Operation Devastate is a go! It's worked! Yes, my whole life's work is working! Mahahahahahahhahah!" Such on and such on.

"Hmm, wonder what he meant by that?" Crawford mused aloud.

"I don't know…" Luana said, still out of it. The afroed man just sighed.

"You know…"

"Guess what! Guess what guys! Ice is alive!" This was Ollie the guy who the base had adopted after starting a forest fire and nearly killing himself in the process.


"Ya, he landed on some short of trampoline thing that caped guy set up just in case he fell, and it caught Ice! He's just unconscious!"

"That's amazing!" Crawford had never seen Luana so happy. But he smiled anyways. What made her happy, made him happy.


The next few by in a blur. Volkner woke up a few times here and there.

"He could die over night…" die? Well that can't be good…

"Looks like he'll make it. It's a good thing you got him out of there Lance." Got who off there? Off of where?

"He need a place…stay. He doesn't…stay." What did he say? Dang this grogginess.

"He can have a job…league. We…have …opening." Opening? Opening for what? For who?

"When will he wake up? Do you have any idea?"

"It's been three weeks. My guess is soon. Though he was in horrible condition." Once again it the male then the female. Who are these people? And what's been three weeks?

"Hey, looks like he's walking up!" It wasn't the same female voice, this one was higher, happier. More nerve grating…

Volkner groggily opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was the sanitary white of hospital walls. Then a girl looking happy in some short of uniform.

"I'll look after him. You won't be needed here." This was the male's voice from before. He followed the girl's glare to the corner where the red head was blending into the shadows. Which happened to be quite a feat, seeing as he was dressed in black and the walls were white.

"Hi, my name's Lance."

"Volkner." Why is my voice so raspy?

"Believe me, I definitely know your name by now. I've had to keep a constant stream of people out. Which kept me away from my league member who's currently in critical care, that is if he's still alive. He's in there because of your friend." Lance didn't appear happy, but he wasn't really made at Volkner, just his situation.

"What friend?" Volkner was drawing a blank. He couldn't think of anyone he knew (besides Cyrus and Saturn) that could put a person in critical care.

"The creepy happy clown with the afro and flip flops."

"Oh, he's not my friend anymore." Lance raised an eyebrow, then nodded.

"That makes sense. So, any plans for after you get out of the hospital?" Volkner hadn't thought about that. He hadn't really thought of anything. At the moment, he was too drugged up.


"Good, cuz boy do I have the place for you!"


Saturn hated this disguise. The stupid coat was too long and dragged upon the ground. But it was perfect for what he was doing.

The blue haired man was right outside the Sunyshore gym. Saturn sighed and knocked.

"Hello!" The girl was young with light brown hair and a cute smile. She might look young but Saturn knew he was just two years her senior, meaning she wasn't that young. Though, she wasn't as experienced as the last gym leader.

"Hello!" Though Saturn forced the happiness, he was a wonderful actor.

"Are you here for a challenge?"

"Yes, actually. I'm here to challenge you for your heart." That was one of my own lines Saturn though smugly. She put her finger against her mouth.

"I've never heard that one before."

"So does that mean you'll join me for dinner?" Saturn added in his most dashing smile.

"Well sure, I guess I will! Todd, I'm closing down the gym!" Saturn momentarily tensed thinking that it was an actual person.

"O-kay." Came a robotic voice and Saturn relaxed. He held out his arm and she took it gratefully, latching on right away. Saturn smiled coolly, leading her down the solar panel walkway into the twilight.

Operation Devastate was a go

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