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And here comes the semi-serious story of what happens when you find 8 fictional characters in your bathroom.

I present to you:

A Teenager's Guide to Living with Pirates



"And bring me that horizon." I said, smiling too wide for my face and too happily for any normal smile to compare. It's one of those things that you just can't help. Sue me.

"Dun na na na, dun na na na na." Julie grinned too. She was lying on the couch next to me, her head to my head, as we held back our laughter. Friends are great, except when your trying not to laugh. She grinned and then I grinned and then she giggled through her teeth and I laughed under my breath and we almost burst out laughing. Luckily we didn't, or it would of ruined Sam's line.

"And really bad eggs," Sam was sitting in a beanbag chair placed directly under me and Julie's heads. She was beaming, but doing a better job of holding back laughter than us. Why do these lines have to be so slow? I can't take it anymore!

"DRINK UP ME HEARTIES, YO HO!" And as Jack snapped close the compass on the screen, all three of us burst out laughing. I don't know why we find the last line of Curse of the Black Pearl so funny, but when you've seen the movie 18 times (and counting), you can't help but find a lot of not-so-funny things funny. Fact of life. Really.

You might ask why I have seen this movie so many times. No, it's not because I have no life (although that might have something to do with it.). There are two reasons. One, It is absolutely the best movie ever made, no questions asked. Two, I write Pirate fanfiction. Anyone reading this now knows that if you write, you have to read, or in this case; watch.

Me and Julie fell to the floor, and practically on top of Sam, we were laughing so hard. Sam managed to speak, "Best. Movie. EVER!"

"Now what should we watch?" Julie asked, as she calmed down.

"I don't know, maybe Dead Man's Chest." I said.

"Nah, I don't really like that last scene, where their actually fighting over the Dead Man's Chest."

"Must've been a smokin chest." Sam laughed.

"They would've had a better time fighting over ME." Said Julie.

I looked at her and shook my head. "No."

Suddenly, I heard Taylor Swift's Love Story. I grabbed my phone, slid it open.
Where r u? r u with Julie n Sam? It was a text from my mom.
Yes. I replied, Julie and Sam hovering over me to see what I was writing.
ill be back soon, hope the deco is almost done.

Ok. I texted, but to Julie and Sam I screamed "Oh My God WE FORGOT!"

Sam and I began racing upstairs when we heard Julie yell "OMG, what did we forget again?"

"Hello? End of school party. NEEDS DECORATIONS!"

Still downstairs, Julie spoke to herself, pretending to scratch a beard as Jack would do. "This job requires man-power…"

(The next hour we spent working our asses off. Luckily we had some help…)

"Sam, go ask Leah if there's a ladder anywhere. I'm the only one who can stick the streamers to the ceiling and I can't do it single handedly." Mark yelled across the family room to Sam.

"Do it yourself! I'm busy if you haven't noticed!" Sam replied angrily, due to the fact that her fingers were stuck in duck tape.

Basically, I was throwing this big party tonight. And every kid who I had the phone number of was invited. So the boys were over, really doing most of the work. There's Jeremy, a withdrawn kid with so many secrets that it was hard to tolerate. Then there Mark, the biggest jerk known to mankind, or at least according to Sam. Those two argue so much it's ridiculous. But it's so damn obvious they're perfect for each other. Finally, there's Brett, Julie's boyfriend, who is the popularity king. The only problem is that he's also the King of Idiocy. Lucky for Julie, that didn't change the fact that he was undeniably gorgeous.

So thanks to these friends of ours, believe it or not, we finished the job. There goes one scary problem.

Now, the party…

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