Dudley Dursley slowly turned the heavy envelope over and sighed as he saw the emblem on the back. Hogwarts. Harry once taunted him with the prospect of his children having the opportunity when he was 14 and frightened of magic. Now it seemed like a dream, a past life that he managed a glimpse of. It was real now and if the letter was real the wizarding world was going to become a lot more clearer. A Dursley at Hogwarts, his father would turn in his grave.

He cleared his throat. "Abigail please come downstairs for a moment." He smiled at the thundering of her steps as she ran down the stairs, she was always trying to find the fastest way down.

"Reporting for duty, Captain Dad." Abigail said standing at attention in front of him. The sight caused him to smile and tug on her braid. She always had the biggest imagination and this new adventure would bring her fantasies to life.

"You have a letter, m'dear." Dudley handed her the letter. "Open and read it. Its a serious matter. I just need to post a letter." He disappeared into his study to scrawl a note to his cousin. He sighed when he realised he had no way of contacting him. Suddenly he remembered that phone number he'd given Dudley along with a photo of their newborn daughter. Harry said it wasn't his but they would know how to contact him. Finding the letter he smiled at the picture of the sleeping baby with Harry smiling big holding a little black haired boy and his wife scowling and clearly scolding another black hair boy as he tried to poke the baby cradled in her arms.

"DAD!" Abigail screamed just as he was turning picking up the phone to call. "What is this!? Serious. You must be joking." She ran into his study waving the letter, not looking very pleased at the joke.

"Abigail if you will wait a few minutes I will explain it all. Sit." He pointed to a soft armchair by the bookcase. He then picked up the phone and dialled taking a huge breath.

"Hello." A young girl answered.

"Hello dear. Do you mind if I speak with your mother or father?" He asked gently.

"Oh not my dad he doesn't know how to use a telephone. He says its a bit of muggle rubb-" The girl was cut off with her mother scolding her. "Rose! Its likely to be a muggle. Go play upstairs."

"Hello. Sorry about that. How can I help you?" She asked.

"Um yes... hello. Uh this is Dudley Dursley calling. I needed to get into contact with Harry, urgently if possible." He said into the phone.

"Oh. Dudley. Yes. I'll send him a letter. Did you need to see him? I think he knows where you live." Hermione replied scrawling the note as she spoke.

"I believe it would be best if he came. He does know our address. Thank you very much. Have a good day."

"Yes good day." Hermione responded clearly confused by his request.

Dudley set down the phone and turned to his daughter. "Now the letter Abbs." She just looked at him in contempt, not liking what she thought was a joke. "Its true. Ever last word down to the signature. You are a..." He hesitated on the word "witch. My cousin can probably explain it better as I never attended the school. He should be coming round soon."

"So I'm really going to this school and getting a wand and robes!" She responded with enthusiasm. "Can I get a cat? They said I could have a cat, owl, or toad. I want a cat daddy!"

"We will see. I do believe owls are used for post so obviously I would prefer if I could contact my only daughter." He smiled. These next few years would prove to be very adventurous for all the parties involved. Abigail's face lit up with the prospect.

"They use owls for post!? That's so cool. Daddy you can get an owl and I can have a cat to keep me company at school." She said excitedly her smile broadening. Then the doorbell rang and she jumped up and ran as fast as she could to open the door.

"ABIGAIL!" Dudley hollered. "No running." He smiled and walked after her. He chuckled as he heard her politely ask to take the guest's coat and if he wanted a drink. "Harry. Thank you for coming."

Harry did a once over of Dudley's much smaller frame. During the war he had had nothing to do but exercise and so had lost a lot of weight which after running around after Abigail had stayed off. "To say I was surprised would be an understatement. A Dursley at Hogwarts." Harry shook his head. Then a small auburn head poked out from behind him. "Oh Lily come here. Sorry my wife, Ginny is off covering a Quidditch match so I had to bring her. I hope you don't mind. Lily will be good."

"Oh not at all. Come in and sit down. Abbs why don't you get some lemonade for our guests." Dudley said ushering everyone into the living room.

"Daddy what is Quidditch?" Abigail asked refusing to get the drinks until she knew.

Lily gasped from beside her father. "You don't know what Quidditch is?" Then the two walked away as Lily launched into a very detailed description of the wizarding sport.

Both fathers chuckled and then looked startled at each other. "So Hermione didn't tell me much about what you wanted. Heard from a professor at Hogwarts though that there was a Dursley on the list for new students."

"First off Harry I'm sorry about when we were kids. I was a bloody git. Although I never thought your taunt would become reality." Dudley apologised his last remark making Harry chuckle at the memory. "I- just need... help. I don't know how to get these supplies and I don't know... how to get her there."

Lily and Abigail came waltzing in both holding two cups and went to their respective fathers and gave them the cup with much flourish. "To you sir." They both said before bursting into giggles which caused their fathers to laugh.

"Well in respect to the supplies there is a wizarding alley called -" Harry began but was cut off by Lily.

"Diagon Alley! Mummy said we'd go in 2 weeks for James' supplies. You should come! I can show you my Uncle George's shop. Its the best shop in the world." Lily exclaimed excitedly.

"Lily, what have you been told about interrupting?" Harry scolded her before turning to Dudley. "Yes its my eldest's first year so we shall be getting the same supplies. You are welcome to accompany us."

Dudley smiled. Abigail wandered off with Lily to explain all the weird muggle devices that had Lily so curious. "You don't have a computer!" Abigail was heard exclaiming as they walked up the stairs.

"Our worlds are very different now. To both our daughters." Dudley chuckled. "That... alley trip sounds very helpful. Thank you Harry."

The two chuckled as they heard Lily squeal and the girls giggling. They talked about the past few years and exchanged funny stories about their children. When the bottom of their glasses were reached Harry stood. "Ginny will be concerned if we aren't there when she gets home. I'll send an owl with the date and time of the trip. LILY! Time to go!"

Dudley stood and shook Harry's hand. "Thank you for coming. I know I was a right git and I appreciate you helping. I'd be lost without you."

Harry smiled and told Lily to hold on before disapparating with a pop.