By Christmas break the names Fred, James and Abigail were known by all. James Potter had received a record number of howlers from his mother, which resulted in Teddy turning bright pink as she sent her love. Fred had received one from his own mother which was followed by an advert for the Weasley Wizarding Wheezes by his father. Abigail just received a scolding by letter seemingly every week.

McGonagall looked ready to retire at the end of the term. She could be heard muttering about the Potter curse and how it always meant trouble. James thought she was going mad while Fred was convinced she loved them all or she would have expelled them after the nosebleed incidence at the beginning of the year.

The nosebleed incidence, used nosebleed nougats hidden in the breakfast dishes but James seemed to have misplaced the purple candies that stopped the bleeding. As a result Madame Turcotte had to spend the entire day attempting to stop nearly the whole Slytherin house and a few Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff students' noses from bleeding. When that failed she spent the day administering blood replenishing potion until people coughed up their cures, resulting in their snack boxes being confiscated.

Jonathan, after a humiliating flying lesson, humbled a bit and spent some of his time with the trio, now getting along better with James. James seemed to not let his fame as Harry Potter's son faze him. He was his own person. Now known not for the Potter surname but his wit and pranks. Fred had more trouble as all his father and uncle's previous teachers compared him to his namesake. After the first month it seemed to have died down but it still bothered him how little it seemed he knew of his namesake.

The first Quidditch match against Hufflepuff was easily won by Gryffindor. Abigail was intrigued by the sport but had more fun helping out in the greenhouses. She had joined the Charms club and through that had found new friends in different houses. Although every weekend when the final essay was finished James, Fred and herself would gather by the fire and plot out their next prank.

With her father being pulled away on business that Christmas Abigail had been invited to stay with Fred's parents and join in on the Weasley festivities. James complained about her not staying with the Potters until Teddy asked where she'd sleep.

"Sometimes that boy. Harry would love to take you but I've got dibs on the couch." Teddy smiled at Abigail. She had gotten use to watching his hair change. Now it was a festive red with green tips.

Fred linked arms with Abigail. "Come on. We'll be late for the train if you don't hurry." James linked onto her other arm and they skipped off to the train. Their trunks already in a compartment where Teddy and Victoire had joined them. Lucy, Dominique and Molly had forced their way in forcing Victoire onto Teddy's lap.

Abigail seemed to have been adopted into the family because of her friendship. A loud game of exploding snap left Molly with only her right eyebrow. They had begun singing a very butchered version of 12 Days of Christmas and Jingle Bells to help keep themselves entertained for the remaining part of the trip. When the train had arrived at the station everyone seemed quite excited to be seeing their parents and family again.

Abigail was the only one to hang back as everyone made their way quickly off the train. She trailed along feeling quite out of place with all the hugging and kissing. "Abby!" Lily screamed and launched herself at the older girl. "I missed you! Was it fabulous?"

She chuckled and hugged the girl back. "It is. The castle is huge and the Gryffindor common room is so amazing." The two began chatting all about Hogwarts until George called her over. Bidding the Potters good bye and promising Lily she'd see her again soon she hurried over George and Angelina.

Angelina was busy scolding Fred for the past few months so George took the opportunity to introduce Roxanne. "She'll be off in 2 years now. My little Roxy growing up so fast." He ruffled her hair which Roxanne stuck out her tongue and turned to complain to her mother.

Abigail tried to keep herself from giggling. Dragging their trunks behind them Fred and herself set off after his parents and sister.

"We drove, dear." Angelina answered when Fred asked where they were going. "I think flooing or apparating might be a bit much for Abigail here."

The group continued until they got to a beat up old white car. Abigail had no idea what type it was but was amazed by the capacity the trunk seemed to have. For the size, the two trunks as well as the miscellaneous boxes marked "Hazard: Weasley Wizarding Weezes" In the back were a few broomsticks looking well worn along with more boxes; the three kids piled in beside them.

"Sorry 'bout the mess. The Holyhead Harpies needed to get rid of their extra brooms and I volunteered to dispose of them. The boxes are your fathers fault." Angelina gave George a pointed glare before continuing. "Sit away from that one. He isn't sure if it'll explode or not."

Abigail looked startled by this news but Fred assured her she'll be fine. The rest of the car ride was full of loud stories about the beginning of the school year and Roxanne talking about how boring the house was without Fred being yelled at everyday. The box did explode sending bright red and green fireworks around the car and Angelina's banishing spells only seemed to make the situation worse so she opened the window.

"Its the Weasley dinner tomorrow." George announced breaking the uncomfortable silence brought on by the fireworks. "Be sure to wear your jumpers from last year."

"Dad, she made it wrong though!" Fred cried. "I am pretty sure my name starts with an 'F' not a 'G.'"

George for a moment looked saddened but he shook his head. "I know. We can switch and magic it to the appropriate sizes."

Once at the quaint house that Abigail assumed wasn't far from Diagon Alley. The outside looked modest but once through the door's threshold she took a large intake of breath. Beautiful, rich tapestries adored the entrance room with a roaring lion greeting the family. Once into the landing twisting stairs led up to the next floor where Roxanne had flow too as soon as she could push through her parents.

"The guest room next to yours is made up Fred. Show Abigail the way. Supper should only be a moment." Angelina said softly pushing George towards what Abigail assumed was the kitchen. As Fred was leading her up the stairs Roxanne came sprinting down shout some nonsense about Quidditch tickets.

"Excuse her. She supports the Montrose Magpies. Traitorous sister." Fred shouted the last bit which earned him a reprimand from his father. "Come on." He helped Abigail haul her trunk up and into an room that was empty except for a large bed. "Not much I realize. My uncle Charlie usually bunks with us when he comes. Although since you're here dad is making him stay with my grandmother, much to his dismay." Fred rambled on about her disapproval of his marital status while Abigail began pulling odds and ends out of her trunk.

After his explanation on his uncle he led her on a quick tour of the upper landing finally stopping on his room. "Not my fault if something explodes." He stated bluntly causing Abigail to laugh and step through the threshold into his very messy, boyish room. Tall moving Quidditch posters plastered the room , a neat stack of laundry sat on the bed and his closet seemed to be bursting at the seams with all the toys and knick knacks.

Abigail looked around while Fred made a quick move to stow away his cleaned boxers before Abigail got a chance to see. She turned red and wandered out when Angelina called both of their names with Fred slamming the door behind him.

The next day after a light lunch Angelina went out to go rid herself of the brooms while George taught Abigail how to floo, sending Fred and Roxanne first. Looking at the nervous shaking girl he gently took her hand. "We can try it together if you'd like. We just have to be extra careful of elbows. I once had Roxanne's nearly take out my eye once."

Abigail gave him a nervous shaky nod and stepped with him into the fire. "The Burrow" He commanded beginning a swirling uncomfortable wooshing through fireplaces. Throughout the whole ride Abigail kept her arms tightly to her body.

The sight upon reaching the Burrow was magnificent. Red and green streamers adorned very corner. Mistletoe stood in the centre of the room. A blonde woman was seen chasing after a pair of giggling toddler boys. A wrinkled red haired couple were bent hugging Fred and Roxanne tightly. "Oh George!" The woman exclaimed and swooped George into a tight hug.

"And who are you dear?" She asked, peering down at Abigail.

"Um Abigail uh Dursley ma'am." Abigail managed to stutter out.

"She's staying with us, mum for the holidays. Related to those annoying Potter blokes." George joked when Ginny walked by resulting in his head being cuffed.

Molly smiled warmly and turned to greet Teddy as he walked through the door with a gray haired woman on his arm. Abigail stuck close to Fred beaming when James swept her into a hug. "Been days my dear cousin."

"Hours even." Abigail smiled. "So you have quite a big family." This launched both Fred and James into a competition to point out who wasn't actually related first. "Wait! Isn't that Professor Longbottom?" She interrupted.

"Yep and Hannah his wife." James chimed in.

"And Alice his daughter. She's a little shy though. Worse 'round Christmas." Fred finished.

"Basically Christmas is our get everyone we possibly know together in one house the best we can." James sighed and led the three to an unoccupied corner.

Gathered together the three planned their next great prank until one of the blonde twins wandered over escaping from his mother who looked to have given up. "Lorcy wants up." He threw up his arms to Abigail who heaved him up. "Who?" He asked looking into her brown eyes.

"I'm Abby. Pleasure to meet you Lorcy?" At her response the boy dissolved into giggles. Fred had to help her hold him up as he laughed.

"Loony Lorcan. His brother Lysander should be around here somewhere. Those two are never apart." James muttered scanning the room for another blonde toddler. He was throw into the wall when said toddler launched himself into James' legs.

Their mother Luna looking quite serene walked over to the group. "Boys come to mommy now. Lets eat. Nummies." Lorcan wiggled his way out of Abigail's arms and Lysander detached himself from James. Both of them took to toddling after their mother.

The three feeling hungry themselves followed and the room emptied to the outside tables ladened with food. A tent and several heating charms kept the winter cold out and plates were piled high with food and glasses filled with juice or fine mead. The volume of chatter rose as the children now full found themselves energetic and the adults intoxicated grew ever louder.

The twins weaved in and out causing havoc on unsuspecting legs under the table, their laughter infectious. Those in Hogwarts gathered in groups sorted by age chattering about boys or spent outside the tent throwing garden gnomes at each other.

The atmosphere was what Abigail always thought Christmas should be. Troubles forgotten. Not what her past years had been. Her mother had left on her first Christmas and so the holiday always stood as a bitter reminder for her father. Now she found herself wet with snow with stitches in her sides.

"Roxy! Abby! Fred! Time to get off to bed." Angelina called long after it was their bedtimes. When she called out Fred the table seemed to hush for a moment as if remembering. As soon as George left the table the volume seemed to come back to life. Teddy was helping apparate intoxicated adults home and promised Angelina that George would be in bed before they even got home. "Thank you Teddy."

Exhausted with the night' festivities the kids quickly found their ways to their respective rooms. Only after Angelina had disappeared into the master bedroom did Abigail dare to creep into Fred's room. They spent the night laughing quietly and talking. Finally falling asleep curled beside each other.

In the morning Angelina took a picture of the two in each other's arms so serene and peaceful. Smiling took the photo into her bedroom for safe keeping bringing along a hangover potion for her very hung over husband.

The morning was spent giving and receiving more presents than imaginable. Mrs. Weasley even sent over a knit sweater with a large "A" sprouting from a pot to Abigail, who immediately pulled it on and promised to send her a thank you. Fred groaned when he pulled out a "G" jumper and George silently exchanged.

After Christmas the rest of break seemed to pass uneventfully with a few small explosions caused in both the Potter and Weasley households caused by the mischievous three. James had even found a piece of old parchment that they were trying to puzzle out without suspicion by their parents.

On New Year's Dudley came to pick up Abigail. She hugged them both goodbye promising to write and that she would see them soon on the train. The few days spent with her father was a mixture of tales and scolding but they were very happy to be reunited again after long months apart.

When it came time to say goodbye Dudley could only offer her a few words. "Now I swear if I get one more letter you can come be a good student at the local school. Remember I love you, Abbs."

'Do you really expect me to stay out of trouble?" She asked receiving a glowering look in return. "Alright I'll TRY to be good. Love you." They hugged then parted.

Fred and James regrouped with her on the train. "Did you get the talk too?" James asked flopping onto the seat.

"Yep. I am off to the local muggle school if I don't shape up." Abigail muttered. "But I doubt he'll carry though. He knows I'd be downright miserable if I wasn't at Hogwarts."

For the rest of the train ride they put the finishing touches on what they believed to be the best prank ever and how not to get caught.

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