Weeks had passed since the winter break and the school was back into the groove of schoolwork again. The plan was almost ready to be executed all they needed was the perfect class in which to let havoc ensue. Abigail had not been apart of the final planning, busy with her clubs leaving little time for mischief. Her father's letters began to bring praise which she knew as soon as she had the moment would be ruined.

James and Fred spent their time now bent over the old piece of parchment that had been stolen from Harry's desk before the end of holidays. Their attempts were fruitless again and again, each time only getting the same message. "Nice Try- Messers Prongs, Padfoot, Wormtail and Moony." Obsessed with the parchment they tried again and again.

While walking past towards the library, "Why don't you try your manners for once, Fredrick." Molly sneered.

"Shove it, Molly." He responded but James took the idea.

"PLEASE, Moony, Padfoot, Prongs and uh Wormtail?" James muttered in desperation. A new message spelled across the worn parchment; "I solemnly swear I am up to no good."

They both repeated the written words out loud to each other and as the last syllable of 'good' was uttered as if by an invisible quill had with quick swipes drawn, a map of Hogwarts. Both stared at the map in amazement. "Bloody hell." Fred muttered.

Jonathan plopped down beside them as they were exploring the qualities of the map. "Wha's that?"

"N-nothing." James stuttered folding it back up catching two words as he did so, "Mischief Managed" and so he muttered the words. Fred watched as the ink seemed to disappear in amazement. Jonathan seemed not to notice as he had already launched into a long explanation about the chances of England entering the World Cup semi finals.

James and Fred half heartedly joined the conversation itching to get away and discover more of the map. On Fred's mind though wasn't only that but why Molly's name was in close proximity with Evan Flint in what appeared to be a broom cupboard.

Abigail climbed through the portrait to see the three gathered by the fire reading the sports section of the Evening Prophet. Jonathan looked ecstatic. "We made it! We made it to the semi finals!" He looked ready to burst. "Now we just have to defeat Bulgaria and we are in. I reckon the French will make it. Bloody good seeker-"

James and Fred cut him off pulling Abigail away into a corner. James mentioned leaving the common room but it was quickly quashed by the clock chiming 9 times. "We have to show you this anyways."

Fred looked around and continued where James left off, "Its not just a piece of parchment. Its a map. I solemnly swear I am up to no good."

Abigail gasped as the ink sprung onto the face of the parchment. She traced a corridor and stared in wonder as James unfolded it more. "Is that really Teddy?" She whispered pointing to the name.

"We think so. It appears to show everyone and where they are." James muttered. Fred seemed to be watching a far corner of the page not listening to the explanation. "Like look there is Professor McGonagall."

The three hunched over the map pointing out people and laughing at those who they knew, marvelling in the sheer magic of the parchment. "Who are these messrs?" Abigail asked after the question having bugged her for a while.

"Mischief managed." James murmured and the ink disappeared. "No idea. They can't be very dangerous though. What are they going to do with a sheet of parchment?"

She giggled and nodded. "I suppose. You can't ask your dad?"

"My dad would kill me just for having this. I'm not allowed in his study never mind stealing something from it." James said straightening up.

"Stealing things from Harry again, Jamie?" Teddy asked overhearing on his way up to the dormitories. "I remember the last time. Don't reckon you ever recovered."

James glared, "He wasn't THAT bad. Besides I learnt my lesson no more stealing. I'm a model child." His last statement sent half the common room into stitches and caused Teddy to snort and nod condescendingly. "Oi shut it you lot." The giggling subsided and Teddy continued on his way up the stairs.

The next day in potions looking substantially more attentive caught Acker off guard and he stared at them suspiciously until on the other side of the classroom a cauldron exploded. Acker strolled off to examine the damaged his voice raising as he began to reduce the poor girl to tears. James and Fred seized the opportunity to put the plan into action.

Abigail turned round with a newt's eye thinly cut and bound in a leaf. Handing the boys the package she made sure to sneak in the muggle colouring into the cauldron. After reading a few potions textbooks in preparation she knew the colour wouldn't do anything but do exactly as it does in the muggle world. But the red would help disguise the potion as dangerous. Especially after it eats the cauldron's bottom off.

With a huge bang and a large cloud of pink smoke engulfing the whole dungeon classroom causing the Slytherin girls to begin shrieking. Acker was heard shouting above the fuss to calm down and move swiftly out of the classroom. James and Fred were struggling to keep from laughing when Fred let out a scream as the potion grew nearer eating through the end of his untied lace. "James lets go."

Abigail was stuck standing on her chair. Not finding the situation quite as funny as she found herself trying to get across the classroom without touching the floor. "Its like that stupid muggle game 'the floor is lava'." She muttered. "With real lava. It was supposed to be sodding safe after the cauldron." Finally getting to the end of the desks Fred grabbed her arms helping her down into the safety of the corridor.

"You okay?" He asked eyeing the purple Acker. He looked ready to explode and neither of them wanted to be there for that.

Shakily she nodded still clinging on to his arm. "I suppose we should've waited until we knew a little more about 'd James go?" She let go of his arm both of them shrinking into the shadows now trying to avoid the ever approaching Professor Acker.

"He was here a minute ago. Maybe the potion got him." Fred pointed to his lace. "He was a bit behind me. Hospital wing?" Abigail nodded and they started out away from the dungeons.

"Now wait just a second, Dursley and Weasley. I KNOW you had something to do with this." He yelled at them turning them around by the neck of their robes. "Headmistress' office. You can join Potter. I hope you get bloody expelled. Trouble the lot of you."

Fred and Abigail looked at each other in panic neither one wanting to get into the amount of trouble that was sure to come as soon as McGonagall got her hands on them. Getting to the gargoyle in front of her office neither one of them privy to the password. From behind them came McGonagalls stern voice commanding the statues to open. She went before them holding onto the scruff of James' robes.

"You three! You could have KILLED someone. A whole classroom RUINED!" Her tirade went on for nearly 10 minutes while the three shrunk farther and farther down their chairs. "Oh SIT UP. Detention for you. A months worth, every tuesday and thursday helping restore the classroom. And letters to your parents about your progress. Not just about this incident but about how the detentions are going. This is not to be forgotten."

Abigail opened her mouth to apologize but McGonagall snapped and her and dismissed them. She sat down wearily behind her desk, readying her quill for the letters that were sure to bring howler responses in the morning.

"I am SO sorry guys. I must have gotten the amount of eyes wrong." Abigail stated as soon as they had exited the room. "Now detention for a month."

"Next time we do something we are actually good at." James cracked a smile. "But did you see Ackers face. Purple I tell you."

The three dissolved into laughter forgetting about the letters and detentions. For the rest of their double potions block they now had a spare which got them several pats on the backs and a few liquorice wands.

Continuing on the day passed as usual a few stern looks from professors who had heard the news of their trouble and now were looking out for any future pranks in their classes. Other than a few pats on the back and glares the day passed as normal.

The next day was the worst day they had ever had at Hogwarts. Morning started off with a howler each, and Dudley seemed to have gotten Ginny to help him make one so even Abigail had gotten one. Classes were as usual with more snickering at the trio than usual because of the triage of screaming that morning. What capped off the day was the fact that it was a tuesday. Their first detention, two hours under the constant supervision of Acker, who demanded silence and nearly snapped Fred's wand when he pulled it out to begin cleaning.

After the gruelling detention they dragged themselves to Gryffindor tower only just making it to their beds before collapsing asleep forgetting essays and readings for the next day. In the morning James and Abigail made their way to breakfast looking for Fred who had risen earlier and disappeared.

"Do you know where he is?" Abigail asked worrying now that the bell had gone signalling the beginning of Charms.

"Nope. But my map was missing from my trunk." James whispered. "Probably being a git and spying on people."

Fred was doing just that on the sixth floor. Molly's dot showed her in a broom cupboard with Flint again. He threw open the door to find everything he hoped he wouldn't. There in front of him was Molly Weasley pressed to the wall by Evan Flint snogging each other's brains out.

At the new lighting they sprang apart but not before Fred got a good hard look. "What are you doing with him!? Him of all people Molly!" He shouted before running off.

"Fred wait!" Molly sent Flint an apologetic smile before running after her cousin. "Freddy wait please." Her voice quivered causing Fred to stop.

"What!? What can you possibly say to me?" Fred shouted and a few classroom doors slammed. "With a Slytherin?"

"He's actually a person you know!" She spat out at him. "Now shut up about it please. I don't want people to know. Not yet. Please Freddy. I promise when I am ready I'll let people know. But how do you think my father will take it? His father was a death eater but that isn't who he is."

Fred seemed to sigh and debated her request. "Fine but stay off my back." Molly rushed forward to hug him.

So in the next weeks Fred didn't comment when Molly never seemed to be in the common room. Lucy began to worry especially when Molly seemed to fall behind on course work. "She never does this. I mean our father is Percy Weasley." At her distress Fred wanted to cave but his desire was quashed as Lucy ran off to her own common room.

Abigail eyed Fred suspiciously. He had been acting weird whenever someone brought up the Molly issue and had never actually told them what he had done with James' map. Both James and her were hurt that he was keeping something from them even through their gruelling detentions. He seemed to want to tell them but every time he started he stopped himself.

Fed up they went to him. "You are ruddy bad at keeping secrets. Spill." James pronounced plopping down beside him. "Or else I'll put a few frogs into your bed."

"N-n-no. I hate frogs. Fine its Molly. She's dating someone." Fred whispered looking around for Molly. "Evan Flint."

James seemed to recoil and looked around for her too, to talk to her. Abigail only knowing he was in Slytherin didn't get the point. "So? He's in Slytherin, big deal. I've talked to him once in the library. He helped me get a potion book."

"Exactly. A Slytherin." James said. Fred seemed as not as convicted in the Slytherin cause though.

"I wasn't suppose to tell you. Please don't tell her. She'll kill me. They've been going out for a couple months now and he has yet to do something wrong." Fred said coming to her (and his own) defence.

James was not convinced but sighed and began to pester Abigail to see her Charms textbook because he knew she had her essay tucked inside it. Fred seemed to join the teasing just remembering the essay due the next day. Double teamed Abigail sighed and handed her textbook but demanding their History of Magic essays in return. The three bent over pieces of parchment began the homework they should've began a week ago. Elbows nudging each other causing frequent cries of distress and "knock it off"s.

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