All right, I couldn't just end this series right there with the Epilogue. If you really want to know what happened to the Eds, then here it is: a bonus chapter for all of my loyal readers out there.

Basically, here how this chapter works: Since the Eds are done with Dreadzone, they are given the option to go home, but Ed runs ahead before the others get to decide. So, after a couple rounds of Challenge Mode, or Ed pushed the right button on the first try, what happens if they do go home? Well, here we are…

Before you read on, I will also like to say...

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Bonus Chapter – Welcome Home, Ed Boys


A beeping noise begins to fill the room. A loud and very irritating beeping noise begins to play.

In the bedroom, the bed sheets begin to shuffle, with whomever or whatever is underneath is getting an arm out to find the source of the noise. The arm places itself onto the end table and it jumps about finding the source, moving over odd objects before coming across an alarm clock. After feeling the alarm clock, the hand forms into a fist and the arm hammers down on the clock, smashing it into pieces and silencing the beeping noise. All is quiet now, and the arm slides back underneath the sheets to get more rest.

Something about this silence is strange.

A boy emerges from under his sheets and he quickly spins his head to the left and right, looking around in his room before slowing down to get a better look. From what he is seeing, his eyes are adjusting to the low lighting, giving him some sight to an armoire, a dresser with a record on top, a door to a walk-in closet, a disco ball, a chair next to a fireplace, and a door leading to a hallway. He gives his eyes a good rub and he got out of his bed so he can turn on the lights, making sure that what he is seeing is real. With the lights on, the boy remembers everything that is in his room and then he got excited inside of him, with him bouncing all around before heading for the closet.

He quickly changes from his sleeping clothes of an egg beater, red polka dot underwear and a hair net, and into more casual clothes of a yellow shirt with a red stripe going down the right of his torso, a pair of light blue pants with a wallet chain sticking out, and a pair of red shoes on his feet. With his clothes on, he heads for a sliding door and he takes a good look outside, allowing the sun to hit him with its warmth. He then jumps out from the bedroom and skids across the grass on his knees, celebrating as loudly as he could.

"We did it, we really did it!" the boy shouted, echoing off the houses in the neighborhood. "We beat Dreadzone!"


Later on in that morning, the excited boy walks up to a house and begins beating on the door. After several wrapping, he drops whatever he haves in his hands and waits for the door to open. On the other side, a medium-size boy wearing a red shirt, purple shorts, red knee socks, blue shoes, and a black ski hat opens the door up, seeing that part of his house has taken damage from another boy.

"Eddy, why did you use Ed to pound my door?" the medium boy asked.

The excited boy, Eddy, looks behind him and takes a good look at the boy on the ground. The boy is a tall, long boy, wearing a green jacket over a red and white stripe shirt, a pair of blue jeans, and a pair of black shoes. His head is narrow and long and he doesn't have a chin.

"I see stars," the tall boy Ed said.

"We're just excited, that's all," the small boy Eddy replied.

"Excited about what?" the medium boy asked.

"That we cleared Dreadzone, don't you remember?"

The boy in red begins to think things over about what Eddy just said. "Well, I do recall Dreadzone," he said, and then it click. "Oh, now I remember! Yes, we are free at last!"

"We are still alive!" shouted Ed, getting up and hugging his two friends.

"Whoa, easy there big boy," Eddy said, jumping from Ed's grasp. "Now that we're free, we need to find the bolts that they left for us. Double D, I want to check your house for anything that looks like bolts. Ed, check yours to see if there are…"

At that moment, Ed's face grew cold and is in a state of terror. The thought running through his head begins to stir up memories and he heads off for his house. Eddy and the medium boy, Double D, watch as their friend hurries to his home and crashes through the door.

"What's his problem?" the small Ed asked.

"He must have remembered seeing Sarah getting shot before him," Double D said, "and he's probably checking on his baby sister to see if she's still alive."

The medium Ed walks inside of his home and enters his living room to begin his search. As he is walking about, he notices the newspaper on the coffee table and he picks it up to read. After checking through, he notices something off and he rushes out to catch up to Eddy.

"Eddy, wait up!" the smart Ed called out. "There's something I need to show you!"

"If it involves anything but the bolts, then I'm not interested," Eddy replied.

Then from the second story, Ed shoots out from a window and he crashes right beside Eddy and Double D. The two standing Eds look up to see an orange-haired girl leaning out her window, face red with anger.

"Ed, you knucklehead! If you come up here again while I'm sleeping, I'm going to put you a deep sleep you can't get out of," the little girl threatens.

"But Sarah, I was only checking to see if you're still alive," the tall Ed replied, trying to be nice to the vicious child.

"What's the big deal about me being alive?"

"It's because you got shot through your head, that's why," Eddy stated.

"Eddy!" hissed Double D.

Sarah's temper is drop as her face is drain from all of her boiling blood. When Eddy said that sentence, she quickly remembers the scene from where she got shot. The last thing she remembered from that was seeing her older brother, Ed hanging over her, his eyes stained with tears as he watch his baby sister died right in his hands.

"You see, Ed was worried about you ever since that match," Double D said. "We actually made a pledge to avenge your death, so that we can rally ourselves and get the remaining of us out alive."

"You really did that?" Sarah asked, now beginning to tear up. "That's so sweet, especially from you Double D."

"Well, it worked out in the end, didn't it?" the smart Ed said, putting a smile on his face.

That smile did put one on Sarah's, as she sticks her face back into her room and she closes her window. Ed got back on his feet and he takes out a rotten handkerchief from his jacket and blows into it, clearing up his nose and wiping his face before placing the cloth back into his jacket.

"So what do you want, Sock-head?" asked Eddy.

"Oh, right," Double D said, remembering why he came out. He takes out the newspaper and holds it in front of Eddy. "Please read the very top of the newspaper."

"'Bizarre Heat Wave Impacts North of State?'"

"No, I mean the date!" the medium Ed corrected. "Don't you notice something odd about the date?"

"Uh, no?" Eddy replied.

"OK, allow me to say this: don't you recall that incident with Rolf and the ordeal with the aliens?"

"How could I forget?" Ed said.

"Now, from what I know, we have been out in space for almost two years now," Double D said, continuing on with his explanation. "But, from this newspaper, we have been gone for only the night!"

The other Eds threw themselves back from the news. "Say what?" came from Eddy.

"I know, since this seems highly unlikely that those events happened to us all occurred in one night," the smart Ed proclaimed.

"So what you're saying is that we were dreaming this all along?" Eddy asked.

"It was all a dream?" asked Ed.

"But what about that one thing at the end, where we got to choose to go back or go home?" the small Ed asked. "If we choose to go home, we got to keep two items and all the bolts."

"Well, allow me to explain this," Double D said. "First, I can't really comprehend this whole ordeal that we went through. I mean, was all that just a dream and we made it up?

"Second, it's rare for people to have the same dream, especially a large crowd. It's even rarer to have people having the same dream interact with other people within this dream.

"And finally, it's virtually impossible for us to bring something out from a dream. If that were to happen, then that is upsetting the natural balance between the dream and real worlds."

After finishing off his speech, Double D finds his two friends sleeping, with their mouths open and drooling. The medium Ed gives a snap of his fingers, which did brought Ed and Eddy out of their sleeps and startle from the snap, all before focusing in on Double D.

"Somehow I knew that was going to happen," Double D mumbles, before clearing his throat. "So, as you can see, those events in Dreadzone are hard to explain if we don't have any proof."

"But we get to keep two things, right?" Eddy said. "So we have to figure out which items did we get."

"I wish for a chicken," Ed said.

"Thank you for sharing that," Double D said, "but there wasn't a chicken near us."

"The only thing I want are those yo-yo's," said Eddy.

"And as for me, I wanted the Telekinesis Gem," Double D said, "but sadly it appears that we didn't get our wishes."

Something in Eddy's head went off and he got a huge smile across his face. He reaches for his friends' collars and he drags them all of the way to the small Ed's house, before Eddy lets his grip go and he enters his bedroom. The other Eds enter the room and they are blown out from the volume of Eddy's shouts of excitement.

"I did it! I'm filthy, stinking rich!" the greedy Ed bellowed on the top of his lungs.

"Hey, keep it down dork!" shouted a voice from the other side of the fence.

The two Eds look to see a boy in a green sweater, black shorts and a red cap turned backwards on his head is standing in Eddy's backyard, slowly beating his palm with a monkey wrench. Eddy comes walking through the door, grabbing onto the end of a bag, but he got caught in the doorway, so he struggles to get the bag through. Ed comes up and he pulls on Eddy, which then led to ripping the bag through the doorway and out into the open. The bag went over the two fallen Eds and two ducked Double D and boy, as the bag crashes into a fence and its content pours out into the grass.

"Yeah baby, I'm super rich!" Eddy said, running on top of Ed before going for the bag.

"What's going on here?" the new boy asked.

"I'm sorry Kevin, but Eddy just remembered something about last night, and he's getting whatever it is," Double D said.

The boy Kevin looks over to Eddy, who is grabbing something gold from the grass and he greedily stares at the content with two large eyes and a devious smile. "Wait; are those the bolts from my dream?" Kevin asked.

"You had the same dream like us?" asked Ed.

"Yeah, because I swear you dorks were in it and you were fighting some machine," Kevin replied, scratching his machine.

"Hey, what's going on here?" a girl's voice asked.

The boys turn to see a girl standing in front of a lanky, tall boy. The girl is wearing a white tank-top over a black shirt, purple shorts and haves her blonde hair shining in the sun. The tall boy behind her is a lanky boy, with his blue hair on top of his hair and is wearing a yellow shirt with a red stripe going around his waist, a pair of blue, baggy jeans and is wearing a pair of long, red shoes. The Eds and Kevin stare at the girl for a moment before she opens her mouth.

"So, like what is going on here anyway?" she asked.

"Oh, hi Nazz," Kevin said. "I was only here to beat the dorks here to keep them down."

"Rolf will like to join you in your non-minded thrashing," the tall boy said, "as Rolf was rudely awakened from the joyous cries of the small Ed boy."

"Hey Double D, check out what I just found," Eddy said, taking out two objects from the bag.

He tosses a yo-yo over to the smart Ed and he ducks in time before the yo-yo could hit him. The yo-yo reels back to Eddy and he begins to spin two of them around.

"Check it out, I got these bad boys," the small Ed said, keeping the yo-yo's spinning as he moves around.

"Are those the same yo-yo's from Rolf's dream?" the tall boy Rolf asked.

"The exact same ones Stretch," replied Eddy, using one of the yo-yo's to wrap around Rolf's neck.

"So wait, if those are from a dream, then what I had last night was the same thing as Rolf's?" the girl Nazz asked.

"Apparently," Double D said, trying to get Eddy away from Rolf, "but I'm really not certain that if all of our dreams were real, as I can't believe that the yo-yo's Eddy haves are the Dual Cyclos Yo-Yo's from the dream."

"You remembered their names," Kevin said.

"But how? I could have sworn I may have forgotten about that," the medium Ed said, scratching his forehead.

Then he felt something as he moves his fingers along the brim of his hat. The Ed sticks a finger inside of his hat and he takes out a pink gem from underneath, holding it between his index finger and his thumb. He then holds it up to the sunlight and everybody lets out an "oooh."

"Now that's strange," the smart Ed said. "How could this little thing get into my hat?"

"Pretty, pretty, shiny, shiny," Ed said, holding himself over the small gem.

"Now I know that thing," Kevin said. "That's the Telekinesis Gem."

"This is?" Double D holds up the gem up to the sun again and he could feel the gem's powers running through his body. Once the psychic energy begins to enter his brain, memories flash through the smart Ed's mind, getting him to remember all those events that happen during their time in Dreadzone.

"Yes, this is the Telekinesis Gem!" shouted Double D. "I remember everything! I don't know how to explain it, but everything we did was real!"

"So that means…"

"The Ed boys have saved our lives!" Rolf proclaimed, running up to hoist Double D up on his shoulder.

"That means that Ed pushed the right button!" Eddy stated.

"I pushed the button!" Ed shouted.

The children begin to celebrate in Eddy's backyard, with their shouts echoing in the cul-de-sac. Then Eddy rushes over to the bag of bolts and he drags it towards the street, with the others following right behind.

"To the Candy Store!" Eddy ordered.


The children of the cul-de-sac are heading down an empty sidewalk, heading for candy store for everyone's favorite treat: Jawbreakers. The shop is in a small business district in the town of Peach Creek, center in-between other businesses that are closed for the day. Despite that the other stores and businesses are closed; they are closed for the morning. The lights are on and there is a clerk at the register, waiting for the incoming kids to buy the sugary sweets.

Double D and Eddy are being carried on top of Rolf's shoulders, as Ed is dragging the bag of bolts with other kids helping out to prevent the bag from ripping across the ground. There, joining Ed, Double D, Eddy and Rolf are Kevin, Nazz, Sarah, a bald boy carrying a piece of wood with him named Jonny, and another boy wearing a blue sweater named Jimmy. The group stops in front of the door and Rolf lets Double D and Eddy down on the ground so the small Ed could make the purchase.

"Uh Eddy, could I say something before you go in?" Double D said.

"Don't worry Sock-head, I'll get your favorite," the greedy Ed replied.

He sticks his hand inside of the bag and grabs a handful of bolts, and then he heads inside of the candy store. The children press their faces against the glass as they watch Eddy grab several white spheres of sugar from a pile and brought them over to the counter. After handing the bolts to the clerk, the man looks at Eddy with a confused and "are you joking?" face, and then the two broke out into an argument.

The children back away as they watch their hero fight against over some clerk about the bolts. They then watch a fight broke out, with the clerk having a strong advantage over the child, and all before the clerk grabs onto the back of Eddy's collar and dragging him to the door. The door opens up and the clerk tosses Eddy out into the street, all before slamming the door and turning the sign from "Open" to "Closed." Eddy peels his face from the street and he notices that the other kids are heading home, leaving only Double D and Ed to be with the failed Ed.

"Hey, come back!" shouted Eddy. "I could get us some Jawbreakers!"

Despite his attempts, the children fail to turn back, leaving the Eds alone in the middle of the business district.

"I try to warn you," the smart Ed said.

"About what?"

"Remember your pen pal from Korea?"

"Oh yeah, how could I forget that sap?"

"Well, he did gave you a foreign currency," Double D said. "These bolts are basically a form of foreign currency, and without proper exchanging, it's worthless in its current state."

Eddy is silent for a few moments. "So we just have to get money off this," he said.

"But how? You really think that adults are going to believe that this is a form of currency?" questioned Double D. "Think of it, Eddy. They aren't going to get this pile of bolts and turn it into US dollars! It's hard to comprehend, but it's true!"

"You can be scary when you don't try," said Ed.

"Thank you."

"So, all that time we collected these bolts is a waste?" Eddy asked.

"Well, I'm certain that we could find someone who is willing enough to cash this in," Double D said. "We could always take these to a junk shop."

"Or we could send these in to one of those mail-in gold buyers!" Eddy proclaimed. "Double D, you're brilliant!"

"Yes, but I'm not certain if that will work, either."

"What now?"

"Well, we're sending screws and nuts that are painted gold and strangely float to people that take jewelry and watches," the smart Ed said. "I think that they're going to think that we're pulling some prank on them so we can get money."

"But this is real!" shouted Eddy.

"I'm sorry Eddy, but we can't get rich off something that people aren't going to believe," Double D confessed.

"I'll take them," Ed politely offered.

"Let's go home," the small Ed said sulking.

The three of them start to head back for their homes, with Ed now dragging the bag along. Eddy takes the lead of the group, with his hands in his pockets and head down so no one could see the disappointed look on his face. After walking for a few feet, Double D heard something coming from an alleyway and he stops to look down the alley.

"Uh, you can go ahead," the medium Ed said. "I'm going to check something down here."

After getting what Double D is saying, the other Eds continue to head on home. Then, the smart Ed made his way to the alleyway and he notices a girl leaning up against the wood fence. He remembers the girl's figure and look, and he felt no movement throughout his body. What he is seeing is a girl with blue hair with a bang covering her left eye, wearing a black tank-top, a pair of green pants and black shoes.

Double D begins to shake, chattering his teeth, and he slowly lifts a wobbly finger up to the girl. "M-M-Marie?"

The girl blows a bubble and it pops and she gather the remaining gum to chew it again, all before she turns to face the nervous Double D. "Hey," is all she said.

The smart Ed's eye begins to twitch. "Y-You're s-still a-a-alive?" he asked, now dripping sweat.

"Of course I'm alive, why wouldn't I be?" Marie replied.

Now Double D loses some of his violent vibrations, but he is still shaking. "But I saw you got your head blown off," he confessed.

The blue haired girl begins to think about it. "Oh, I remember," she said. "It wasn't a pleasant thing. So, how have you been?"

Again, the medium Ed freezes. Why in the world is Marie, a Kanker, talking to him? Did that dream really changed her personality, or is this some kind of trick to get her to kiss him?

"Look, I know about what we had last night," Marie said. "I did remember that promise you made me, and it really stuck to me."

Now Double D begins to loosen up. At least Marie is being nice about this. "Well, I'm glad that you remember," he said. "I was thinking that you may have forgotten because of what happened…"

Then Marie walks up and grabs onto Double D's shirt and pins him to the fence, with a devious smile on her face. "No, my head blowing up won't make me forget," the blue haired girl said. She tightens her grip on the boy's shirt, which is making him sweat even more. "I will like to see you keep your end of your promise, even if I have to force you too."

"Now, you don't have to be rational about…"

Marie cuts his sentence off by kissing him right on the lips. And this isn't one of those Kankers kisses that are covering every inch of his faces. This kiss was very different from those kisses, for this one haves a true emotion to it. And he actually likes this. For what felt like an hour, Marie removes her lips from Double D's and he slides down to the ground in sweet love.

"There, did that made you remember?" the Kanker asked.

"Yes," the Ed replied, soundly almost heavenly.

"Good. Now don't go telling anyone that this occurred, especially to my sisters or your friends," she said.

"You bet'cha," Double D replied, still fantasying about the kiss.

"Well, see ya."

The Kanker walks down the alley and she disappears into the shadows. Then Double D shakes from his love scene and he begins to recollect his thoughts about what just happen. After getting one more thought, he heads out of the alley and he sprints to catch up with the other Eds.


"This totally sucks."

"Cheer up Eddy. Just look on the bright side of this whole situation. We made it through one of the toughest experiences we ever faced, and we're still alive."

"I forgot to wear my underwear," Ed said.

The three of them are sitting on the sidewalk, looking out into space as Eddy is still sulking about earlier, Double D doing his best to cheer up the greedy Ed, and Ed busy with his own thoughts. Then the sound of engines perks them up from their spot and they notice trucks leaving from a house.

"I didn't know we were getting new neighbors," the smart Ed said.

The three of them walk up to the house and they notice a family of a father, his wife and a son standing in the yard, getting their stuff organize so they can move it into their appropriate rooms. The father is a large man, wearing a light blue polo shirt, tuck inside of khaki business pants and walking in a pair of shiny brown dress shoes, while his combed black hair shines in the sun. The mother is an average size woman, with her wearing a pink blouse and a floral pattern skirt, and her red hair is tied up in a large ponytail. But what really caught the Eds' attention is the son.

He is a teenager, roughly a few years older than the Eds are, and he is strangely familiar to them. He haves spiky brown hair, wearing a black coat over a white T-shirt, a pair of blue pants and normal sneakers. Really, the face got the Eds' attention, as his face looks familiar to them, as he looks like…

"Hey, it looks like some of the kids want to visit," the father said. "Why don't you say hello?"

The teen gently sets down a box and he walks over to the confused Ed boys. As he gets closer to them, the more their blank stare and confused looks continues to grow, until the teen stops a few feet away.

"Hey, how's it going?" he said, putting up a hand.

The Eds are silent.

"Uh, OK. Anyway, my name's Marcus, but everyone calls me Mark."

Then the medium Ed finally steps in. "My name is Eddward, with two D's, but everyone calls me Double D," he said.

"Hello, my name is Ed," the tall Ed said, holding out a smelly hand.

"And mine's Eddy," the small Ed said.

"Heh, Ed, Edd and Eddy," Mark said. "Now that's really something."

"So you just moved in?" Eddy said, looking over at the stacked boxes.

"Yeah, and we're moving our stuff into our rooms now," replied Mark. "Hey after I'm done, want to hang for a bit in my room?"

"Would I?" Ed abruptly asked.

"Of course, it's a way for me to get to know the others in the neighborhood," the teen said, turning his back on the Eds. "Anyway, I got to get back to moving my stuff. I'll see you when I'm done."

Mark heads over to his stack and he grabs two boxes before he heads inside of the house. The Eds continue to watch the family move in, as they begin to think about the new kid on the block.

"You know, he certainly is hauntingly familiar," Double D said.

"Yeah, because he looks like that Mask Hero kid," Eddy said.

"Maybe they're twins," Ed said.

"Possibly, but maybe they are the same person," said Double D.

"Which means that his parents are…?"

The trio came to a stop and they all agree, by letting out a "nah" and a shake of their heads. They head off of the sidewalk and made their way towards the alley when Eddy got something big in his head.

"Wait, I got an idea for a scam!"

"And on our first day back?" Double D said. "This has better be a good one."

"Oh, it is," Eddy said with a determined face, motioning his friends forward to form a huddle.


And so, the Eds begin their latest scheme to trick the cul-de-sac children out of their quarters so that the Eds can buy Jawbreakers. They have gather supplies from the Junkyard and, with only Double D constructing and Ed doing the heavy lifting, they finish it in no time. Then after acquiring only Jonny, Rolf, Kevin and Nazz for this scam, the Eds went out of their way to test this scam out, winning the kids over to make them begin to dig around their pockets for loose change.

That got the Eds close, and Eddy wants to get things better, so he seeks out a red button. He knows that this is their only chance to get rich.

"Eddy, don't push that button!"

They didn't.

Allow me to say… I'm the one that started the Big Picture Show's event. Wow, who knew that after that dream caused the Eds to be run out of town after their biggest scam go awry? Who knew?

Look, I know that you have your theories about how the Big Picture Show went down in the beginning, but here's mine: they made some sort of device, and it haves the random objects that eventually destroy the others, except the Eds, and got the boys evicted from the cul-de-sac. So, do I know what that device could be, no I don't. I'm not trying to say what the Eds built; I'm saying how the events that I wrote will have a connection with the next, which is the Big Picture Show.

Oh, and I'm not sure that if you know this, but Rolf's a zombie during the movie. And if you ask why… dude, THERE IS A BIG CHUNK OF HIS STOMACH BITTEN OFF! How could he be still alive after that?

Anyway, back on track here… OK, so now the Eds are back home, what does this mean? Well, the Eds are doing the Big Picture Show, but is this chapter setting up for a sequel to Deadlocked? Yes, since I do have something in mind for the Eds, and it is currently in the works. What will it be about? Well, I did hint something within Deadlocked, and it's pretty well-hidden, and if you know me in person, then I have already said it.

So, other things, yes I did brought Sarah and the Kankers back… well, Marie, but you know that the other Kankers are alive. I did say that everyone is going to return home unharmed, and everyone did, so this is really a second chance for them… or Dreadzone was all a dream and those events never really did happen. Yeah, you got to love cartoon physics, preferably when it's impossible to do in the real world but is feasible in the cartoon world. Also, if you guess something different for the weapons that the Eds will get to keep when they return, let me say this: the Cricket should not be with the Eds when they are on Earth, or otherwise they will get into trouble with the government for holding a weapon of mass destruction and they each receive ten life sentences.

Continuing on, I did add that one bit of romance there between Marie and Double D. Does that mean that I am a fan of this couple and that I'm going to write more things about them? No, and probably. Look, I'm not huge on the whole "couples" thing, since when I like a cartoon girl, I usually pair her with me and no one else. For the probably, you will see some moments with Marie and Double D alone, but not in the way you think. Sick-o's.

Oh, and did anyone catch any familiar faces? Huh? Huh? Yes, no? If you do, then that's great. If you don't, then that's fine, I'll get your memory fix when I introduce them again later. Well, again, expect more of them when I get to work on my next project.

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