Chapter 2

I've always loved going out during a party or doing something I KNOW my father won't agree with or be utterly embarrassed by. The adrenaline is rushing through my veins as the cold evening air hits me. If the wind is like a thousand freezing needles pricking your skin than the water is going to be worse than icey fire. I guess I've always liked the idea of doing something that daddy dearest can't control. It's my little rebellious things that make him care. I like the idea of him being far away on business in a meeting with parliament where instead of listening he might be thinking, "I wonder what Lily's gotten herself into now?"

It's awful, I know. Another part of me, just loves doing this. Rushing out with my best friend and doing something that a normal child wouldn't necessarily be scolded for. When we finally reach our lake that is far out from the palace and hidden by twenty trees Jen pulls off her blue dress to reveal her white undergarments. She pulls down her hair and shivers, "come on Lils! You're taking ages!"

I stick my tongue out at her and laugh, "It's not my fault I'm wearing this ridiculous corset. Who ever invented it should have his head chopped off. I can hardly breathe."

In the back of my head I think I hear a soft chuckle from the trees but I ignore it as the wind.

Jen laughed and waited patiently for me to strip down from my amazing dress to stand in slightly more lacy undergarments than her. Mine are dark emerald green; mother has always loved green on me. She says they match my eyes.

"When did we do this last?" Jen asked me stretching her legs.

I thought long and hard before saying, "Lucius Malfoy's Birthday."

"OH!" Jen fell onto her butt she laughed so hard, "you fell into his cake while you were sopping."

"IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!" I shouted in response and shoved her.

She screamed shrilly, "LILLIAN!" and tried to balance herself and I laughed, did she honestly think I was going to help her?

She grabbed my arm just as she lost her balance and we both slapped into the freezing water. It was a thousand times colder than I had anticipated. I exploded from the water spluttering and freezing with my hair dripping in curls down my back until it got to the water and displayed itself around my body.

Jen was laughing. I splashed her and screamed that she was a rotten git.

"well yourhigness," she mocked, "we can't all be perfect like you."

I splashed her again laughing and floated onto my back, "I suppose you're right hey Jen, you can't all be as perfect as me."

Jen rolled her eyes and floated on her back like me.

"Well, well, well," a voice said from dry land, "this is what the Princess does at her own parties."

I jerked up to find the source of the voice. My breath hitched in my throat at the sight of two boys; ok, men…. both devilishly handsome. The one who had spoken had messy GORGEOUS black hair with amazing hazel eyes and he was giving me the sexiest lop sided grin I had ever seen in my life.

Jen was stunned for a second not able to speak as she starred at them both. We usually only got caught when we were finished swimming. I decided to play it cool and smiled my dazzling smile. The hazel-eyed guy seemed to grin wider at that. I drifted back onto my back and said, "Ok you caught us."

Jen laughed, "Who may I ask are you?"
Hazel eyes friend bowed dramatically, "Sirius."

"James," Hazel eyes said smiling.

"Well," Jen looked at them with a small smile, "are you going to stand there like idiots or are you going to come and freeze your arses off with us in the water."

They both looked at each other and I expected them to turn and leave but instead I received the total opposite. They grinned pulled off their shirts and plunged straight into the water with their long pants on. A wave from their entrance washed over me and I came back up to see them laughing. I watched the sight a little confused…

I had never seen them before…

"Who are you?" I asked with an arched brow giving them a classic 'Lily' stare.

"We've already answered this question," Sirius said smiling, "I'm Sirius and he's James."

"You are?" James enquired and he hid a smirk.

"Jen," Jen said before I could snap back with a feisty remark, "and that's Lily…"

James smiled at me and I was glad for the cover of the moon and dark sky because I blushed a deep deep crimson. The whole thing sort of shocked me because… I didn't easily blush for men.

The next two hours went by faster than I ever could've guessed. After exhausting ourselves by attacking one another Jen and Sirius fell asleep under a tree using my expensive dress as a blanket. James and I lay under the canopy of stars and I talked to him about pointless and stupid things—some things were stuff that I had only ever told Jen. He laughed when I told him about Severus Snape and I learnt all about him… or well certain things. He gave me limited answers to everything like where he lived and who his parents were but he shared his opinions and many stories with me. It was a strange hour, one where it seemed that I didn't have to worry about 'princess' me, I was just with him and he didn't care and we were lying under the stars while everyone was probably looking for me. Exhaustion finally slipped over me and I mumbled, "goodnight James." Before falling asleep. I woke up the next morning in my huge king sized bed in my familiar room. I had vivid play back images of last night and I wished for some strange reason to re play that time. I didn't see him, I looked out for him at the other parties but I never saw him and Sirius again. He was my amazing thought of a true soul mate. That night had been the most magical night of my life… as simple as it was a night, James made it as if fireworks were going off. I felt that he had understood me but then.. poof… gone… vanished… It was strange to have shared so much with him and to have had so much fun and for them to have just disappeared. Often I think I dreamt the whole thing and he was some sort of figment of my imagination… a perfect figment but still, a figment nonetheless.

Jen would sometimes say, "Oi, do you remember those two boys?"

And I'd reply with an, "ummm…. Which boys?"

And she'd say, "You know! Those guys at the Banquet last year…"

And I'd make a big display of thinking and then say, "OH YEAH! I remember 'em…" It would be a funny sort of conversation like that and that's all we ever said about them.

My dad became good friends with the King of England over the course of the next two years and he came to visit a lot because of that. It was only him though, not his family. I slowly began to become his friend and he brought me gifts and asked me questions. I turned nineteen and was told that I had apparently become even more 'beautiful'. My wonderful ladies maid Alice married Lord Frank Longbottom. My father agreed on the ceremony completely and gave his blessing to the couple. Then I got an old lady named Anne to watch over me and she never let me out of her sight. She was dreadful and sickly sweet in that sort of way that you wish she would just do one thing wrong! I mean no one can be that perfect!

Petunia married Vernon Dursley and I ruined her wedding dress on the day so she hasn't spoken to me since. It wasn't really my fault but I think I should have been on better behavior… even if she is my horse faced sister she is STILL my sister. Over the next two years Jen had her heart broken 3 times by sailors and soldiers. Now she's sworn herself off men and I know that's hard for her because she's the type to sit and talk about a man all night and then still want to talk about him more the next day just because he's so 'special'.

Tonight was another one of those wonderful balls and you know how much I just love those. Jen couldn't come because she was sick with Scarlet Fever. I was in the darkest Emerald Dress I had ever seen and it was very slimming on my figure and sucked the air from my lunges with those wonderful corsets…. Incase you didn't notice my words were dripping with sarcasm there. A necklace with a huge emerald was hanging on my neck and sitting above my cleavage. It cost more than the palace. The King of England or Mr. P as I called him since my 18th was coming tonight and I was more excited about that then anything else. My hair was finished and I looked fine Anne said… She's round and has a round plump face with rosy cheeks and curly brown hair.

I swung open my large doors, ignoring the men who were meant to do that for me and ran down the stairs very unceremoniously. King Potter turned away from my father immediately and laughed as I flung my arms around his neck hugging him. My father looked disgruntled next to him… I never greeted him like like that.

"It's so good to see you again," I said smiling.

He chuckled and hugged me before I pulled away, "You're even prettier than the last time I saw you Lily."

I flushed and rolled my eyes, "whatever you say."

"You remember my wife don't you?" he asked.

I turned to the kind looking woman and I saw that she had hazel colored eyes and they reminded me of something…. I couldn't place a finger on it though. I curtsied still smiling genuinely, "yes of course."

"and my son…" he was cut off by a voice that made my toes curl in disgust.

"Good afternoon your highnesses," Severus Snape said and bowed. He looked at me and for the first time I saw something I had never seen before cross through his eyes. It was usually hope but today it was lust and I saw the darkening of his eyes very clearly. My father obviously did not because he smiled and said, "Well, hello severus. What can I do for you?"

"I came here to ask Lady Lillian for a dance," he said extending his hands. I jerked back and my father scowled.

"Very sorry Snape," I said curtly, "I've been booked to dance with someone else the whole night, so sorry."

He frowned, "who's that."
Shit! I cursed.

"My son," Mr. P. said beaming happily. He was obviously pleased about something.

"Your son?" I said shocked, "you never said you had a son."

"SO does that mean you're not dancing with Prince Potter?" Severus asked hopefully. I glared at him and quickly said, "nope, sorry. I'm booked with the prince Snape."

He pulled back his hands, "very well, enjoy your evening." And he graciously walked away to terrorize the next woman he came across.

I sighed, "thanks," I smiled at Mr. P.

"Does this mean I dance with the princess the whole night?" an amused voice said next to Queen Potter. I laughed and turned, "sorry about that. I…" my smile dropped, followed quickly by my mouth.

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"I'd rather dance with Snape," I hissed.

His smile fell away at that and we both stood looking at each other. One glaring, the other one blinking.