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Chapter 39: The Mind Of A Ninja And The Fate Of A Traitor

Once outside everyone who had been concerned for Akane's injury tried to treat her wound. This for the most part consisted of Naruto, Hinata, Hanabi, Shiba, Noburo, Sakura, Kiba, Shino, Ino, Shikamaru, Chouji, Tenten, Neji, Lee, Kurenai with her son, Gai, and the Ichiraku's. Sakura got there first though. "I'll just use a healing jutsu to patch it up. Better than any band-aid." Akane looked hesitant, but she couldn't get away so she moved her short sleeve enough to show the wound. However, there was no wound anymore, just dried blood and some tender red skin. "But how did that happen?"

"I'm a quick healer, like Otou-san." Akane answered.

"If he's going to be executed then I'm going to volunteer for the job." Hinata angrily claimed, clenching her fist. This new Hinata frightened everyone, except for Naruto, Akane, Hanabi, and Neji. The Hyuugas and Naruto were thrilled to see such will power and dedication in her, while Akane could never be afraid of the alpha-female of her pack.

"Why would he try to hurt you Akane-chan?" Shiba asked. By now Kakashi had joined the group to see how bad things were.

Akane shrugged. "Beats me. I don't understand anyone with an evil eye." She then gave Kakashi a rather innocent face. "Including you, smut lover." Several people there tried to suppress giggling at Kakashi's nickname and were failing miserably.

Akane of course did understand why Sasuke had done what he did. He had seen her fox traits back at Wave and suspected something was up with her. Even if he hadn't concluded she was the new kyuubi, he had to suspect some kind of connection. And with her being so close to Naruto, the former jinchuuriki of said bijuu, that would only make the connection stronger. So even if he didn't know all the facts, the Uchiha was at least partially right when he said she wasn't normal. And apparently he believed that if he attacked her she'd do something that would prove him right. Or maybe turn into her turn form involuntarily in front of everyone.

But there were two things Sasuke didn't count on in that instance. One, that kitsunes are the best shape-shifters among the demon races and involuntarily changes only happen for the weak-willed ones. Akane was anything but weak-willed. And two, Akane could have dodged such an attack easily. She was able to do the substitution jutsu and was fast enough to rip off a fox's tail before they even noticed she'd moved behind them. So was it really likely that she couldn't dodge a kunai being thrown at her by a one-armed man in chains? No, and the only reason it happened was because Akane let it happen. She heard from Naruto that several people would possibly try to make it so Sasuke wasn't punished so harshly, and she figured if he succeeded in hurting her right then, then no one could support him anymore. Besides, it was just a flesh wound and those heal well for her. It was also a good thing that almost everyone was behind her so they couldn't see red chakra healing the wound, and those that could were blocked by Hinata. All in all, it was a risky act that Akane had not been planning on, but took full advantage of.

"If I know the legal system correctly, the Uchiha's in way too deep. Execution is the only reasonable outcome." Kurenai stated, minding her fussing son.

"But you just know someone on the council is going to plead for sperm donations to keep the sharingan from going extinct. And where there's one there's bound to be another." Shikamaru added, tempted to light a cigarette but holding back for the sake of the kids and baby present.

"But even if they do agree to that, there are limits to what they can insist." Gai pointed out. "Konoha's charter states that no kekkei genkai or combat style can be forced onto a set clan. So in many of your families cases, where you've already got a set manner of training and fighting made specifically for you, they cannot force you to add a new element in that could potentially render all your traditional methods compromisable or obsolete."

"Meaning that only civilians or ninjas that don't come from established clans can be initially eligible for receiving the sharingan, unless a clan does want to attempt using it first." Kakashi summarized.

"I wish they would just drop the issue already." Shikamaru complained. "I mean, if any new Uchiha are born, even if they're not raised by him, the council is gonna push them into being ninjas like Sasuke had been and maybe pamper them so they won't try to leave too. They did that approach with Sasuke already and look where it got him. Doing it again won't guarantee any new results. In fact, that's the definition of insanity when you think about it."

"All that for a pair of evil eyes?" Akane asked.

"What exactly do you have against the sharingan?" Kakashi curiously asked.

Akane hung her head, choosing her next words carefully. "I only recently remembered it, but years ago, someone with those eyes tried to control me and make me hurt a lot of people. I can't remember much, but that I do know."

Almost everyone paled at this. "Someone actually tried to hypnotise you into being a weapon?" Tenten asked.

Akane sadly nodded. "I don't remember what I did or how, but deep down I know it was bad. If I can become strong enough to become hokage someday and protect this village, then maybe I can make up for it."

Everyone felt stricken for the little girl in front of them, and no one felt it was a good idea to push the issue of her past. Those that knew her true identity understood her real meaning, and somehow knew that if anyone could do more for Konoha than Naruto, it would be her. Naruto patted her uninjured shoulder to gain her attention. "C'mon, since we've got time, let's go have dinner."

Akane nodded. "What are we having?"

Teuchi grinned. "If you guys come by our shop I think we can spare her a free bowl since she got hurt badly."

Akane licked her lips, but then looked up to Hinata, remembering what the Hyuuga heiress told her the other day about being grounded from ramen. Said heiress softly smiled at her. "It's okay Akane-chan, just for today anyways."

Everyone went off to relax for the remainder of the break while Naruto, Hinata, Akane, and the Ichiraku's went to the ramen shop. 'Hmm... getting hurt will earn me a free bowl and even Okaa-san won't say no. I gotta remember that.' Akane deviously noted.

The break ended and everyone returned to the courtroom. Akane had her left shoulder wrapped in medic tape mostly for show or to avoid questioning, and Naruto and Hinata were armed in case the Uchiha tried anything again. Before they sat down, they noticed Sasuke had already been brought inside and chained in place, with two more Anbu standing guard. He probably should have been sedated, but sadly for everyone else he needed to be conscious to hear the verdict. After everyone in the audience sat down, the council members and hokage entered and took their respective seats.

After quickly glancing to see how Akane was faring, Tsunade called everyone to order. "After reviewing the charges, testimony, and witnessed actions of the accused, we find Sasuke Uchiha guilty on all charges." She paused for a moment to see if anyone would react, but none did. Sasuke frowned but nothing more. "His clan estate will become city property and all assets will become public domain."

"You can't do that! Those belong to the Uchiha clan!" Sasuke shouted.

"There is no more Uchiha clan." Tsunade told him. "You are but one person, and one person does not make a clan. And irregardless of your claims to be the sole inheritor, you forfeited any inheritance within Konoha once you left it and conspired against it. Despite whatever your ego may say, this village does not need the Uchiha's to exist. We've been without you for years and we'll continue to flourish without you even longer. Your eyes are not as special as you believe them to be. They're just a cheap short cut you take for granted."

For years Tsunade had theorized that since doujutsu's had a direct link to the brain for perceptive purposes they had a certain effect on the mentality of the wielder. The byakugan, with it's near 360 degree vision scope and x-ray abilities meant that the user was more analytical and cautious, and generally had a good eye for detail. She couldn't confirm anything about the rinnegan since she had very little experience dealing with it and had only heard speculation. The sharingan, being the most complex of the known doujutsus, meant that the user was more likely to be power-hungry and callous. The jutsu-copying meant the user felt power could simply be given to a person, or taken if need be. The hypnotism made the user believe it was okay for them to control others for their own ends. The violent upgrades meant only the most unscrupulous Uchiha's could advance their skills, and with being pressured to be better morals became thinner to them over time. And the unique jutsus Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu, and Susanoo gave the wielder a sense of overconfident superiority over others.

And so far Sasuke had not proven Tsunade wrong. She brought up her theory when the council collaborated on the sentence, and she had enough experience with the Uchiha clan to have more references than Sasuke and even Itachi. A few members thought she was being too harsh but Inoichi seconded her theory saying he felt the same way. In fact the Yamanaka clan understood the human mind better than anyone in Konoha and had concluded long ago that jutsus and kekkei genkais shaped and reflected the mentality of the user. Aburame's had a hive mentality, Inuzuka's had feral instincts, Yamanaka's had good memories, and Uchiha's had selfish compulsions. There were exceptions of course in all cases but for the most part this was how they were.

"Anyway, as I was saying, the Uchiha estate will become available for public use and purchase soon. And all funds left in the Uchiha name will go to the town treasury. However, due to your recent actions, 25% of both land and money will be granted to the Uzumaki's in restitution, to be used as they see fit." Tsunade continued.

"Over my dead body." Sasuke stated.

Tsunade's eyes gained a twinkle. "My thoughts exactly, traitor. For you see, all that will happen after your personal punishment, which has been ruled to be execution. Exactly how that will happen we're still debating over, but it will happen."

"You can't. My doujutsu is too valuable to lose and if you kill me there won't be any other Uchiha's using their sharingan for this pathetic village." Sasuke countered, thinking he had just made their decision moot.

Tsunade shrugged as if it were nothing. "Other bloodlines have gone extinct before and the world's gone on without them. And we don't need you alive to keep the sharingan around; we can always collect genetic samples if we had to."

Sasuke frowned. "If you did that and killed me then who'd teach the kids how to use the sharingan? Kakashi? I doubt it."

"Like we'd let you? You've admitted you don't care for this village at all so if you had any child you'd teach them to follow your agenda rather than the villages. And if Kakashi is still able to teach by the time they got an active sharingan then I'm sure he'd be willing to." Tsunade looked at Kakashi briefly, who nodded inconspicuously. "And that's only if we do such a thing?"

"If?" Sasuke asked.

"Well, even though the sharingan raises many questions regarding the morality of it's bearer, we've agreed on a trial test to see if 'Nature vs. Nurture' applies here." Tsunade answered. "We will allow two women, maybe three, to bear children from your seed and see if it's the doujutsu that causes the Uchiha's to be immoral or if it's the home environment. But this will only happen if we have volunteers for this; if not, then the sharingan truly dies with you. And you have no say regarding this."

"You cannot do this. The Clan Restoration Act is supposed to apply to me so I cannot be executed." Sasuke stated, recalling a few things the council told him long before he left Konoha.

"Check the charter. Traitors cannot invoke the CRA and even if it is invoked they aren't allowed any contact with their offspring due to prison or death. You're a traitor plain and simple and traitors have no rights in a ninja village, no matter what their ancestry." Tsunade told him, then decided to finish this. "If anyone wishes to volunteer for the sharingan preservation process fill out a written request and mail it to the hokage's office. All requests must be completely voluntary and unpressured and the women in question will be asked to confirm that and their reasons. The Uchiha section of town will be up for sale to everyone first thing tomorrow but the Uzumaki family will meet with me first to choice their given property and receive financial compensation for repeated attacks on them. Sasuke Uchiha's execution will be scheduled for two days from today, and until then he will be held in a highly guarded cell without visitation rights. Court is adjourned."

It seemed Sasuke was out of rants and just stayed silent, which everyone was grateful for. People started to leave the room and Anbu began to escort Sasuke back to his cell. Before they left, Akane walked up to him before her parents could stop her and threw a water balloon in his face. She walked away laughing before he could do anything to her.

"Akane-chan, where'd you get that water balloon from?" Naruto asked, having never seen her go near a faucet yet.

"I didn't."

"What do you mean?" Hinata asked.

Akane grinned like a fox. "That wasn't water."

Sasuke frowned as he tasted the liquid on his face. 'Ugh, ramen broth. What an insult.'