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Naruto woke up to see his beloved hinata sleeping in his bed. Naruto raised in eyebrow until he remembered what happened last night. He grinned like a Cheshire cat as he recalled all the moans and screams from last night. He was just glad to have put up the silencing seals so no one heard them. Quitly he got out of bed put his cloths on which consisted of a pair of ambu style paints black fingerless gloves, a gray ti-shirt and black combat boots he then put on his cape that read hakumei's blazing storm. And with that he left the hotel.

As he was walking down the stairs and exiting the building he encountered that last person he wanted to see right now…. Council member Danzo.

"What do you want danzo?" naruto asked with a growl as danzo just staired at him before saying. You don't belong in hakumei you belong in konoha were you was born at. Your birth place not that damn twilight village." danzo said with anger in his voice. Naruto retorted angerly.

"Listen you scum I already told you and those other bastards on the council I am not coming back to konoha. Hakumei is my home now." Naruto said with conviction in his voice as danzo KI raised alittle

"You must and will come back to konoha you do not belong with those bastards in twilight!" danzo exclaimed before he felt an enormous KI coming from naruto. Said blond was now looking at danzo with his kaminarigan activated.

"Now you listen hear you little worm those bastards as you say in twilight have shown so much more care in hakumei then here in this dump so I advice you to watch your mouth from now on before I rip your tongue out and pay a gay guy to shove it up ur narrow ass!" naruto said as he walked past danzo not wanting to go over the edge and kill this waste of scum.

Naruto was walking away from that area to avoid having to confront danzo again." Im not worried about the girls I know they can take well care of themselves." N aruto said as he had faith in them incase danzo tried anything funny. He was about to head over to ichiraku's but a pair of ambu stopped.

"Namikaze-sama lord hokage wishes for your presents in his office." One of the ambu stated as naruto raised a eyebrow.

'What does minato want now?' naruto thought as he pushed past the ambu's and with his hirashin jutsu he teleported to infront f the hokage office.

"What do you want now minato?" naruto asked until he noticed that not only minato was in the room but also was kushina, naruko, tsunade, and the village elders were in the office.

"what is this about?" naruto asked as minato got up and walked until he was in front of the desk. He then began his speech.

"Naruto please just come home. We all want you home in konoha were you belong." Minato said as he moved forward toward naruto to atleast try and get a hug from the man that was now his son before naruto just shook his head before speaking.

"Minato you know I cant return to konoha. this village holds way to many bad memories for me, all the beating, all the assisination attempts on my life. It just too much to bare minato." Naruto said as minato held his head down in shame at his village. in truth he wasn't like the rest of those bastards on the council. He actually wanted a relationship with his son.

"I don't understand why you do not wish to return naruto. You are heir to the most powerful clans in the hidden leaf village possible the most powerful clans in all of the elemental you return to konoha you will get the respect you always craved as a child. You yourself are probably stronger then minato-san right now with all the training you have received from those summoning and all the sage arts you know just from them." Koharu said as she eyed naruto with a calculative eye. Naruto only stared back with his blue eyes staring at her with hatred. Hatred at the fact that because of her and these other old bastards on the council he had a terrible life. He was about to resort until

"BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM. They were interrupted by a loud explaosion. Naruto looked out of the hokage tower and to his freight he saw the last thing he wanted 2 see at this point…. The dark sphere.

"What a minute if the dark sphere is hear then that could only mean that…. Oh no." naruto thought as he rushed out of the hokage tower through the window and raced towards the orb.

Konoha plaza

Everyone was wondering what this strange orb was. It looked dark and… evil.naruto arrived at the seen with xemnas in tow as the rest of the rookie 12 arrived as well as there sensie's.

"Damn it he's hear!" naruto yelled as he looked at the orb in terror is it started to move. Naruto what are you talking about and whats so terrifying about this thing? Sakura asked like a retard.

"Well pinky you should know that this sphere means bad news since eversince this sphere appered the damn sky turned gray and clouds started to form!" naruto said as sakura indeed looked at the sky and so that the sky was gray with clouds forming.

"Naruto what is this thing?" minato asked as naruto sighed. Remember hearing how I destroyed sephiroth? One of his slices cut my arm and I was bleeding. That sick bastard orochimaru found my blood and wanted to have the namikaze and uzumaki powers under his control. So he did the most terrible thing in his life…. He cloned me with the blood that was left from the battle field.

At that moment the orb deformed an out f that orb appeared an exact clone of naruto only he was….. completely pale. He wore in exact copy of naruto's close only everything was pale or white colored. His heir color however was crimson red.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA. IM FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE oooo you don't know just hw it feels t be able to move again naruto, but since most of you don't know me allow me to introduce myself." He lifted his head up only a little bit. My name is….. he lifted his head up all the way to show the world his face. "NAMATO NAMIKAZE!" and with that he disappeared and reappeared in front of naruto only to grab his throat and throw him in the air.

Namato jumped in the air and tried to round house kick naruto in the face, but naruto quickly blocked it and grabbed his kick and spinned in the air before letting go of his legs and tossing him further away and towards a building. Naruto was still hovering in the air but namato quickly jumped out of the building with a rasengan in his had. Naruo saw this and evaded the rasengan while grabbing namato's other hand and bringing namato with him naruto slammed namato into the ground head first.

Naruto jumped away a few feet as namato got up out of the debris.

"You know naruto this is the one of the first few times I can actually laugh." Its been so long since we have fought like this." Namato said as naruto just stared at him with a frown.

"I don't understand you sometimes. You have all the power you have, you can destroy villages, level mountains, destroy the universe maybe, DESTROY THIS RESCHID VILLAGE!" he yelled as he let his chakra surge out knocking away everything near him

"COME NARUTO, COME MY BROTHER LETS DESTROY THIS VILLAGE, LETS MAKE THESE FOOLS PAY FOR EVERYTHING THE'VEDONE TO US!" he said as he rushed at naruto. First he jumped into the air and round housed naruto into a building. Namato jumped and landed right on naruto abdomen and started stomping into it breaking a few ribs.

With the group

"Damn it im not waiting here no more!" xion said as she was about to rush in the battle, but xamnas held his hand out.

"no he will be fine." Xamnas said as he stared at the battle. Xion could only watch as xemnas had his hand on her shoulder reassuringly.

With naruto

He was feeling the worst of all of namato's attacks being stomped on by your own evil counterpart was not something that you would like to happen.

Namato stopped stomping on him and held his hand out as a dark or appeared.

"this is the end faker." He said as he was ready to launch the orb at him until.

"NO! DARK STYLE: EXPLOSION!" he yelled out loud as namato was blown away from naruto as he gathered dark chakra and let it explode on his abdomen leaving a permanent burn mark.

Ok naruto now you've done it my abdomen was were my source of power. Its time I ended this." Summoning jutsu: rise of the great dead dragon!" he yelled as he slammed his hand on the ground and smoke appeared. Out of the smoke a bone dragon appeared. It didn't even have any flesh just pure bone and chakra. Naruto saw this and smirked.

Now its time I finished this. Naruto said as he bit his figure and went through handsigns. dark summoning: rise of the ghost dragon!" he said as he slammed his hand on the ground and apperead a portal….. and out of the portal appered….. giratina in its origin form.

Giratina rise to the sky with naruto on top.



They both yelled as they charged at eachother ready to kill one another.

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