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Chapter 1

Raven's Point of View

Everything seemed to have not changed in Dullsville. The wealthy were still stuck-up, the weather was still sunny, ugh...Everyone was still all smiles and joy with that crooked smile no one could ever see when their backs turned. Dullsville hasn't changed in the time I had been at Aunt Libby's. But I have.

I woke up for school by my alarm and for once didn't wish to smash it with a hammer. I was happy. Of course, how could I not with the most handsome vampire as my beloved? Just the thought of him makes my heart soar!

I stretched and went to due my morning duties. I stood in front of my closet not daring to open the door, I knew there would be an avalanche of black on black clothing and that I might be lost for days! Hey, I may be a girl, but one thing I'm not is clean & tidy.

I settled on a black corset with a torn fishnet undershirt paired with a black and purple checkered school girl skirt, thigh high stockings and my signature combat boots. Make up was original: Black with black, where could you go wrong?

Becky honked her horn and I was off!

"HEY MONSTER GIRL?! Halloween is over, didn't you get the memo? Wait, you wouldn't have, you live in a cave!" Trevor's mood-wrecking voice cut through my daydreams of Alexander. Of course I should have known my enthusiasm would be put to the test. I turned around to face him with a glare.
"Don't you have some cheerleader boneheads to mess with, Neanderthal?"
"You could be a gothic Cheerleader, would that count?" He asked winking at me.

"And become infected with social acceptance at the cost of my dignity? No thanks." With that I turned and walked to home room with Becky looking from Matt to me and back to Matt. Matt chuckled and Trevor glared at him, Matt just shrugged at Trevor in that "Uh... It's not my fight" kind of way and turned to walk Becky to her class.

Classes went by so slowly I felt each minute tick by, anxious to get back to Alexander and in his arms. The final bell rang and I bust through the double doors yelling "FREEDOM!"... Then I remembered that Becky was giving me a ride home. Bat-tastic!

Nothing felt like home more than the mansion. I felt a kindred for the Baroness, a lone woman who was forced to live a life in solitude as I am. With Alexander in my life and his home as our home nothing could have made me feel happier.

"So how is your Aunt Libby?" Alexander asked while we watched Bela Lugosi's Dracula for the millionth time. "She's doing really well, the Village Players are still going strong and she's having so much fun." I smiled. "I wouldn't mind living as free and spirited as her... But maybe not in her style." I giggled. Alexander held me close and squeezed me, "You are free and spirited." I looked up into his chocolate soulful eyes and we kissed.

He drove me home and gave me a sweet goodnight. "I'll see you tomorrow at sunset." He said to me. "I don't want the night to end." I complained. He shook his head and smiled. "I promised I'd have you home on time every night. I really like making your dad feel like you can be safe with me." I beamed at this. "You really are perfect!" I threw my arms around him and for the last time that night I kissed his full lips.