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Last Time on Impact:

"It's alright, I better let you go now and let you go back to your wife, but remember if you need anything or anyone to talk to, you have my number" Gwen told him, "Give me a ring".

"Will do" He said, the two locked eyes for the moment and then it hit Duncan, he should never of gone with Gwen when he was getting over Courtney, but still if he didn't maybe none of this would have happened, it was both a blessing and a curse.

Just before Duncan was about to leave he heard a horrified sob behind him, he spun round to see Courtney looking at him.

"Duncan?" She whispered, tears pouring down her face.

In that moment the world seemed to stop, Duncan's eyes widened and he felt slightly sick.

I went after Courtney as fast as I could without running.

"Look, I just ran into Gwen here, nothing happened Princess. I swear." Princess looked up at me with her big, puppy-dog eyes. "Princess, I am telling you the truth. Believe me."

Her eyes slowly hardened and began to dart around like she was trying to tell if I was lying. Man, did Princess remind me of my dad right now. "Then what was she here for? I know she wasn't visiting my son." I couldn't tell if she was interrogating me or accusing me; wait isn't that basically the same thing?

"Are you accusing me or interrogating me?" I asked trying to figure out which Courtney would answer; the sweet Courtney or the bat-shit crazy Courtney.

She scoffed," You should know Mr. Ex-Convict." Ouch, that one kinda' hurt. Okay Duncan, you're going to have to be completely sincere to get this Courtney to be happy.

I softened my expression, and put my baby blues to use. I grabbed her shoulders. "Courtney," I raised my right hand, "I swear, nothing inappropriate happened between me and Gwen happened. I was freaking out about Liam, she helped me calm down. And, she gave me a hug afterwards. "Princess's eyes began to squint. "A friendly friend hug, Courtney." I added.

Her expression softened and she smirked at me," Okay, I believe you." She snaked her arm around my waist, and I put mine around her shoulders. We began to walk to the exit until Courtney stopped short.

I looked down at her with my eyebrows furrowed. "Duncan, I want to see Liam." I smiled, and we walked back to the NICU.

Nurse Liv saw Courtney and she took us back without a word.

Seeing Courtney with Liam was the craziest thing. It was like as soon as Courtney placed her hand in his, damn. He just came to life, it's like he wasn't even sick, like he wasn't even in the hospital. I could see him getting out of here. I could see him playing with his sister. I could see him growing up healthy. I just knew he would be fine; my son is going to be okay.

But, seeing my son with his mother was something, I couldn't even describe. We would've stayed and watched him forever if we didn't have to leave so the babies could get their noon nap. Courtney and I stood outside of the NICU watching the lights dim inside.

Courtney sighed, I looked down at her. I wrapped my hand around her still slightly plump waist. "What babe?"

"I just want him to come home." Courtney mumbled tears forming in the corners of her eyes. I took her head into my hands. I sighed, and tried to give her some words of encouragement. But, deep inside I wanted him to come home as desperately as she did.

I had to get her mind off of Liam being sick and not being home. Hell, I had to get my mind off of it too. I gave her a peck. "Come on babe, let's get some lunch okay?" She silently nodded, and I could tell it would take a whole lot to help her get her mind to wander off.

As we walked back to my car, part of Courtney seemed to still be in that hospital. She was going to drive herself into the ground. I grunted. Okay, at least try to get a smile out of her. Aha! I got just the idea.

Classical Music, Courtney loves it; in fact, she played it every day when she was pregnant with the twins. She said that it made it smarter; but, if they already had her genes they'd be effing geniuses. And, I didn't want any walking encyclopaedias for children. I looked over at Courtney, a small smile stretched across her face. Okay, she was a little happier. But, I wanted her to be damn near ecstatic. What else could I do? I stopped the car in front of her favorite place for lunch.

I got out, and opened her car door for her; something that she loved. But, she barely nodded and whispered "Thanks." In such a low voice that I thought I might have to get my hearing checked. What was wrong with her, other than the fact that her son is in the hospital? Is it the wedding? That has to be what it is. I think… Why does this woman have to be so damn confusing?

Lunch didn't go the way I planned, Courtney stayed quiet. The only noise that came from her was the light crunch of her chewing the ice in her lemonade. I had to say something, because this was getting really awkward. I grabbed Courtney's left hand, and began to play with the ring on her finger, giving each knuckle a kiss. This made Princess laugh a little, thank God! "Stop, Duncan!" Courtney loudly whispered. I smirked; Okay, normal Courtney is coming back.

I ran my hands through my long-er hair, man I need a haircut. "When do you want to get married Princess?" I asked her while taking a bite of the Filibuster sandwich I ordered. It was my favorite, but wifey found it absolutely disgusting; but, I could kinda' see where she's coming from. Cole Slaw, Bologna, and Horseradish sauce, all on a sandwich does sound pretty gross. But, it was the "Sunday Special" in Juvie.

Courtney pursed her lips, and shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know. Possibly when the twins are older, healthier." She sniffled, and grabbed my hand. I guess today was just a sad Courtney day, and I hate sad Courtney days. I nodded and gave her hand one last kiss. "Maybe next year." She whispered.

'Next year' Those words just didn't seem right to me, normally when you mention the wedding to Courtney she flips out, saying things like this needs to be done and that needs to be booked, now all of a sudden she was up for it being next year? Something really wasn't right with her.

"I suppose we better go" I told her, Courtney looked up at me, removing her hand from her cheek and nodded, "Yeah.

I left some money for the check and we both walked out, however everything I seemed to do to get her to melt again just failed, once in the car I placed my hand on her thigh only to get nothing back from her, no smile, no nothing.

I grunted to myself as I started the car up, suddenly the quiet air was filled with only the sounds of the car as it drove along the road, the whole journey there Courtney seemed to have her head leant against the window, and I could hear saddening sighs coming from her as we drove.

Once we were back home, I immediately turned the car off and hopped out of it, Courtney however still stayed in the car, something really isn't right with her, it was like she was sleeping with her eyes open. I slowly walked around to her door and pulled it open, making her jumped slightly and looked at me with those sad brown eyes.

"Princess, we're home" I said kindly to her.

Courtney looked around her surroundings and paused, "We haven't got Molly with us" She said alarmed.

"I know" I said, "Go inside and relax, I think you need it after today".

Courtney looked down at the floor, "Ok" She mumbled and she slowly climbed out of the car and towards the door, I watched as she slowly made her way up the door and fumbled with the keys, it was like she was struggling to remember what key got her in the house, I refused to leave until I knew she was safely in, and then there it was, she had gotten the door open and she turned around to give me a small wave before closing the door.

This was more than just a sad Courtney day, something was bothering her.

I started up the car again and pulled back out of the drive and towards Geoff and Bridgette's house, It was horrible to see her like this, and believe me, if I could turn everything around for her to make her happy I would, but that was pretty much impossible when she refused to tell me what was wrong with her.

Was it simply the fact that Liam was in the hospital? Or was it Gwen, seeing me with her again might have put her into shock and only giving birth a few weeks ago didn't help her emotions.

It was something that I knew was going to plague my mind for the whole journey to pick up my daughter.

I soon arrived at Geoff's house, he opened the door very hurriedly and when he saw my face a smile spread across his face, "Duncan, man thank God you're here!" He cried and disappeared for a few seconds, this could only mean one thing, Molly had caused his life hell since she arrived.

She is definitely my daughter!

Geoff came back at the door with Molly in her car carrier, he quickly handed her to me and Molly looked up at me with her brown eyes, to me, they just looked innocent and like Courtney's but unlike hers they looked happy.

"Dude's been crying all day, I didn't know what to do!" Geoff told me, then I saw Bridgette walk up behind him, handing me a bag filled with things for Molly.

"She's been fine!" Bridgette snapped, "Geoff just didn't know how to deal with her".

"I thought you said she was going to sleep through the whole day" Geoff growled at me.

"I'm not a baby mind reader!" I said to Geoff, "I didn't know what she had planned for her guardians today".

I thanked Geoff and Bridgette for looking after my daughter and placed Molly back in the car, and once again we were back on the road, when I paused at a red light I looked down at Molly who was looking back up at my curiously, I smirked and rubbed the top of her head gently.

"We'll be seeing Mommy soon" I said to her, "Don't you worry".

Molly let out a soft 'coo'ing noise and yawned, Molly really was the perfect daughter, but something that I just couldn't help feeling was the fact that we have been neglecting her, it hasn't been intentional but since Liam was in the hospital it has been hard dealing with her too.

I feel bad, but that was about to change, Molly was just as important as Liam was, and I was about to show her that.

As we pulled back towards home, I climbed out of my car and grabbed Molly's car seat out too, we walked inside and I waited to here Courtney's voice greeting us.

But nothing.

"Jeez" I mumbled to myself, "Courtney?"


Well thank God she's not dead! "You ok?" I asked her.

"Yeah, I'm fine".

"Where are you?" I asked setting Molly's car seat down and pulling her out and into my cradled arms.

"Just upstairs".

"Ok" I mumbled, "I wasn't about to question her, not when she's in a state like this, "I slowly walked up stairs towards the bathroom to spend time with my daughter, I ran her a small bath in the sink, Molly was still pretty small so the sink was perfect, I lay her down in the sink holding her soft head up as I splashed water over her body.

I had never bathed Molly before, it had always been Courtney that did that, but the results were extraordinary, Molly seemed to love the water, as soon as her small body touched it her eyes lit up, she was too young to even think about smiling yet, but I could see everything from her eyes, and the way her arms splashed the water gently.

"Wow, I think someone's going to grow up to be an Olympic swimmer" I joked to her as she splashed around.

Do you know what seems to be the weirdest thing about this whole situation? Both Molly and Liam were in the same place, growing for nine months and when they finally come out, Molly's fine, however he brother was stuck in hospital, it's just weird.

Still, it didn't make me angry or wonder why it happened, I was thankful that Molly was ok, and well Liam was on the road to recovery…wasn't he?

I tried to shake those thoughts out of my head, he would be fine, just a few more days in the safe hands of the staff at the hospital and he would be out and with me and his mother.

After I was sure that Molly had her fill of the water I carefully lifted her out and wrapped a small towel around her, drying her off, I put on a fresh pair of clothes on her before taking her off to her room to sleep.

I lay Molly down in her crib and watched her slowly drifted off, her small body squirming slightly before she closed her tiny eyes and fell asleep, I smiled down at her and rested my finger on her head, stroking it a few times.

"Goodnight Molly" I whispered to her a bent down to give her a soft kiss before walking out and off to find Courtney.

I slowly headed off to my room, hoping to find her in there reading a book or something; it's just something she's prone to doing when she's sad, just chilling out and having some time to relax.

But I didn't expect this, when I walked into my room the door was closed. I slowly opened it to see a horrible sight, Courtney was lying in a ball on our bed in tears, she was shaking and sobbing on the covers.

I immediately ran over to her and tried to pull her over, "Courtney" I said to her, "Courtney what's wrong? Baby talk to me".

Courtney refused to speak, she just carried on sobbing, it was heartbreaking to see, "Court I can't help you if you won't tell me" I said to her.

I could hear her mumbling something, and when I got a bit closer to her a finally realized what she was saying.

"It's all my fault…It's all my fault".

"Princess what is?" I asked her, "Come on baby tell me".

Courtney took a few Steady breaths before looking at me, "It's…all my fault…that Liam's…sick…I did it" She choked out.

I quickly pulled Courtney into a hug, "No it's not, it's no ones fault, it's just a horrible turn of events".

"No you don't understand" She whispered, I slowly pulled away looking at her.

"There's something I'm not telling you".

I blinked, Courtney was shaking, she looked terrified, I quickly took her hands into mine, "What is it?" I asked, praying that it wasn't going to be bad.

Courtney swallowed hard and looked at me with tears in her eyes, "I'm sorry Duncan…but…you have to understand this happened before I knew I was pregnant".

"What is it?"

"I drank" Courtney sobbed out loud, "The day before I found out I was pregnant…so when we weren't together…I went out with Bridgette and…I got so drunk…I'm sorry".

It's funny how a few words can just make everything in you head spiral out of control, I dropped Courtney's hand out of shock, I felt sick and I could see the room spinning in front of me.

"Duncan?" I could here Courtney's faint voice calling me, "Duncan say something".

"Why did you do that?" I whispered, "How could you have been so stupid?"

I unintentionally shouted this, I really didn't mean to but she looked startled, "Duncan I said I was sorry, I didn't know I was pregnant at the time!"

I stood up, and looked back at her, "how could you have not known you were pregnant?"

"I'm sorry but I had a lot more important things going on then to check if I was carrying your kids, in case you forgot, we weren't together at that point!" Courtney shouted also getting up from the bed.

I rubbed my temples slightly, then that's when things started to slowly fall into place, that day when I came home from work, the day I broke up with Gwen, she was very jumpy and got very funny when I went near the answer machine, as if there was something she didn't want me to hear, was it Courtney?

"Courtney…tell me the truth…did you ring me that night?" I asked cautiously, Courtney's face creased up.

"Did you?"


That was it; I angrily kicked the bedside table out of frustration making Courtney jump and start to cry again, "Well that's just brilliant Courtney! Why? What did you say?"

"I said…I said that I was pregnant, but I didn't know it at the time…I just wanted you back! And then I had Gwen come over and shout at me because if it…that's why you never heard it, because she heard it and deleted it" Courtney sniffed loudly, "Duncan I'm sorry, please can we just sort this out?"

"I don't think I can Court" I said, tears pouring out of my owns eyes, "Knowing that you could have done this to my son, it just…it makes me feel sick, you could have killed him Courtney! And Molly too! Don't you see the actions of what you've done?"

Courtney was in bits, "I'm sorry" She sobbed loudly, covering up her face with her hands, "I'm so sorry".

I just wanted time by myself now, I picked up my pillows from the side of my bed and stormed out of the room, "I need some time to think, I'm sleeping on the sofa" I announced as I left.


I jumped slightly when I heard a loud scream come from the bedroom; I slowly looked back over to see Courtney standing by the door, still shaking and with her fists clenched.

"I am not letting you do this to me, we're not going to sleep until we get this sorted" Courtney sobbed.

I blinked at her, this was true though, when we first got together before all this we had always said that we would never go to sleep angry with each other, because it always made it harder the next morning when would wake up and see each other.

Taking a deep breath I threw the pillows back onto the bed and stepped back into the room, "Alright then, what do you suppose we do? We can't turn back time".

"Stop that!" Courtney snapped at me, "You are being so immature about this, I didn't know I was pregnant and it was just one night, I didn't think it would have affected them that's why I never mentioned it, ok? Still we don't know that Liam's epilepsy was affected by alcohol, so can you stop blaming me and calm down please? Right now all I need is you to tell me that this isn't my fault, because I feel horrible right now".

"But it could be" I protested, but then bit my tongue when I saw Courtney, she looked so upset it was heartbreaking, feel incredibly stupid I walked over to her and pulled her into a hug, I could feel her straight away cuddling up to me and sobbing onto my chest, I could feel her heartbeat too, it felt rushed and it was slightly scary, I rubbed her back comfortingly hoping she would stop.

"It's ok Courtney" I told her, "it will all be ok, I promise, we'll go back to the hospital tomorrow and you will see for yourself Liv will tell us that it's fine".

"Are…are you sure?" Courtney asked me through sobs.

"No…I'm not. But whatever happens I won't leave your side for a second" I told her.

Courtney looked back up at me and I wiped the tears away from her eyes, "You watch baby" I said to her and kissed her forehead, "Come on, you've been through a lot today, I want you to just rest and sleep ok?"

"Duncan" She said again making me look at her, "Are you mad at me?"

"I could never be mad at you, sure I was upset but…it'll be ok" I told her.

Courtney nodded and we both slowly got changed for bed, once in, I could feel Courtney snuggling up behind me, I turned around and placed my arms around her back and kissed her soundly on the lips, "I love you" I told her.

"I love you too, I am so sorry Duncan" She whispered before drifting off into a sleep.

I knew she was sorry, I could see it in her eyes, I took a few deep breaths myself to stop myself from crying, I had no idea what would happen tomorrow, whether Liv would now look down on us for doing this to our son or what? I had no idea, I just hoped it would all end up good…

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