Ema didn't like being home alone. She always felt vulnerable and scared. It didn't help she had left her keys in the office, so she had to leave her sister to lock her in that evening. She lived with her sister and her partner, although they were going out that evening.

It got close to midnight when she finally chose to go to bed, deciding her sister wasn't going to be back until the early hours of the morning. She quickly undressed and got changed into her usual pink nightgown before curling up amongst her sheets.

She was woken by someone's heavy footing on the staircase. She hugged against her pillow, she hoped it was Lana or her boyfriend. When someone bashed open the door to her room she wanted to scream, but muffled it against her pillow. She felt herself lifted by her collar and forced her against the wall, now she did scream.
"Don't make me hurt you baby." The voice was deep, seductive, German. "I don't want to hurt you any more than I have to."
"Klavier!" She moaned under the pressure he applied around her neck. "W-What are you doing!? How'd you get here!?"
"Shut up Fraulien." He hissed. "You're mine now bitch."
"What!?" She cried as he grabbed harder.
"I said you're mine bitch now shut the fuck up!" She squirmed and kicked, trying to force him away.

"Get off of me!" She screeched.
"No, you fucking bitch. You're a fucking dog. Get down now!" He forced her down onto the pillows. "I have a knife with me. I'm going to get what I want. I'm going to hurt you if I have to!"

He sat down on her legs and she sobbed, lunging towards him to try and claw him. He slapped her and she screamed. He grabbed the bottom of her nightgown and tore it in half. She tried to bite him now, she knew what was going to happen.
"You fucking whore!" He growled, ripping her underwear with minimal effort. He unzipped his fly and revealed his erection, he didn't hold back in forcing into here. Her scream must have been heard over the street as she struggled to take his weight. He pumped her forcefully and held her neck, forcing her chin up so she couldn't object. He bit her nipples hard and pumped her mercilessly. He then stopped, ripping out of her and turning her over.

"Oh god no. Please not there! Please Klavier! Please!" She could feel as he pressed the head against her virgin anus. "Please! I beg you! Please! I'll do anything!" He grabbed her hair and yanked it back making her yelp.
"That's it. Be a good dog for your master." He forced past her barrier and violated the one part of her body she wanted no man to violate.
"No! Stop!" The pain was unbearable, she had never experienced a pain like that.

After what felt like an eternity he pulled back again.

"Open your mouth!" She could feel herself bleeding. "Open your mouth now bitch!" He slapped her around the jaw and forced her to her knees in front of him. When she refused to move her jaw he forced it open and forced his cock into it.

He'd managed to violate every part of her body and degrade her. As he approached his climax he pushed her back onto all fours, grabbed her hair and re-entered that one area of her body she begged him not to.

It felt warm for a split second and suddenly went cold as he climaxed. He'd pulled out, zipped his fly back up, scratched her and left. She fainted in a pool of blood and semen.

It was Lana who had found her when she came too. She was crying, choking on blood in her throat and blooded up all along her legs. Lana's immediate reaction was to call the hospital…