The raucous atmosphere blended with the flashing lights was enough to give anyone a headache, but especially so was one young human woman. This was not her idea of a good time her body language said, as her pupils dilated and contracted with the quickly changing strobe lights. She pasted on a phony smile for her friends as she made her way to the outer wall, under a vibro-speaker, the newest "techno" on this planet. Perhaps remaining under it, the main blast of this rib-rattling beat would be focused away from her. She doubted it was her being human that made her dislike it so, but more her personality as she saw several human females out there among the locals. A humanoid species, they had oversized heads and a tad lacking in imagination. However they had accepted her with open "arms" so to speak. Anyone opposed to the "almighty" Federation was always welcome here.

She probably would never've noticed him, but a brazen young male sauntered his way over to her.

"Can I buy you a drink?" He asked, his vowels slurring slightly.

"Don't need one." She held up her halfway filled glass.

"Of course you don't. He was standing next to her now, looking over the dance-frenzied crowd. "They move with last year's style." He observed and looked over at her. His piercing blue eyes were clear; no hint of impairment, and his breath was clean of the smell of alcohol.

"You were faking." She looked at him with slight amazement. "Why would any guy fake drunkenness?"

"Covers any mistakes we might make in the pick up lines, but," he leaned in closer and continued in a whisper, "usually the girls don't notice." Melissa backed away, and stared into his captivating eyes, noticing the dare challenging her.

Feeling suddenly carefree, she responded, "What time?"

His stare faltered a second, and then caught himself. "Seven. Tomorrow."


"Yokam's Grill, pick you up?"

She laughed, "First date with you, I think not."

He grinned with an unabashed way that matched his personality. "Of course, m'dear." He mock bowed and spun on his heal and left. Her eyes followed him across the room as he met up with someone she never would have suspected, a Vulcan.

"Who was that hot bod?" Krista drooled enviously after the departed guy.

Melissa just rolled her eyes, "My date tomorrow night."

Krista's neck about snapped as she spun to look hard at Melissa, her drink sloshing over the edge and Krista sloshed as well.

"I think you've had enough." Melissa gently plucked the drink from her friend's hand, and led her towards the door. Hearing her name called, she looked over her shoulder as Nate came running up with a look of scornful pleasure on his face.

"What now?" she snapped as Krista looked as if she was going to loose her lunch, dinner and tomorrow's breakfast all at once.

"Star fleet, they're here!" he said breathlessly. "Word is that they docked out there, and brought a shuttle in." he chuckled. "Guess they didn't get the memo that they aren't welcome here."

Laughing, she asked, "What's Mitch's plan?" as she leaned Krista against the door, distracted with the new developments.

"Take 'em hostage." His grin turned sinister, and Lissa got a twinge of… she pushed the thoughts from her mind. This was their chance to strike back.

Questions rushed out of her as fast as she could think of them, "Why are they here? Who are they? How high on the totem pole are they? What's our next plan of action? Krista's down for the count, we'll have to make do without her."

"Slow down! I don't know why, there's a rumor that they are here to squelch the rebellion that is brewing, others say that their ship needs some repairs, but who cares, they are still here. As of who, I don't know, but Mitch is calling everyone to HQ."

"Ok, I'll get Krista a cab. Meet you there in 15." Lissa grabbed Krista under the arm, muttering under her breath.

After settling her girlfriend in the back seat of a cab and paid the fare of an indignant cabbie, she hurriedly ran over to her bike. She pulled on her well-worn leather jacket, started the engine of the PRS-750, feeling the power humming beneath her knees and put on her glasses. Checking over her shoulder, she sped away into the traffic, ignoring the honking horns and slipped in and out of the home commuters and down the dank alley. Gliding up to the door, she killed the silent motor, and knocked a rapid beat. The door squeaked open, and she entered the lair of Nirvana's Rebellion.

The confusion pulsed in the air, many voices converging at once, and Lissa slowly made her way down to her usual seat, where Nate already was sitting. He moved over to allow her to sit.

"Mitch is about to speak." His voice cracked with excitement and Lissa felt another twinge. Something felt wrong, and she couldn't put her finger on it.

The warm, suave voice sounded over the tumult that made her lose her worries, and she looked up at the handsome man standing before the assembly.

"No doubt you've heard the rumors of Star Fleet being right here in our city of Jumal, but what you might not've heard is that the Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise is among them." He waited for the stir to die down. "Here's the crew on-world." The view screen behind him showed the files being pulled up.

Mitch glanced down at a young mate sitting in the front row, "Thanks to this fine young lad, Livil for finding their files. Our intel suggests that only two of the entire crew is on-planet, reasons unknown. The First Officer and, of course, Captain Jim Kirk."

Two profiles showed and Lissa felt as if her seat was yanked out from under her and she landed in a pile of Bantha Poodoo. It was the guy from the club earlier this evening, and his Vulcan friend. Her shock caught Mitch's attention.

"Do you know these men?" he addressed her.

"He asked me on a date for tomorrow night." She managed to say, her voice withstood without a crack.

Mitch's face contorted with two different emotions, the first being distrust, but quickly replaced with eagerness.

"Did you know who he was?"

"No," she replied honestly, "Just some guy at the club."

"Did you say yes?"
"I did."

Mitch eyes glowed with an uncanny passion that made Lissa shiver. "Go through with it," he said vehemently, "and we'll set up the trap. As for the Vulcan, he wouldn't be too far behind his C.O."

Mitch addressed the rest of the audience. "We'll commence with this operation, and it will be called Op. 42, you will receive notifications if your skills are needed. You all should head out, we've been here long enough."

The whirlwind swept around her as she hurriedly made her way out the door. She didn't know what she was supposed to do, but she just needed to go home, like Mitch said. She was let out first, the rules of their game are no one can all leave at once, they must stagger out the door.

She got on her bike, and slowly entered into the mainstream of life. Every nerve of hers was on fire, she felt betrayed, but didn't know why. Lights flashing ahead startled her, and she quickly swerved back into her lane.

Lissa knew she had to get home before she ended up killing herself.

Swinging her leg off as she killed the engine, she parked her bike in its usual home, and quickly ran up the 2 flights of stairs to her house.

She lived alone, and she loved it. Unlocking the deadbolt, she slid the door open cautiously.

The next day she sat on the bench across from Yokam's Grill, nervousness riddling her body with quivers. All day long she couldn't think of anything else, and now she tried to control her harsh, short breaths that were making her feel lightheaded. Quick steps approached her, and the distraction was welcome. She looked up at Mitch, and he dropped the instructions in her lap, then said, "You know as soon as anything goes down, hit the floor. You won't get hurt, but do get out of there fast."

Lissa nodded hard, the plan was unknown to her, in order that nothing could implement her if she was detained. Her cover would remain stout and nothing could hint to the captain where anything was coming from.

"Go get ready." Mitch said, dismissing her, and she hurriedly left, she only had an hour to get dressed.

The hour she spent preening and primping sped by quickly. She looked herself over in the mirror. She wore a classy halter top, cut modestly, but sexy, and a pair of fashionable old style jeans, something that seemed to be missing from today's fashion that just has a trendy look. Her brown hair she had swept up into a loosely held bun.

"As good as it's gonna get." She muttered to herself as she applied the final touch of lip-gloss.

Heading for the door, she paused for a quick second to look over her shoulder at the sunset. An old, yet unfamiliar feeling of homesickness washed over her. Pushing it aside, she grabbed her leather jacket off the couch and slid it on. Well worn and comfortable, it felt as if it was her only friend for the evening.

She quickly took the stairs down 3 at a time, and ended up on the street in no time at all. Before she hopped on her bike, she breathed deeply, preparing for the role she was about to play. She slowly let her mind settle into the character she must become. Cockiness, spunk, and confidence washed over her, and she sauntered over to her bike. She settled into the seat and flicked the start, and it revved to life before settling into its silent purr. She leaned forward and sped off. Winding through the traffic, she made record time to the restaurant.

He stood in the shadows, watching her approach. The mode of transportation was not unique to this type of girl, but her swagger was. She walked with an arrogance that he thought was notable only in the male species. Before she entered the door to the grill, she hesitated, something out of character for someone of this sort. Experience and logic spoke at once, something was off.

Before he could react, her hand went up to her hair, and she quickly pulled out the tie and let it all fall down around her shoulders. Spock's eyebrow went up as he realized that after all she was human, she was probably just nervous about the whole evening. Something he would never understand is why humans get so anxious over "dates" and make themselves up to something they are not. Relationships starting on lies never work.

He waited silently till she sat at her table, then he enter the building and headed to the back table he had reserved for himself. Why the captain insisted on a date with a local girl was beyond his reasoning skills, but then again, when it came to Kirk, all logic was lost. He found it hard to accept, but he must live with it.

Kirk was already in the process of trifling with her, but she was reciprocating, and the unsoundness of their reasoning still baffled him. He settled in for a long evening.

Laughing, Lissa reached out for her water glass. "I don't think I've ever heard of anybody getting stuck a situation like that."

"So we're stuck on this planet with a bunch of eel-like females attracted to my partner, a Vulcan, and they won't leave him alone. They are trying to make him their god or something. I'm tied up in a cage, while Mr. I Don't Flirt is out there surrounded by all these stimulated females, and he's in way over his head. He could command them to clean his ears and they would have just like that. He just looks over at me with the oddest stare I've ever seen a creature have. A complete bewilderment devoid of any feeling. It's hard to describe, but you'd have to have seen his face. "

"I can just imagine." She laid her fork beside her knife, finished with her meal. Her nerves were mounting, as the trap had been laid, but not sprung. Her rigiouna pasta would've been delicious, if she could've tasted it. Acting was not what it was at all cracked up to be, she thought wryly.

She had to admit that Jim Kirk was quite the entertainer as she listened to his tales as captain; she was rather enjoying the evening, despite the ending hanging a dark cloud over her head. He had kept surprising her all evening, as cocky as he was; he still had manners, usually devoid in a man of his category.

He cocked his head as he studied her quickly, and her fingers uncomfortably fingered a lock of hair that brushed her cheek.

He started, "Now," he leaned forward, staring her hard in the eyes, "what I can't figure, is what a pretty and smart girl like you is doing on Nirvana of all places?

She laughed coyly, "I was stuck in a travel agent's office waiting for someone, and read a bunch of brochures, and this place jumped out at me."

"What do you do with your time? It's not like this place has a world-renowned school and such. You are in college. Right?"

"No," she glanced away for a split second and realized she was falling out of character, and smirked "No. I couldn't afford a fancy school, I'm taking classes to become a nurse."

Kirk leaned back in his chair, "Hmm, I had you pegged as someone else."

Her feathers ruffled, "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing, I was guessing you were here for the locals." His eyes glittered with a taunt.

She chuckled wryly, "Yeah, there's something sexy about big heads, and small brains." She shot him a pointed look.

"Ouch. Let's change scenery, before I crash and burn too badly, want to go for a walk? It's still warm out."

Her throat tightened because Mitch didn't know anything about them leaving. "Sure," she said with all suaveness of a performer.

Kirk pulled out a credit and left it on the table, leaving a big tip for the tired waiter, and followed her to the door. A sudden motion caught the corner of her eye as the "tired" waiter stuck a needle in the Vulcan's neck and dragged him away from the dining area. She kept her face completely neutral as she realized it was coming together. He held the door open for her, and she walked out, when suddenly she was pushed to the ground and Kirk was being dragged backwards with his arms behind his back. Three masked men were dragging him into an idling van a few feet away, and he was fighting every step of the way. One guy was trying to stab a needle in his neck, but Kirk just wouldn't hold still.

"Run! Just get away." He yelled at her, and she let the façade slip completely away and gave him a cold stare. A masked man grabbed her arm like he was forcing her into the van, next to Kirk, but as soon as the door slid shut; he let go.

The revelation that hit Kirk soon passed as he was stunned enough to stop moving and get tranked.

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