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And now:

She lay there on the floor as Spock reached out and his fingers sensitively found the right nerve endings and connected. Her eyes flew open with a gasp and Spock was struck by her mind's activity. Images flew through his analytical mind and he struggled to process them when the emotions hit. He forgot his main objective of finding the codes, and to just capture her thoughts as he tried desperately to sort them out with the speed that he was receiving them.

Slowly the picture filled out.

Darkness, fog, distant light. She stood hidden in the shadows. Watching. Watching closely two figures. Faces slowly came into focus, she felt fear, anger, Spock face winced as he felt it also, but love, for one of the men down there.

An altercation was taking place. An altercation about… the words hadn't come through yet. No, they wouldn't come through, she couldn't hear them. Shoving, shouts, and the taller swung at the other man. Fury leapt up, and uncertainty. She started running, running as fast as she could. The breaths strong and strides powerful, but it was too late. Too late. She watched as he fell; fell against the ground hit by… the picture faded out.

She knelt by the still form, and the fright and grief washed over her. She gently touched his bruised cheek, "Kyle," she whispered, too choked up to say anything else. He didn't move, didn't breath. Her fingers quickly raced to his carotid artery, to find a pulse. No life remained in him. She looked up at the car, still idling there, the blood on the front of it. Screams echoed in her mind, and in Spock's. The man behind the wheel, the décor on his shoulders showed his rank, but also his father's rank. She lit into him, tears rolling down her cheeks, but anger welling up in her. She bashed out the window. Pain, searing pain hit her. Glass shards pierced her skin. Ignore. Just ignore. She grabbed the guy's collar. Yanked him out… he was half conscious, alcohol stench filled the air. Gagging, she backed away. He was passed out.

"Help!" she yelled. "Anyone, Help me. The sobs choked her throat, but she shouted louder, "Help!" Lightheaded, she gasped for her breath as she started running. Every pound of the wet asphalt sent jarring pain. Pain that was not physical. The picture was slowly growing black, then a police car. She screamed but no words were said. She pointed behind her, then collapsed at their feet. Then the pictures disappeared completely.

Spock pulled back, visibly shaken. Kirk, who'd been watching the door didn't notice. "Did you get them?"


Kirk looked down, Spock wasn't responding; a rarity. He was about to ask again, but noticed the strangest expression on his friend's face. If he didn't know any better, he'd think that Spock was about to cry. Kirk leaned down and touched his shoulder gently.

"Hey, did you get them?"

The touch pulled Spock from his reveries. "that girl is deeply troubled."

"No surprise there."

"I was not able to meld with her. Her mind was too," he paused. "active."

Kirk wanted to retort that's never stopped him before, but realized he was better off keeping his mouth shut. Besides, he was in a foul mood, being played by the very girl laying at his feet. He had to admit wryly that she had done a very good job.

Her eyes fluttered as she started to stir from Spock's nerve pinch. She came to rather rapidly, scrambling away against the wall. Her face was blank, but her pulse showed in her temple, the only betrayal of fear.

Kirk's hand shifted on the blaster and he noticed her eyes followed every movement of her former firearm and as well as Spock's motion. He suddenly felt the heavy presence of silence. Spock was staring at her as if she was fragile piece of crystal, which, in Kirk's opinion, was not a wise course of action. She was dangerous, especially with her wiles, he thought ruefully.

He decided to break the quiet.

"Nice to see you again."

"I came to help you." she said, evenly.

He scoffed. "And say we believe you. Then way? you think we are going to walk out of here unscathed?"

She looked away, a fierceness returning to her eyes.

"I have found that I don't agree with the plan of what is to happen to you." She sounded almost Vulcan with her blandness.

"That simple, is it?"

Spock broke in, "What is the plan?"

"Kill you. On a live feed." Her eye's never broke contact with Kirk, her pretty stare unnerving him for the first time.

"So, I take Star Fleet wrote us off?" Bitterness welled up, but Kirk stuffed it down. He knew the regs were there for a reason.

"Officially, yes. Though you and I know it's not that simple. However, I just overheard," she hesitated before saying his name, "Mitch never planned on handing you back."

"I gathered that." He watched her glance at his split lip.

She sighed, "Anyway, I didn't sign up for this, and I have to set things right."

"How very noble of you."

Spock touched Kirk's shoulder, "The logical thing to do is get all the help we can."

"How do we know this isn't some big manipulation, an excuse to execute us?"

Lissa snapped, "Ok, I know I don't have the upper hand here, being without a weapon, but they are bound be coming soon, and when they find this, they will no doubt move up your execution. Right now, you have to trust me. I wouldn't want to either if I were in your shoes, but..." her voice trailed off.

"I guess we have to." Kirk begrudgingly gave in.

Motioning for her to stand, Kirk couldn't believe he was giving in, but he was stuck in that infamous rock and hard spot, and so far, the rock looked easier to push at.

"Now, I'm can't trust you with a weapon, and seeing we have only yours, can you do this unarmed?"

she nodded vigorously. "but you must set it to stun. These people out there, I might not agree with their presence course, but I've spent years with them, don't harm them."

"And if I have to?" Kirk watched as confusion and frustration slip across her face, but she did not answer. "Then, let's go."


Lissa's heart felt ready to explode, and they hadn't even left the room yet. She walked up to the key pad, punching in the code, making the first real step of betrayal. Actually, in her opinion, the first step was when you made up you mind to betray, just the first action was what most people counted.

The door slip back, and she walked out, glancing up and down the hallways. Empty, and Lissa wondered if Mitch was really that presumptuous that their prisoners needed no security. Something didn't seem right.

She motioned for them to follow, and Kirk came first, weapon ready, on the balls of his feet. She led them away from the party, towards a back door. She knew the layout well, from hours of studying it, observing the fastest escape should they be breached. She never thought that she'd be using it to escape from her people and cause.

One innocuous door stood on their right, and she ran up to it, her footsteps silent. Manually opening the door, she stepped into the cramped closet. Making enough space for the other two, she stepped forward as they entered, then shut the door. Another door, this one more hidden, opened, showing the way down a narrow corridor. She ran, feeling the need to put as much distance between themselves and their soon to come pursuers. At the end of the corridor, there was a staircase running up. She stopped and spun around. Spock was right behind her, and he skidded to a stop, Kirk, running almost backwards, collided into them.

"Sorry." She breathed, "but what are we going to do now. These steps lead to the roof. Once there, getting down will be hard. The fire escape is dilapidated. We never bothered to fix it"

"Who uses a word like that in everyday speech? We'll be fine as long as you hand me your comm." Kirk said, constantly watching behind them.

Her eyebrows went up, but she handed it over. Spock took it, reprograming it to reach someone. Heavy footsteps sounded at the end of the hallway. Lissa took off up the stairs, the other two right on her tail. Taking the steps 3 at a time, they quickly made their way to the roof. Bursting out the door on top, she cleared the way for them. Now in the evening light, Spock had more light to work with, and announced "Finished."

"Ok." Kirk grabbed it, and spoke into it. "Scotty, do you read me?"

"Aye, Captain. Where the heck have you been?" The man responded with a heavy brogue, a man from the Scotch isles.

"Never mind, we need you to beam us out of here. NOW!"

"All three?"

"Yes." Kirk hissed into the comm. right as the men barged out of the door, blasters ready and fired at them. Lissa ducked, and ran behind cooling vent. Kirk fired off one shot, and then another. The men were trying to flank them. Surrounding them, Kirk was desperately trying to hold them off, but outmanned and out gunned, it was hopeless, except that swirls started around them, and Lissa started feeling lightheaded, right as a blaster shot came around the corner and hit her in her stomach. Pain in addition to transporting was too much for her system. Feeling herself disappear and then reappear into a transport room, her knees buckled and she went down. Kirk spun to try and catch her, but she fell to fast. The room slowly went dark, the last thing she heard was her own gasps for air.

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