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Since man first walked the earth they had preyed on man. The oldest of all Demons known by countless names. Yet one was known by all VAMPIRES. Cursed to walk the halls of eternity they fed off the blood of humans. There powers had the potential to pass any other demon. No two tribes of vampires where ever truly identical. While some where burned by water. Others where harmed by silver. Yet despite all there weaknesses there strength far surpassed any humans. Despite all the things that had separated the two races. There where times when they did join. The products of these unions had all the powers and gifts of both races. With none of there weaknesses, this caused them to become arrogant. Often hunting there parent races for sport. Time passed and the once mighty vampire race to fade into the mist. Yet what is lost is not always lost forever.

Village hidden in the leaves October tenth Six thousand twenty two AD, Ten years ago.

The once proud village was half in ruins. While the people worked hard to rebuild after the attack just one day prior. Though instead of an army or a rouge force. It was a force of nature itself known as the Nine tailed fox. Feared since ancient times the fox was one of the oldest demons alive. One swipe of it's mighty tails could level mountains or raise tsunamis. Yet all things do end, only this time at the hands of one man. The single strongest man to ever grace the ninja world Minato Namikaze the Forth hokage. The man who in the last great ninja war slayed over one hundred enemy ninja in the span of a few seconds. In the night previous an unstoppable object met an immovable force. Like all times such a thing happened before. It would shake the world for ages to come.

In the office of the hokage a showdown was going on. The two involved where the third hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi. Once called the god of ninja until his successor took that title. The other was the head of the elite guard of the fire lord himself. The only person to ever defeat the forth in battle Kushina Uzumaki. Otherwise known as the crimson death. While the cause of there verbal battle was in a small cradle next to the hokage's desk. A small newborn infant not even a week old. Her soft light blond hair nothing but fuzz. With three whisker like marks on each cheek. Despite her peaceful sleeping form the other two where in a heated argument. With a pleading voice the aged hokage begged the woman. "Please Kushina see reason! Can't you see that is not the fox. But your own flesh and blood?"

With a deep growl she fought the urge to slay the man where he stood. Her short fire red hair only added to her menacing glare. "Don't you dare call that thing my daughter Hiruzen! My daughter died the moment Minato sealed the fox into her!" With a whimper the old man made one last attempt to make her see reason. With absolute sadness he asked her. "Do you doubt your husband's skill that much? The man you know would do anything to protect his child. Do you honestly believe he would sacrifice his own?" With a glare that could freeze hell itself she said with venom. "Don't you dare! I knew Minato's skill better then you ever will. But the fox is far older and far more cunning. Those marks on her cheeks prove that she is the demon incarnate."

Defeated Hiruzen asked her one last thing with great fear as he spoke. "What will you do?" Looking at him she took her time. Only to turn away as she headed for the door. Stopping at the door she said without looking back. "I will return to my post at the fire lord's side. I will take Tayuya and train her to avenge her younger sister till then." As she walked out a tear fell from his left eye. Walking over he looked a the sleeping child and said with untold sorrow. "I'm so sorry my dear Nariko. I have failed you so much and you haven't even taken your first steps. I only hope you may forgive me." With that he lifted the child into his arms.

Ten years ago.

For the poor child of the forth hokage things had been hell. With her own mother disowning her the villagers followed her belief that she was the fox incarnate. As such they had made every attempt they could to end her life and avenge there loved ones. Never once bothering to look at the weeping child they tortured daily, Blinded by hatred and fear. Yet despite all this she had a ray of light. Yet today that ray dies along with a Childs mortality. All at the hands of one man.

In a small home at the edge of the village resided none other then Nariko. The moon was full and high in the sky. While inside a five year old Nariko way being put to bed. With a smile only three had ever seen she looked at the only person to truly care for her. With long brown hair she was a woman in her early thirties. With soft caring eyes she sat beside Nariko. Tucking the young girl in she said warmly. "Pleasant dreams my little Nariko. With that she kissed her on her forehead. With a happy smile she said. "Okay mommy" Standing up she turned to walk away. As she passed the window she stopped. Eyes wide she didn't move as blood began to trickle down her forehead. A moment later she fell down dead. Fear in her eyes Nariko leapt from the bed. At her side she tried in vain to wake her up. While the window shattered as a rock came threw. Covered in paper bombs Nariko knew enough to run out of the room. Just as she reached the door the paper bombs went off.

The blast threw the poor girl clear threw the door. Sailing threw the air she landed hard on the floor. The force knocking her out. As flames began to fill the home from fire jutsus cast outside Nariko tapped into the power sealed within her. A force that in it's prime lead whole civilizations to ruin. A force that only one man had ever overcome at the cost of his life.

Laying lifeless Nariko was in a massive throne room. Larger then anything man had ever made. The walls where covered in banners of countless colors and designs. Each one seemed to draw ones attention strait towards the throne. Made of solid gold it was a dragon with it's wing spread wide. With dark crimson cloth draped over it. With a soft shimmer of red light the nine tailed fox in all it's glory stood over her. Confused the fox looked the room over. After several long moments the fox vanished in a flare of red fire. The fires shrank until they where only the size of a man. With a flare the fires left leaving a man in it's place.

The man stood tall and proud. With long fire red hair that reached his feet. His ears where pointed sharply while his eyes glowed dark violet. On his forehead was a dark green diamond. While he wore dark flowing robes of a noble. On the back was the symbol for Fox. Looking down at the child he said with a rare reverence. "To think after all these millennia. It would be a hume child to bare the lines of all the Vampire clans. I will never leave this child alive. Therefore with my final act I shall make my old friends dream come true." With that he raised his right hand high. From his hand flew thousands of tiny strings of red chakra. Each one linked to a banner in the chamber. Each banner began to bleed until each one was soaked. With a flick of his wrist the banners snapped off the wall. Flying threw the air each banner flew strait into Nariko. With each one causing her body to glow with red energy.

With the last banner entering her the nine tailed said calmly. "Now for my gift." Holding his hand out a ball of raw condensed chakra formed. With a lazy tone he said. "Three tails should do just fine, to purge her of her human blood." With a flick of his wrist the ball shot into her. As the raw demon energy entered her he began to vanish starting at his feet. As the process reached his head he smiled and said. "Raise hell little heir of Alucard." With that the nine tailed fox was no more. All that was left was Nariko the vampire.

Far from the elemental nations lay two mighty empires. One was simply called the Vatican. The religious seat for the Catholic religion. It's capitol of Rome has stood tall and proud for nearly Seven thousand years. Led by an elected pope. It's technology and military where only rivaled by one. With warriors trained in the most ancient fighting arts to defend the land. With the aide of technology long lost to the world. The Vatican's territory covered what had once been called Europe and northern Africa. There only rival was the isolated empire of Britannia. A rival they had nearly gone to war with to many times over the ages. Only to be saved from the brink by the actions of a few brave souls.

Far past the great ocean once known as the Atlantic. Was the other great super power of the world. Known as the empire of Brittania. Unlike others nations ruled by humans. This land was governed and inhabited by nearly all vampires. while there where other races living inside the empire. Most races being creatures from ancient folklore. There supreme ruler was the single oldest vampire alive. Said to have been one of the first. The empress was the single most powerful vampire to ever walk the earth. Not even the nine tailed demons combined could defeat her in her prime. The empire's capital was built over the ruins of a once thriving metropolis known as New York city. Utilizing designs from around the world and ancient times. The capitol of Atlantis was a wonder all it's own. With the main palace large then most human made cites. While high above this empire was a special screen that filtered sunlight. Allowing the vampires to freely walk around in broad daylight. Yet there was one thing both now shared. Each had felt the rebirth of Nariko into an elite vampire.

Deep inside the Vatican's chambers, Lay a large throne room. The throne was simple with large marble columns lining the walls. While a massive golden cross ten feet tall stood behind the throne. Sitting in the throne was a young man no older then twenty. Dressed in white robes with blue lining. He looked concerned at the people before him. Standing at nearly six feet tall was a man with short black hair. Dressed in elaborate red robes. He carried himself as a true fighter. The other was a woman with light blond hair in massive curls that ran down both her back, and the sides of her face. Like the man beside her she two was dressed in elaborate red robes. Only she radiated an aura of calmness. Instead of the raw fury her counterpart seemed to give off. With a soft well spoken voice the woman said. "My lord our oracle has sensed the birth of a new vampire, more powerful then any he has ever sensed. This vampire may very well surpass the empress my lord."

With a deep frown the Pope asked gently. "Where is this vampire now?" With a snap of her fingers a massive holographic map appeared behind her. The map was easily twenty feet tall and fifty feet wide. On it was the entire world. With large portions of land missing from battles and disasters long forgotten. A moment later the region that was once known as Asia turn red. Looking at the pope she said calmly. "He sensed the vampire in the elemental nations my lord. As you know our treaties prevent us from sending our ships and solders into this land. Less we want to start a war with Brittania." Looking over the map the pope seemed to be thinking over his options

With a snarl the man in the red cloak said with barely contained rage. "To hell with the treaties an unholy demon has been born. We must destroy it as soon as possible. Before it destroys us all." The woman glared at him as the pope thought hard. Finally after several long minutes he stood tall. With a calm commanding voice he said to them. "We can not risk a war with Brittania. However we can not also ignore this new vampire. Lady Sonja send two of your best agents to the elemental nations to search for this vampire. When you find it use your best judgment. If the vampire is evil do your duty. If it is a good soul help the vampire to control themselves. We will then handle what happens afterwards." With a bow the woman walked out to prepare.

In the Brittania empire the dragon palace was a sight to behold. A city on it's own it was the home to the ruling clans of the empire. Along with the revered empress herself. The main throne room was larger then some buildings. The ceiling was held up by six columns of stone pillars. Each pillar was easily ten feet wide. With images of ancient vampires engraved on them. While beautiful multi colored tapestries hung from the ceiling. Many with colors most could only dream of. While the throne was mage of gold with pearl. With a massive Jade dragon was behind it on it's hind legs. The dragons wings curled above the throne. The throne had thick padding with the finest silk. Sitting on the throne was a woman who appeared no older then thirty. Her figure was nothing short of perfection. With light almost pale skin. She had long light green hair that would reach her waist. While she had on a gown with a beauty that had taken years to craft. The sight of the this dress would cause many to weep at it's beauty. Her eyes where solid violet with a silver slit. She radiated an aura of absolute power.

Before her where six hundred nobles with an aura of power and absolute loyalty. Not a single one would ever betray the person before them. While several appeared to be middle aged others looked like children. Gazing upon her empire's children the empress spoke with a soft gentle tone. "My children I have had a vision. A child has been born. A child that is my heir." Gasps of horror and shock filled the chamber. Before they could continue she continued. "The child is descended from each and every last vampire tribe and clan. This child has the all the powers of our race. Yet I sense this child has suffered more then many of us have in ages."

Standing she moved with a grace no human could ever hope to achieve. Reaching the nobles she looked them over as she said. "I need two volunteers to go to the elemental nations They must find her and bring her home. We must protect her at all costs." At once each noble began to volunteer. There loyalty to there empress without equal.

NOW village of Konoha

Ten long years have passed since Nariko's rebirth as a vampire. In that time the ninja of the village had seen the light. At seeing the poor child cry for three full weeks had caused them to realize there mistakes. While the civilians still held there ignorant belief that she was the fox incarnate. Since the death of her adoptive mother Nariko has made it her goal in life to master her new powers as well as find her mother's murderers. Her skills have earned her the attention of many people.

With the first rays of the rising sun the people of konoha slowly began to wake up. While one person was anything but a morning person. In the edge of the village was a large mansion. Once the home for Danzo's root program. It had been taken over when Danzo had died under unusual circumstances. Now it was home for Nariko van hellsing. Only a hand few of people knew this place even existed. Fewer knew that Nariko was the owner.

Deep inside the mansion was a large master bedroom. With large dark covers over the windows. In the center of the room was a large four posted bed. The bed could easily hold ten people. With soft silk sheets that held the owner of the home. With a soft moan the person slowly woke up. While at the same time the room was filled with a soft white light from several lamps placed around the room. Revealing the room's walls where covered in every type of weapon in the known world. With a seven foot long katana at the center of the display.

Slowly the young woman woke up completely. Pulling the sheets down she stood up slowly. At just under five feet tall. She had long sun kissed blond hair that reach her waist. While her bangs where spiky with red tips. Her eyes where red with vertical slits. Her figure was one for both power and grace. While her canines where slightly longer then normal. With a long catlike stretch she let out a soft yawn. Walking out of the room she got ready for the day. At the same time saying. "I really hate the daytime."

Walking down the streets Nariko moved like a predator. Her eyes scanning for any threat to her. She was dressed in a most unusual out fit. Skintight black pants hugged her legs. While three red diagonal slashes ran over her outer thighs. While black steel toed boots with raised heels protected her feet. She had on a dark crimson tank top with a black leather vest over it. Yet over all this was a large black trench coat with a large bulky hood. With the hood over her head. Tied around her waist was a Leaf village headband. The cloth was dark red. With a small grin she stopped outside the ninja academy. With a catlike grin she said amused. "The last time I ever have to come to this place." With that she walked inside ready to face her future.

The graduating class of the year was called by many the best in years. Made mostly of clan heads it was full of many promising ninja. While sitting in the back with her arms crossed she watched as the other students chatted and played. Until with a click the door slid open as there teacher Iruka Umino entered. Almost instantly they all sat down and listened. While Iruka looked over his students he coughed as he spoke with pride and conviction.

"Class I have only this to say to you. Out of all the classes I've thought. You are by far the best I have ever seen. You all have the potential to surpass your elders. From this day on you are the first and the last line of defense of this village. The days ahead for you will be fill with trials and hardships. Stand with pride and never surrender. Now onto the team placements." For the next five minutes he Listed off the three man cells along with who there teachers would be. Yet when all was said and done he had left one name out. It was a girl with long pink hair that pointed out this fact. She spoke with pure arrogance and a total lack of what was going on. "Iruka sensei what about Nariko? Are they finally throwing her out of the village?"

Several students glared at her while Nariko seemed to have fallen asleep. With his own glare Iruka said annoyed. "No Sakura as I was about to say before you so rudely interrupted me. Due to her unique skills and the fact she has already captured several rouge ninja. Nariko is the first to ever be drafted strait into the hunter Nin corps. You are to meet with the head of the department at anbu headquarters in two hours." With a scowl a young man with black hair that resembled a duck looked at her. Only to find an empty seat. This only caused the boy to glare fiercely.

Nearly halfway across the village in an empty alleyway. The shadows began to twist and stretch. Rising from the shadows was Nariko standing calmly. Without any sign of effort she walked out of the alley. Her goal was a three story tall building. To any untrained eye it was a simple building. Yet to any who new this was the headquarters for the anbu black ops department. For Nariko it was almost a second home. For after every beating and mob attack. She had woken up in that building. The elite agents the closest she had to a family. With a sigh she calmly entered the building.

Deep beneath the anbu headquarters was the former lab of the snake sannin Orochimaru. Now it was used by one of the more humble members of the Research and development department. With the goal of creating jutsu and medicines to aide the village and it's ninjas. The lab was nearly fifty by fifty feet. With several dozen tables. The tables either held test tubes and beakers, or hundreds of sheets of papers and scrolls. While the only worker present was an elderly man. His hair was white with a bald patch on the top of his head. Small wire frame glasses aided in his attempt to look more intelligent. While a large white lab coat hid his thin aged frame from view. This was Dr. Nicholas Tesla head of the R and D department. His was the single most brilliant mind in the entire elemental nation. At one time or another his works had saved the village in each of the great ninja wars. He was also said to have been the true creator of the forth hokage's legendary Flying thunder god technique.

With a soft snap hiss the door slid open. Sitting at a small desk Dr. Tesla didn't even look up as he said calmly. "Hello Lady Nariko my thanks for actually using the door this time." Walking into the room she pulled back her hood. Looking at him she let out a rare true smile as she said. "Well your getting pretty old. Can't risk giving you a heart attack now can I?" She walked over to him as he stood up. For a moment the two just stared at each other until he asked bluntly. "Has the thirst worsened?" Shaking her head side to side she replied. "No looks like you did it." With a grunt he walked over to the nearby wall. With her following close behind. In the wall was a large safe. With a two foot by two foot door. As he began to enter the combination he said annoyed. "It only took me ten damn years to create." With a loud clank the door glided open. As a soft mist poured out. This was the vault used to store biological samples. Inside was thirty bags of blood. Ready to be used for transfusions. Reaching in he took one packet out. Turning he held it out to her as she calmly took it. For a moment the shadows of the room seemed to envelope her, Shrouding her in darkness. A mere moment later the shadows returned to there places as she handed an empty bag back to him.

Taking the bag he tossed it back into the vault. Closing the door her looked at her calmly and said. "It's taken me ten long years kid. But I've finally perfected synthetic blood. Now you don't have to worry about feeding when I'm gone." With a chuckle she closed her eyes and said. "Now doctor if I didn't need to feed I never would have found out my little gift." Opening her eyes revealed them to be the fabled Sharingan eyes of the uchiha clan. Only the whites of her eyes had become jet black. With a snort he walked away as he said with sarcasm. "Oh yes who wouldn't want any bloodline just by chugging blood from a user." He didn't bother to look back as she had already melted into the shadows.

In the anbu headquarters there where three main departments, Interrogation, black ops, and the hunter corps. Each one had there own head. Each only took orders from one man. In a large office the walls where lined with massive bookshelves. The shelves where filled with books and scrolls. In the back area was a large oak desk nearly ten feet wide. While behind the desk on the wall was a gigantic medieval broadsword. With ancient Celtic runes carved down the blade. While on the front of the desk was the symbol for the hidden leaf village. Sitting behind the desk was the head for the leaf village hunter Nin corps.

Sitting calmly the head of the Hunter corps was the last surviving teammate of the forth hokage Hiashi Hyuga. His Byakugan eyes scanned over the file before him. Given to him by the hokage himself. It held every last bit of information on Nariko van Hellsing. From her parents all the way to her powers. Currently he was looking over each bloodline she had acquired. Both from inside and outside the village. When he saw that she had the bloodline his clan had fought so hard to protect he glared. When a knock came from the door he closed the folder and said calmly. "Enter Nariko." With a click the door opened as Nariko entered.

Looking her over he leaned back into the chair. As she stood there calmly he looked her over. Finally the silence was shattered as he said in a commanding tone. "I have gone over your file. I must say you are a most unique individual. Your powers are unlike any other. Though there is one thing that concerns me." With that he activated his Byakugan. Simply to add to his intimidating look as he said fiercely. "Your power to steal any bloodline trait simply by drinking a person's blood. How did you get the Byakugan?" Nariko was completely unfazed from his glare as she took on a lazy pose as she said. "Don't worry your emo little head boss. It was just after I became what I am. My thirst took over and I cleaned out a blood bank. That was where I gained the Byakugan and Sharingan all at once. The bag was to damaged to tell who gave the blood. May have even been you." His left eye twitched at how calm she was. When any other would quake in there shoes. It was then he realized he still had one good jab he could make. "I must say you truly are Kushina's daughter. She was the only one who could shake off my techniques." The temperature in the room plummeted as she radiated an aura of death. With a voice that held pure rage and a deep hiss she said fiercely. "Don't you dare call that woman my mother! My mother was is and always will be Katara van hellsing!"

Genuinely stunned he took several moments to compose himself. Regaining his composure he said with genuine sympathy. "My apologies I was merely trying to see something. I'm glade I was right. Welcome to the hunter Nin corps. Now I will explain just what makes us different from the regular ninja corps. The regular corps do missions for clients. They are the face of the village. The interrogation corps well there self explanatory. While the black ops once led by Danzo do one simple thing. Defend this village from any enemies. Both inside and outside of the village. While we do another vital service for the village." With that he leaned forward. "The hunter corps was started by the second hokage. We are the only ninja that can freely come and leave the village. We are bounty hunters plain and simple. Whenever a ninja goes rouge a bounty is placed on there heads by that village. It is then the Hunter Nins job to either capture or kill that Ninja depending on there rank. When the rouge Nin is captured the Ninja that caught him gets ten percent of the bounty. While the rest goes toward the village. Nearly thirty percent of the village's income is from this department. Now while I know you have encountered enemy Ninja before. You still need to undergo the standard one month training program. After that you get your bingo book and are set loss."

For the next month she trained nonstop. Only taking breaks to feed and sleep. Often she would sleep right in the training grounds. Her goal was to master at least three of her bloodlines before she set out. While Hiashi had personally trained her in many of his clans styles. While each day she reached new levels of skill and power. Until finally the day came when she took her first steps out of the village. Her first target was a former Konoha jonin named Aoi. His crime was the theft if the second hokage's chakra saber. The sword of the thunder spirit Raijin. As well as the attempted murder of the head of the interrogation department Ibiki Morino.

God damn that took forever. I hope you all enjoyed this first chapter. As to the year near the start of the fic. It was my way of making the naruto universe our own and still mix in the vampire stuff. Basically in the year Two thousand twelve doomsday went down. Leading two the new world order. Took the idea from Trinity Blood one fine Vampire anime. Though I'm more of a hell sing fan myself. Also I gave her what could very well be Orochimaru's dream power for a damn good reason.