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For the past month all Nariko did was train. Day in and day out. Many times she trained under the former head of the hunter Nin corps Tsume Inuzuka. Who had retired after her husband died on a hunt. Leaving her head of the clan. Though she may no longer be the feared devil's fang. Her techniques where still ones to be feared. Now after a long harsh month she was to be set Loose.

Behind her home was a massive coy pond. Along with a large area for meditation. With a centuries old cherry blossom tree in the center. It was here that the traitor Danzo did most of his vial plotting. Now it was where Nariko found her center. Sitting beneath the blooming tree Nariko was in simple white robes. Beneath her was a large red blanket. While resting in front of her was a fair sized oak box, the edges slightly charred. On the top was the family crest for the ancient Hellsing family. As the wind softly swept threw the area she lifted the lid. Inside was her mother's life work. The fusion of modern ninjustu and ancient weaponry.

Resting in a felt lined case was a pair of large handguns. One was a fine polished silver. Was the other was a solid jet black. Drawn on each was a line in Latin. Translated it read as. "To pierce the darkness." Lifting one up she held it in her right hand and aimed it into empty space. As she looked down the sights she thought back to when she had found them.

With a soft whimper Nariko awoke to the intense smell of smoke. Almost instantly she recalled the events of last night. Standing up she found herself in a large mostly burnt out basement. Many shelves held ancient tomes long thought lost to the world. With a weak limp she searched threw the burnt out wreckage. Only to trip on a fair sized wooden box. As she tumbled she fell into a beam of sunlight. The moment the light touched her skin it felt like the fire was back. Burning into her every nerve. With a scream she rolled out of the light. Yet that one scream was all a lone anbu needed. Leaping threw the debris the anbu lifted her up. Only to vanish in a swirl of leaves.

Coming back to the present she placed the gun in the case. Putting the lid back on she stood up and said calmly. "Time to get to work." With that she turned into a shadow and vanished. Nearly an hour later in his office. Hiashi waited patiently for Nariko to arrive. With a click of the door she watched as she came in. Now in a completely new wardrobe. One designed to inspire fear into her new prey. First was a pair of tattered black cargo pants. With heavy chains on the sides. While a pair of steel toed boots protected her feet. At her waist was a large red leather belt. On the front was the Hellsing family crest. At her sides was a pair of holsters with the handguns in them. For a top she had a large thick black leather vest with red lining. The vest fit almost like a second skin. While over this she had a large tattered crimson coat. The edges where rough. With the bottom just reaching her ankles. Inside was various pouches filled with scrolls. A large hood helped keep the sun from reaching her.

With a predator like grin she smiled and said. "Reporting for duty sir." Nodding he handed her a sheet of paper and said. "This is your test. A rouge ninja from our own village and the hidden rain village. His name is Aoi no last name. Five years ago he tricked a genin to steal the sword of the second hokage the Raijin. As well as a secret scroll known only to a select few. When he escaped he was pursued by the genin's brother Ibiki Morino. Aoi used the Raijin to capture and then torture him. Ibiki escaped after receiving sever scars. Aoi soon joined the hidden rain village after that. Only to pull the same thing with there summon contracts. We have a sample of his blood for you to use in tracking him. You mission is two fold. Capture Aoi and the items in question. I have a great deal riding on him being captured alive. So don't let me down."

Standing tall atop the anbu headquarters Nariko gazed out upon the village. The moon was bright in the night sky. Reaching into her pocket she removed a vial of blood. On the side was the name Aoi. Removing the stopper she lifted the vial to her nose. Taking a deep sniff of the blood told her much. Taking several more deep sniffs she then downed the vial in one gulp. Her eyes then snapped open as they turned solid crimson. She then began to take deep whiffs of the air around her. Each one was deeper then the last. After several long moments her head snapped to the far right. Leaping off the roof she became a blurry red shroud. Swimming threw the air as if it was water she shot threw the air like a shark. Following the one thing nobody could hide. The unique sent of a persons blood.

Far to the north in the land of claws a rouge ninja was enacting his plans. Hidden deep in the mountains was a fair sized mansion. While inside the mansion was a large forge and research center. It was here that the last survivors of a lost clan, Sought to regain there former glory. As the single greatest weapon makers in the world. To aid this they had there best go out and recover there former works. This was the home of the Winchester clan. The moon was high in the night sky. While three sentinels stood guard outside. Lightly armed it was clear they only had the most basic of ninja training. With a red blur one was tackled without a sound. Before the second could turn he to was taken down. It was the third that realized that something was wrong. Only to realize it to late as he saw a crimson blur come towards him.

Deep beneath the mansion was a large cavern. It was here that six men stood in a large circle facing each other, each one chanting in a lost tong. Beneath them was a large intricate seal array that glowed a bright neon green. In the center was a long curved tube wrapped in heavy blue cloth. Nearby Aoi watched with an insane smile. When they finally stopped there chanting the seal died to black markings. Turning to face Aoi it was the oldest that said. "It's done the first new chakra saber in sixty years. To forge the blade we must now infuse it with chakra. The more we place in it the more powerful it shall be." Aoi's grin grew to monstrous proportions as her took out the Raijin blade. Holding the sword hilt in his right hand he activated the weapon. As a blade in the shape of a bolt of lightning appeared. Without a moments hesitation he stabbed the old man threw the chest. Coughing up blood the old man asked weakly. "Why my son?" With a sickening laughter Aoi's reply was. "Why I'll tell you why old man. I'm going to sell the secret to making the sabers to the highest bidder. Along with those summon scrolls. With that I'll be set for life." With his last breath the old man said weakly. "You betrayed your family for money?"

As the old man fell dead he waited no time slaying the others. Gazing upon the bodies of his clan he simply smiled and walked over towards the bundle on the floor. Only to stop as Nariko's voice cut threw the chamber. "You are one sick bastard you know that right." Looking around the room he saw nothing. With a deep growl he said. "Show yourself bitch so I can show you a real good time." With that he reactivated the Raijin sword. From the far side of the room a shadow took on the shape of Nariko. Where the hands would be came to flashes followed by loud bangs. From where he stood Aoi screamed in pain as his knees exploded. Falling to the ground he watched as a shadow next to him rose up off the ground. Only to take on the shape of Nariko. As she smiled her fangs grew longer. When she reached for him he let out a panicked yell.

Three days later the head of the Anbu Interrogation unit walked into his office. In his right hand was a large stack of papers. As he opened his office door dropped the papers. For tied up on his desk was Aoi. On his forehead was a note. Walking over he tore the note off and read it. On it was three simple words. "I won bitch!" With a chuckle he looked at the terrified Aoi and said. "Oh this is going to be so worth it." Walking back to the doorway he called out with way to much enthusiasm. "Prepare Anko's room for my new best friend!"

In his office hiashi looked over Nariko's report. Nearby was a pile of three foot long scrolls. On the edge of each was the image of an animal. Next to that was another pile of smaller storage scrolls. When he finished the report he leaned back and said to himself. "Well this was a surprise. To think she found the remains of the Winchester clan. The R and D department is going to love this. All it cost was the wolf contract and the prototype saber."

In her garden Nariko sat beneath the cherry tree. In her hands was the prototype saber. All it was is a large Katana handle. With the place where the blade emerged a red gem. From her hands flowed her chakra into the handle. Having gone over there clans notes. She learned that the longer she goes from activating the blade. The stronger it's final form would be. Since then this was her third time sending her chakra into the weapon. Having yet to try and activate it. Her plan was to infuse as much as she possibly could over a span of a year. Only then would she activate the weapon. When she put the last of her chakra into the weapon she stood up and walked into her home.

In his office the hokage was calmly doing his paperwork. Going over the reports from Nariko's latest mission. He was broken from his musings as his door opened. Running inside a chunin handed him a sheet a paper. "Lord Hokage a message from Kakashi's squad!" Taking the paper he calmly read it. Only for his eyes to widen as he dropped the paper. His hands where a blur as he whipped threw thirty hand signs. Stopping on the last one he called out the name of the jutsu. "Elder Hokage style call of the Hunter jutsu!" All over the village each member of the hunter Nin corps stopped whatever they where doing. As the tattoo on there left arms glowed. This was a summons used only in the grievous of emergencies. Each member of the corps where soon on there way to the tower.

In the span of only five minutes the hokage's office held nearly every member of the hunter Nin corps still active. While among them Nariko was leaning on the side wall with her arms crossed. Standing in the front of the group was Hiashi. Ready for battle he was in the standard Jonin uniform. Only on the right arm was the symbol for the Hyuga clan. While the others looked laid back it was clear they where ready for a fight. Looking upon his elite hunter corps the hokage spoke with a tone that conveyed how grave an emergency it was. "Two days ago Team seven led by Kakashi Hatake left on a standard C rank mission. To guard a Tazuna to the land of waves. On the way they where attacked by rouge ninjas. After dispatching them they continued with the mission despite protocols. Now they are under siege by a small army of rouge ninjas. There leader is Gato who we where planning on eliminating shortly due to his many crimes."

Before he could continue a woman ran towards his desk. With a feral appearance this was the former head of the hunter Nin corps Tsume Inuzuka. "What are we doing just standing here. We have to save them!" Looking at her Hiashi said calmly. "Relax Tsume Kiba is safe for now so is Hinata." Looking towards Nariko was all he needed to do. As Nariko made her way towards them Hiashi looked towards the hokage and said. "Tsume Nariko and myself shall head to the land of waves and Deal with Gato and his army." As Nariko reached them the Hokage said one last thing. "Kakashi is to be dealt with accordingly. While I deal with them." Standing between the Nariko ran threw six odd Hand signs. Only to call say calmly. "Vampire style blood shroud jutsu!" From her formed a long billowing tattered crimson cloak. The cloak engulfed the three only to soar threw the window. Shooting threw the sky in a blur.

The land of waves was at one time one of the three largest port countries in all the elemental nations. A center of both trade and fishing. Yet in the past year it had become nothing more then a poor desolate nation. The people barely able to eat let alone make a living. All this was because of one man. The head of the Gato corporation. This man had begun a vicious and animalistic conquest of the land. Anyone brave enough to stand agenst him to be killed brutally in the towns center. As an example to the rest. Yet when all hope is lost there is always one ray of light. For the land of waves that light was a bridge. Meant to connect the islands to the mainland. It would finally free the people from Gato's control. Yet Gato was not a fool. With no mercy he sent his rouge ninjas after the builder of the bridge and his bodyguards.

In a small cove on the main island was a fair sized two story house. Resting right on the shore it was a peaceful place. The sole exception to this was the two dozen bodies laying dead on the ground around it. Each one was a simple sword swinging mercenary. A the sun was slowly rising a crimson shroud flew threw the field. Stopping just short of the house the shroud spun several times only to deposit the three on the ground. With Nariko on her hands and knees gasping for air. With a shiver Tsume said. "Okay we are walking back!" Concerned she stepped towards Nariko. Only to stop as Nariko threw her head back. Her eyes where a solid blood red. With a feral look in them. Prepared for this Hiashi reached into his back pouch. Only to take out a small jar of red pellets. Tossing them towards her she caught the without looking. Ripping out the stopper she downed the pills in one giant gulp. Moments later she was back to normal.

Standing up she said calmly. "Thanks now lets get to work." With that they headed towards the house. Reaching the door Hiashi knocked on the door. A moment later they heard a commotion inside. Only for the door to be ripped open a moment later as Hinata hyuga leapt threw the doorway. Wrapping her arms around her father she all but cried out. "Father!" Returning the hug he said gently. "It's okay Hinata where hear to help." Letting go Hinata showed how she was ragged and tired. Stepping back Hinata led them in. In the main living room the others where gathered. Kiba was covered in bandages from fighting the mercenaries. While Kakashi was sitting in a chair calmly. Next to him was a smug sasuke. While the family of the bridge builder where in a corner huddled in fear. At seeing the three enter Kakashi stood up furious. "What the hell are you doing here?" From his spot on the couch Kiba moaned out weakly. "I sent a message for help."

Looking at him the one eyed jonin was enraged. Not realizing what he was doing before it was to late. The silver hair jonin moved to hit the boy. With a feral roar Tsume tackled Kakashi. The force was enough to send them threw the wall. Wrapping her hands around his neck Tsume growled out four simple words. "Give me a reason!" Behind her Sasuke moved to attack her. Only to stop as the cold steel of a kunai was at his neck. Followed by Nariko's cold emotionless voice. "Just try" With that he stopped and glared at her. Several long minutes later both Kakashi and sasuke where tied with ninja wire to chairs.

Walking over towards the nervous family Nariko bowed gently and said softly. "My most sincere apologies for scaring you all with our display. But Tazuna you must know this. If you had told the hokage what was really going on he would have gladly sent a full squad of jonin to guard you. Not a team of green genin." Stunned Tazuna said nervously. "That's not what Kakashi said. He said the hokage would have fined me and kept me in the village until my dept was paid off if I went back."

With wide eyes Hiashi looked at his daughter and asked her. "Is that true?" Looking around the room Hinata was scared. Only to gather her courage and said. "Yes the moment Sasuke said he wanted to continue despite our protests he forced us to come. He said he would have use imprisoned for disobeying him." From his couch Kiba said with pain. "That bastard made use guard his precious Uchiha instead of the client." From his side Tsume was in shock. Only for the shock to turn to rage. Standing she moved in front of Kakashi and said with the rage only a mother could produce. "Is this true?" All Kakashi did was snort and say. "Even if it is you can't do anything about it. The council ordered me to train Sasuke and only him. The rest are dead weight and nothing more."

With a knowing grin Hiashi looked at the two and said. "That's what you think Hatake. As we speak the Civilian council is being executed for treason. You will be soon as well for the death of Obito." Not caring for his reaction Hiashi looked at Nariko and said. "Go and locate Gato's base of operations. This is not a capture mission it is a full genocide mission. Leave no survivors unless civilians." At those orders Nariko smiled, only to calmly walk out of the door. Enraged Kakashi yelled out at him. "How dare you work with that beast. It killed Minato your teammate and brother in all but blood!" Looking at him Hiashi said bluntly. "Beast can't feel and speak you fool!" Ignoring this Tsume treated her son's injuries.

Just over ten miles away was a mammoth castle. Built during the first ninja world war. It had been abandoned for nearly thirty years. Now it was home to a new tyrant named Gato. Along with him was an army of rouge ninja and mercenaries nearly one thousand strong. Many of the ninja came from nearly each of the smaller ninja villages. With several from the larger ones. At the top of the castle in the highest chamber Gato stood. A short chubby man. His hair was in a three pointed afro. Dressed in a suit worth enough to feed a family of four for a year. He gazed upon a map of the elemental nations. A crazed grin was on his face as he made his plans. At the far end of the room was a young girl with dirty blond hair in four spiky pigtails. Despite her well endowed figure. It was clear that she was a Ninja. From the forehead protector wrapped around her neck. While her clothes where ripped and bloody from a battle. Her eyes had a hollow look in them. Each of her arms was chained to the wall. While just out of arms reach was a massive iron battle fan four feet long. Looking at her he said with a sadistic grin. "I truly must thank the Kazekage. He sent such a lovely little flower to play with." As he was about to go over towards her a solder ran in panicked an said. "Where under attack!" The girls eyes seemed to brighten as he grew enraged.

Several Minutes before Nariko was calmly walking towards the castle. Upon seeing the gigantic compound she let out an insane grin. As she came to the gate the guards had vile grins as one said. "Hey babe this here gate has a toll. If you want to get threw you got to pay." Nariko didn't say anything. Only looked up at them like a predator. On the other side of the gate Ninjas and mercenaries trained in a large open area. When without warning the large wooden gate exploded in a shower of splinters. As the torn bloody remains of the guards flew threw the air. The men stopped and stared at the seemingly insane attacker. Without waiting Nariko walked into the area. Her coat flowing in the wind as she moved. Stopping in the center of the field she waited for them to attack.

Several long agonizing moments passed until one lone man leapt at her. Only for his head to explode in a shower of blood and tissue. In her right hand was her silver handgun. The barrel smoking as she said amused. "Whose next?" All at once they charged her head on. Both Ninja and mercenary alike. Drawing the second gun she moved with superhuman grace. Dancing threw her attackers she unleashed a hellish barrage of gunfire. Each shot tearing threw her attackers with no mercy. In the span of only a few second nearly fifty where dead. As they stopped to regroup Nariko had nearly run out of ammo. Placing them back into there holsters she lazily picked up a pair of katanas from the remains around her. Just in time to continue her attack. Moving threw them her strikes where like a serpents. Each one precise and with flawless aim. While she slaughtered the mercenaries the ninjas where on the sidelines preparing there most powerful jutsus. All at once they unleashed there jutsus at her.

The field was engulfed in a blinding explosion. As the elements stormed in the clearing. Taking both there allies and hopefully there enemy in the assault. Slowly the dust began to settle as the ninjas waited to see. From the dust cloud Nariko shot out. Her cloths all but gone while severe burns covered her body. Leaping towards a slow ninja she jumped on him. Wrapping her arms and legs around him she sank her fangs in his neck without any hesitation. As the man thrashed around trying in vain to get her off. Nariko's burns began to heal before the horrified eyes watching. Within seconds the last burn had healed. Leaving clear fair skin in it's place. Dropping off the man caused him to fall down dead from blood loss. Nariko was now looking at the with a crazed smile as they began to flee. Holding her right hand out caused all the blood on the ground to flow towards it. Gathering in her hand the blood began to form a twisted crimson scythe. Leaping after them she let out a crazed laughter.

Watching the carnage Gato was pale as a ghost. All his plans had been ruined by a lone demon woman. Hold up in his office he thought over his options. At seeing the blond woman's defiant look he realized he had and option left. Reaching into his desk he pulled out a large syringe. Marching over her he plunged the needle into her. Only to take it out a split second later. The drug caused her to become dazed as he took the chains off the wall. Putting her in a head lock he turn towards the stairway. The sounds of battle growing greater. Until the body of a rouge mist ninja sailed threw the air. With slow fluid steps Nariko entered. Blood covered half her body as she stopped at the entrance. All she did was look at him as he said threateningly. "Don't you come any closer or the bitch gets it!" Standing there Nariko's eyes scanned over them. When her eyes met the captive girls she said amused. "Tell me girl are you a virgin?" With a deep blush the girl said weakly. "Yes" With a handgun in her right hand she pointed it strait at them. "Girl I am about to shoot threw you. If you want to live say it now." The man was hysteric as he continued to threaten her the girl said with all the strength she had left in her. "I want to live!"

A split second later a bang filled the air. As Nariko fired without any hesitation. The girl was still as a two inch wide hole was in the left side of her chest. While a moment later Gato fell dead. A gaping bullet hole where his heart use to be. As the girl lay dieing she watched as Nariko walked over to her. Cradling the girl in her arms she said gently. "Welcome to my world." The last thing the girl saw was a set of large fangs coming down on her. Her body going into shock from the injury.

Nearly an hour later six squads of anbu arrived at the castle. Led by Hiashi they paused at the carnage before them. From inside the castle Nariko calmly walked out. Her clothes replaced with whatever she could find inside. In her arms she carried the young woman wrapped in a brown sheet. When she reached Hiashi she heard him order the bodies identified and anything of worth to be taken to the town. When he saw what she was holding he realized what she had done. With a cold glare he said. "Can you control her?" Walking past him she said amused. "Oh yes I most certainly can."

In the capital of the land of fire known only as Ember. A woman with long flowing red hair read a report from the hidden leaf village. Setting the report down she looked at her informant with cold analizing eyes. "Is this report accurate?" Standing in front of her the man said calmly. "Oh yes the little demon spawn is Hiashi's newest dog. Not only that she has gotten her claws into over half the ninja forces." Reaching into her desk she pulled out a large bag full of gold coins. Tossing it to the man she said calmly. "Good work continue observing and report anything critical to me." With a grin the man said. "Always a pleasure." When the man left she gazed at a photo. It was of her and a man with spiky blond hair. "Soon Minato you shall be avenged."

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