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Now on to something that will come up in this chapter. Nariko's true relation in the Hellsing clan. Now her father is Minato and her mother Kushina. Minato's father in this fic is Jiriaya. The toad had a one night stand with a woman named Victoria Hellsing. Who had a second child named Katara. To protect him they gave him the last name Namikaze. When he became Hokage he learned of his heritage. Thus he made his sister Nariko's godparents. With Katara as his sister she had the best legal claim to his wealth and possessions. So when Katara adopted Nariko she inherited her father's jutsus and money. Leaving her bitch mother with nothing. So basically she is a hellsing by blood. Now at the end of the chapter a dark secret shall be revealed about Kushina. A secret not even she knew until it's to late. Now enjoy and REVIEW or the cute little bunny gets it! God I love south park.

Nearly a week had passed since the mission to defeat Gato. In the first few days after his death the land of waves had already begun to regain there former wealth and joy. The money and valuables taken from his stronghold had helped to jumpstart there healing. While Kakashi was transported back to the village under heavy guard.

In his office the hokage was at peace for the first time in years. The source of his joy came from the arrest and executions of the entire civilian council. Shortly before she had left to the land of waves Nariko had gone into the uchiha compound. With her powers she had found a vault containing documents on the now dead clan. Revealing countless illegal deals they had done with the council. Many of these deals had resulted in the deaths of many of his ninjas. Thus when they where distracted by the wave mission. He had led raids on the councilmen. Not only that but they had found one document that had proved something that both he and the forth had suspected for years. With a sigh he placed the kages hat on his head and headed for his last meeting for the day.

The anbu headquarters was in rare form today. Each department was working at there maximum. From the Anbu to the torture and interrogation departments. Even the hunter corps was in full swing. All do to the resent purging of the civilian council. The only person that was remotely resting was the rouge ninja Aoi. While in a plan empty cell Kakashi was bound to a steel chair. His arms and legs bound. While the left side of his face was covered in bandages. His clothes had been replaced with a pin stripe jumpsuit. With a click the door to his cell opened. Soft footsteps where the only sound made as the hokage made his way inside. Arms behind his back he stopped a mere foot in front of him. His eyes burned with a fury not even the devil himself could challenge.

With a cold fury the hokage said. "Kakashi Hatake you have been found guilty of the murders of Sakumo Hatake and Obito uchiha. The evidence against you is without equal. Before your sentence is to be carried out do you have anything to say?" Looking at him all Kakashi did was say. "They deserved there fates. Sakumo was a failure of a ninja. While Obito would have ruined the Uchiha clan as it's heir. If anything you should be thanking me you decrepit old fool." With a deep sigh the hokage turned towards the door. Stopping at the doorway for only a moment he continued on his way. As he left another entered. This one had light brown hair running down her back. While on each cheek was a golden triangle. Her right eye was a Sharingan eye. As a long jagged scar ran across her throat. Glaring at him the woman's Sharingan eye shifted into a twisted lightning form. Outside the hokage heard the screams from inside the room. For ten long minutes he howled and roared in pain. Only for it to stop. Walking out the woman looked at him. Her eye now covered in a black leather eye patch. With a simple nod she walked away. Watching her leave he said softly. "May you finally find happiness Rin Inuzuka."

Meanwhile several floors down Nariko was in a meeting with the other active Hunter Nin. In his office Hiashi looked at his men and said proudly. "I am truly proud of each of you. With you efforts we have finally managed to capture the last of Danzo's root Ninjas that had been working for the council. You should all be proud of what you have done." As they began to smile one lone Ninja asked him. "And what about the Gato job? Nariko must have wasted a fortune in bounties." At that Nariko looked down in a mix of embarrassment and shame. For loosing her control she had spent years trying to obtain. Only to become an animal in her first real battle. That soon melted as Hiashi said warmly. "Thanks to her actions we are receiving the bounties for nearly three hundred Ninja all C and B rank. Not only that but the land of waves is giving us a discount on all future shipments." With a smile Nariko was about to speak. Only to pause and say more to herself. "So she finally wakes up." With that she vanished into the shadows.

Far away from the village in the land of water was a large bar. Sitting at a small table was two people. One was a man in his late twenties. With long black hair he was in an oversized black trench coat. With a large wide brimmed hat on his head. This was the Vatican's most experienced vampire slayer Gabriel Van Hellsing. Next to him was the Vatican's most feared swordsman. With spiky blond hair. He was dressed in solid black clothes. With a wolf's head on the back. Next to him was one of the largest swords ever forged. A six feet long slab of metal. The sword was larger and heavier then most men. Yet this man could wield it with ease. For he was Cloud Strife of the Buster Sword style. The two had spent the past eight years searching for the vampire that had sent the Vatican's oracles into a three day craze. Yet so far had found nothing.

As Cloud was about to take a long drink a man ran into the bar. Ragged and weary he had a horrified look in his eyes. Running towards the counter he yelled at the bartender. "Get me your strongest drink NOW!" Recognizing the man the bartender made the drink. Handing the glass to him the bartender asked worried. "Damn Leon what the hell happened to you?" Downing the drink in one go he slammed the glass down and said in a frenzy. "I'll tell you what happened man. I nearly got wasted by a blood drinking psycho bitch! She wasted over five hundred guys in one go man!" At that every one stopped what they where doing. Looking at the man everyone waited for him to tell his tale. Handing the man another glass the bartender said gently. "Alright man take a deep breath and tell us what happened."

Taking a long drink the man set the glass down. Taking a long deep breath he then began his tale. "A few weeks back I hooked up with Gato. The pay was good and so was the women he had. He was going to take wave and start an empire. There was just over six hundred of us man. We where in control of that whole nation. Had a castle and everything. Then a week ago she appeared. Like a storm from hell itself. Nothing could kill her man. She took a two hundred jutsu assault. Only to suck a man of his blood and heal in seconds. That was when she got mad. With weapons mad from blood she slaughtered us. When she got inside the castle that was when she saw the girls we caught. That was when we lost any chance of escaping. I survived only cause I hid under a pile of corpses. Then ran the second she was dealing with Gato personally. She was the angel of death man." Not believing him one man asked him amused. "Oh and just where does this angel come from?" With a shaky glance he looked at him and said. "The leaf village." A split second later the two men had vanished. There goal the hidden leaf village.

In the land of blades a lone figure stood over a trembling man. Hidden by a cloak the end of a lance came from the cloak. The blade was a dark red crystal. The crystal came from a dragons mouth. Made from a mix of gold and a black metal. At her side was a large black wolf. With blazing golden eyes. It had the roman numeral for the number seven over it's right eye. While it's tail was a bronze mechanical whip with a crescent blade on the end. As the man told the person everything they wanted to know. The person walked away leaving the man to cower in fear. The person's goal the hidden leaf village.

In Nariko's bedroom the young woman from Gato's castle way sleeping in a restless daze. As the memories from how Gato had gotten her played threw her mind. Standing before her father the forth Kazekage she was excited. Her father was giving her first solo A rank mission. To deliver a treaty to the new lord of the land of waves Gato. When she had met him she had been revolted by how he had nearly a hundred women captive in his castle. Yet that didn't come close to the pain of what happened when she gave him the letter. Her own father had sold her to him to gain favor with a monster. A mere day later she had been shot threw the chest. Only for the last thing she saw was a pair of fangs. With a gasp of air she bolted upright. Dressed in only a large white T shirt she pulled it up to look for the wound. Only to find clear unmarred skin. Confused she looked at where she had felt the bullet tear threw her until Nariko's voice said amused. "Well that is indeed a fine sight."

Letting her shirt fall she looked up to see Nariko leaning on the doorframe. With an amused grin she watched as she leapt from the bed. In only a T shirt she tried her best to seem intimidating. "Alright what on earth did you do to me?" With a chuckle Nariko said amused. "Settle down you're a ninja show some composer." Nariko moved faster then she could see. Stopping she was mere inches from the girls face. "My name is Nariko what prey tell is yours?" Stunned all she could do was whisper. "Temari" With a chuckle Nariko pointed to a nearby dresser. "There are fresh clothes for you in the dresser. When you get changed find me. That is your first test." As she was about to ask what she meant Nariko vanished before her eyes as if she was never there. Walking towards the dresser she slowly pulled a drawer open.

Not long after Temari was slowly walking down the halls. Dressed in a pair of form fitting dark blue pants. Along with a sleeveless white T shirt. With a short sleeved black jacket with the hellsing family crest on the back. Walking down the halls she tried to find Nariko. The halls where all the same to her. Growing more lost she stopped for a moment. As a tingling sensation started in the back of her mind. Looking around she started to move on auto pilot. She had no idea what was leading her. She just moved on impulse. Coming upon a large dark wooden door she pushed the doors open to see an amazing sight.

Beyond the doors was a large open room. One of them was gone leading to a large garden. While the remaining three walls where covered in blooming plants. With a waterfall fountain in each corner. The floor was solid marble. While the center of the room held a large blue crystal table. The table was a hexagon with a silver western dragon floating inside it. The very same crystals where embedded into the walls and ceiling in seemingly random places. Yet if one looked closely they could see the pattern. While around the table was a plush circular seat all around the table. Causing one to have to go down into the floor to sit. This was a room worthy of a lord. For the way the room was angled allowed just enough light to filter in. For the moment the sunlight touched her skin even though indirectly caused her skin to feel hotter. Almost painful. Looking at the table was a small feast. With a large spread of all her favorite foods. Sitting calmly at the table with her legs crossed was Nariko. Calmly taking a drink from a wine glass Nariko said calmly. "Please sit."

Staring at the feast she slowly made her way over. Slowly she eased herself onto the cushion. Crossing her legs she could only stair at the food. Her stomach rumbled as Nariko chuckled. "Help yourself." That was all she needed taking a plate she loaded it up with anything she could grab. As she began to eat Nariko motioned to a wine bottle. Taking the bottle Temari didn't hesitate to pour a glass. Taking a drink she froze. The drink was one of the most delicious things she had ever had. Downing the glass she looked at Nariko and asked amazed. "What is this it's delicious." With a lazy smile Nariko said calmly. "Blood O negative if I'm not mistaken." Temari froze as she stared at her with a mortified look. Amused Nariko poured her own glass as she said calmly. "Forgive my rather underhanded methods darling. But if you didn't feed soon the thirst would have taken you over. Then you would have become unmanageable."

Setting the glass down Temari asked her fiercely. "What did you do to me?" Her eyes began to glow a dark violet as she said this. Nariko closed her eyes as she was unaffected by the woman in front of her. "Its simple really I turned you into a Vampire." With that her eyes snapped open. Her eyes burning with there own dark crimson glow. Like a flood all the energy left Temari. As Nariko said with great emotion. "You are now one of an ancient race of immortals. You will never age past thirty. You now have powers you could only dream of, even as a ninja. When you master you powers no human will be your equal. Though you do have a price to pay for this power." At that she turned serious as she said bluntly. "Your powers are fueled by blood. You must drink blood to survive. Should you go without it for even a day the thirst will overtake you. Causing you to attack the first person you see. Though we now have a reliable source of artificial blood. Now on to our weaknesses."

Standing up she moved with grace towards the garden. Stopping just before the sunlight became direct and strongest, she looked back at Temari. "This is our one true weakness." Reaching her hand out it began to sizzle. As smoke began to come off her arm she pulled it back, Blistered red and raw. Holding it up Temari looked on in both horror and awe. As the skin began to heal before her eyes. Walking back to the table she sat down beside Temari. "That is our one true enemy. Direct sunlight burns us as well as any fire. Weaker vampires burst right into flames. Indirect sunlight is only a slight discomfort. We have other less severed foes but they can wait. Eat and recover your strength."

Temari could only gaze into Nariko's eyes. A storm of emotions surged threw her. As thoughts of what had led her to this surfaced rage began to overwhelm her. As the only thought she had was revenge against her father. Her eyes began to burn Violet as her canines became long fangs. When all she was about to see was red it all vanished as Nariko closed the distance between them. As Nariko kissed her deeply. The shock of the kiss had caused all her rage to vanish. As she stared at Nariko in shock. When Nariko pulled back she said with all seriousness. "You must control your rage darling. Get to made and you won't like what you become. Now eat drink and relax. I have work I must attend to." As she was about to vanish Temari grabbed her arm and said. "Wait there's something you must know!" Nariko looked at her confused.

Several hours later the hokage along with the heads of the black ops departments stood in Nariko's office. Once the office of Danzo. It was similar to Hiashi's only larger with a more eastern feel to it. While a large couch was on the side. On the couch Temari looked at them nervously. While Nariko sat behind her desk. Looking at the girl Ibiki morino asked Temari with absolute seriousness. The aura he radiated left no room for deceit. "Is this information accurate?" Looking up at min Temari said aggressively. "Yes the hidden sand village is going to invade during the chunin exams. They are allied with the hidden sound village and Orochimaru." This had caused the hokage to pale. As old memories rose up of his greatest failure. Stunned Hiashi asked her horrified. "What is he after." Looking up at him she said nervously. "I only overheard one conversation between the two. He said something about gaining the Sharingan."

That was all they needed the four leaders of the hidden leaf village shared glances. Only to come to a unanimous decision. Looking at Nariko the Hokage said in a commanding tone. "Nariko I am assigning a triple S rank mission to you. You are to lead a team into the exams and capture the rouge ninja Orochimaru. As well as to ensure the Sharingan does not fall into his hands." With a grin Nariko asked them calmly. "That is going to be fun. But what about my new clan mate. The kazekage is going to notice his daughter. As long as she goes by the name Temari." Everyone looked at her as she realized what Nariko had meant. Thinking hard she looked at them and said. "In public call me Seras. It was my mothers name. It's only right I should honor her, and avenge her." Those in the room looked at her interested yet left it be. With a nod the Hokage said. "Choose your third teammate and prepare. The exams are in seven weeks.

For the next six weeks Nariko trained Temari into the ground. Teaching her jutsus only a vampire could perform. To her pleasure Temari was a natural genius. She learned everything like a sponge. While Temari was driven by a drive only Nariko had a clue of. Yet what Nariko was most impressed by was the jutsu Temari recreated. A jutsu not even she had learned. With her vampire infused wind manipulation. She had the power of flight. Almost to soon the weeks passed as the exams where a mere four days away.

The sun was rising over the village. As a caravan slowly made it's way towards the village. The people all gathered in the man street. The people excited to see a man that only visited once every few years. The lord of the land of fire and feared warrior Sephiroth. He was also known by another title. The husband of Kushina uzumaki and step father of Tayuya. The caravan was made of five wagons. With a mammoth carriage in the middle. Inside this carriage five people made there first return to the village in many years.

Inside the recently remodeled council chambers. The head of each ninja clan sat at a large circular table. Meant to make everyone equal. In this chamber everyone was equal with only one leader the hokage. One by one the clan heads entered. Each one taking a seat leaving only a handful open. With the hellsing clan represented by one of her former teachers Anko mitarashi. When the hokage sat in his seat the large double doors burst open. As the five entered with pride and grace. Leading them was the feudal lord Sephiroth. His long silver hair reaching his waist. It was his fierce neon green eyes that had helped him win countless battles both off and on the battlefield. Dressed in the most expensive robes it was still clear he was still ready for a fight.

To his right was a woman known threw out the land of fire. Her skills with a sword surpassed by only a few. With long full crimson hair that reached her feet. Dressed in a silk kimono. The fabric was white with gold petals drifting down it. With a figure most women could only dream of. Despite her beauty she held a cold fury in her eyes. This was Kushina uzumaki widow of the forth hokage. While next to her was a young teenage girl that looked like a younger version of Kushina. Dressed in a standard jonin uniform with a fiery red vest. With the symbol for fire on the back. This was the twin sister of Nariko Tayuya uzumaki. Since the day she could walk she had been trained for one thing. To slay her sister who she believes to be the nine tailed fox that killed her father.

Behind these three where two people. One was a woman with massive breasts and dirty blond hair in two pigtails. With a green jacket with the symbol for bet on her back. It was clear to anyone trained in the ninja arts who this was. Granddaughter of the first hokage. The slug sannin Tsunade also known as the legendary sucker. For her total lack of luck in gambling. Many say that when she wins it is a sign to run for ones life. For disaster is not far behind. The last time she had won a bet the nine tails attacked. The time before that the last ninja war started.

Next to her was a man with white long spiky hair in a long ponytail. With a large scroll hanging off his back it was clear who he was as well. The author of the infamous make out paradise books. Jiriaya of the toads was a self proclaimed super pervert. His sole noble achievement was training the forth hokage. As well as his daughter Tayuya. A seal master surpassed only by his student. He was the only person who had a chance to understand his students seal. Yet at Kushina's request never once looked at it. Yet there was a darker secret he held. For he was the forth hokage's father. Having only found out shortly after his son's death when he wet minato's half sister Katara Van Hellsing. He had spent years looking for her killer. Only to stop when all the evidence pointed to one person.

Taking there own seats the fire lord said warmly. "Greetings old friends it has been to long. From what I understand there is much we have to discuss." Nodding his head the hokage said calmly. "Indeed old friend. It would seem we are going to be attacked in a months time." This caused the five to look at him in shock. Concerned Sephiroth asked him what had been on his mind. "How do you know this? Who found this out?" With a sigh the hokage explained how they had found out.

"During the recent wave liberation mission our latest hunter Ninja rescued a sand ninja. The kazekage had sold her to gato to get his aide in the upcoming invasion. I return for asylum she told us everything she knew. They plan to attack during the final rounds of the tournament. There main weapon is the kazekage's youngest son. A young boy with the spirit of the one tailed sand raccoon. He has seals placed on him to corrupt his mind. During the attack she has requested we help him. We have the means to with two wood style users and a seal master."

Surprised the slug sannin said amazed. "Two wood users I only thought you had one. An anbu that was a product of Orochimaru's sick experiments." Leaning forward Hiashi said calmly. "Yes that was the case until ten years ago. The second wood user is the same person that saved the sand ninja. Her skills are almost unrivaled." With that Sephiroth grew intrigued. With a small smile he asked. "Oh and just who is this Ninja with such amazing skills?" With a smile Tsume looked at him and told him. "Her name is Nariko Van Hellsing. Head of the Hellsing clan and one of the best Hunter Nins this village has ever produced." The five could only stair at her in shock with a mix of horror.

In the Hellsing mansion a meeting was taking place. In the dining hall where Temari learned of her new state. The two where meeting with the third member of there team. Sitting calmly at the crystal table was a young teenage girl with long brown hair in a ponytail. On each cheek was a large red fang like mark pointing downwards. Dressed in the standard uniform of the anbu medical corps. She radiated a feral appearance. Her name was Hana Inuzuka heir of the Inuzuka clan. Her skills in tacking where only surpassed by two people. Her own mother Tsume and the person before her. Behind her three dogs happily ate from large bowls.

With a small smile Hana looked at Temari and asked. "Well Temari how is Nariko as a teacher?" Taking a long sip Temari then smiled and said. "Well she is a slave driver I'll give her that. But some of the things she has learned are simply amazing. Thanks to her I can even fly now." Chuckling Nariko smiled and said. "Just you wait until after the exams. There's a jutsu I'm going to teach you that whole villages would go to war to even gain a clue on learning." With a laugh Hana looked at her and said. "Well you vampires truly are a wonder." Temari looked at her in shock. "You now what I am?" With a chuckle Hana said calmly at the same time raising her right hand. "Oh yes for you see your not the only 'unique' people in this village." With that her hand morphed. Growing brown fur with her nails becoming long curved claws. Seeing Temari's shocked look Nariko explained with a soft laugh.

"Hana's whole clan are werewolves darling. Though unlike there ancient ancestors they can control there transformations." As Hana was changing her hand back Nariko moved in a blur. Appearing behind Hana her hand was outstretched. In her hand she had caught a solid silver arrow. The tip was a mere millimeter from Hana's neck. Hana was frozen in fear while Nariko's hand began to burn from the silver. Tossing the arrow her eyes morphed into the Byakugan. As her the veins around her temples bulged she saw everything within six hundred meters. Down to the last detail she saw there attackers. Along with the arrow heading strait for Temari. No time to stop it she leapt in front of it. The arrow pierced her clean threw her heart. Landing with a thump the two where instantly on the offensive. Grabbing Nariko Temari ran into the doorway. Looking at the arrow she grabbed it without any hesitation. Her hand felt as if it was dipped in molten steel. Fighting threw the pain she pulled the arrow out. Slower then normal the wound began to heal. As Nariko weakly began to get to her feet. With fear in her eyes Temari held her down and said without thinking. "No master it's not safe!"

With a low moan she settled back down on the floor. Outside Hana was on the hunt. Tearing threw the garden she had the attackers sent from the arrow. Leaping threw the trees her hounds where hot on her heals. Nearly sixty meters away she found where the arrow had been fired. Only to be met with a silver arrow threw her shoulder. The force pinned her to a large elm tree. While a smoke bombs had caused her dogs to become dazed and confused. The raw molten pain from the silver caused her to nearly passed out. From behind a tree came a tall man carrying a massive crossbow with a drum of arrows feeding the bow. Lifting his hat up revealed Gabriel Van Hellsing. Pointing the bow at her he said with a sympathetic look. "Sorry little missy but I have to put you down now."

Aiming the bow at her he aimed for her heart. Seeing her eyes flash before her eyes she prepared to meet her end. "Don't worry I'll make this quick werewolf." With a click the bow fired a bolt at her. As the arrow flew the air she was ready to die. Her eyes where closed and ready. Only for them to snap open with the sound of metal hitting metal. Before her stood a man who looked almost identical to the late forth hokage. Dressed in black he had the single largest sword she had ever seen on his back. It was this sword that had blocked the arrow. The man had an annoyed look in his eyes. Along with genuine concern for her. Reaching out he took hold of the arrow in her shoulder. Bracing herself for the pain she was surprised to find it didn't hurt as he pulled it out. Turning the newcomer faced her attacker and said annoyed. "you jumped the gun again Gabriel."

With a sneer the hellsing said coldly. "That's a lie and you know it Cloud. Werewolves are beast no better then vampires. They need to be put down." With a sigh Cloud looked at Hana as she tended to her wound. Looking back at Gabriel he said bluntly. "Had you bothered to check you would find the Lycans of this region are far more civilized then our regions. Now leave while I handle this." With a grunt he walked away as Cloud helped her up. With a gentle tone he said to her kindly. "My apologies for my partner. He was trained to hunt your kind. He can be a bit impulsive." To stunned to think properly Hana asked him. "Who are you people?" Reaching into his pocket Cloud took out a fair sized gold cross on a thick chain. Placing it in her hand he said kindly. "A friend now go and make sure your friend is okay. I swear to you we mean her no harm." As he began to walk away Hana said with a daze. "He smells nice." It was then she realized Nariko was hurt and ran for the mansion.

In all the village there was one place more secure then the kage's tower. That was the fire lord's mansion. With a roar Kushina forced the doors open. Following close behind her was her family and sannins. With a primal roar Kushina yelled out to herself. "How dare those council bastards give that demon minato's legacy. Tayuya needs it to avenge her family." Trying his best to defuse the situation her Husband said simply. "Now Kushina could what they say be possibly true? That the fox has been killed by Minato's seal." With a growl she turned to him and said. "Not a chance! The fox is to strong to be killed b mortal means." With a sigh he looked at Jiriaya and said. "Lord Jiriaya please go to this Nariko and request the jutsu scrolls concerning the seal. I want to know what you think. It's time to settle this once and for all." Kushina looked at him as if she had been stabbed in the heart. Only to walk away with a growl.

In restaurant in the villages food district the two agents of the Vatican sat eating there food. There weapons where at the door as per the rules of the restaurant. On the table where several books containing the history of the village. Along with the history of the families. With wide eyes Gabriel stared at a book in mortification. Setting it down he said stunned. "It can't be." On the page was the current photo of Nariko at thirteen ears old. Beside the photo was the symbols for the Hellsing Uzumaki and Namikaze clans. Along with information about her and her family. The part on her being the former prison for the nine tails was in bold lettering. Setting his glass down Cloud said calmly. "Oh but it is old friend. You just tried to waste a distant relative. Any idea how this happened." Looking in deep thought he finally said nervously. "Well about a thousand years ago one of my ancestors ran of with a vampire. I guess they came here." Taking a drink of his coffee cloud said with that same calm tone. "Now the problem is telling her without her thinking where out for her wealth. Let alone our unexpected fan." With that he looked past him at the booth behind his partner.

In the booth behind them was a person in a large black cloak. With a hood over the person's head. A long pole was covered with a blue cloth. With a sigh the person stood up. Pole in hand the person turned towards them. Walking around the bench the person reached for there hood. Pulling it back the two where instantly ready to fight. For standing in front of them was one of the most infamous Vampires in all the empire. Standing at just over six feet tale was a woman who appeared no older then seventeen. With long dark blue hair reached her feet. While she had a light tan. One of the rarest traits for a vampire. Her body was hidden from view by the heavy cloak. This was none other then Kanu of the dragon lance. A veteran of three wars her skills where legendary.

With a sarcastic tone Gabriel said bluntly. "Well can't say I didn't see this coming." Slowly he reached into his pocket. Ready to draw a weapon. Only to stop when she said. "I wouldn't if I where you." With that she looked around the room. Confused the two looked around. To there shock every last person was ready to interfere in what ever happened next. Due mainly to the fact that nearly every one of the customers was a ninja. Pulling his hand out he glared at her and said. "What do you want demon?" With a small grin she turned to walk away and said. "To merely do what my empress commands me to do. I will not fight you as long as you don't harm the heir of Alucard." As she walked out they where in total shock. As the greatest legend of the vampires came to mind. Looking at his partner Cloud said scared. "We must contact the Vatican." With that they paid and left.

In the Fire lords mansion the moon was high overhead. All was peaceful and serene. In the garden to the back Kushina was simply gazing up at the moon. Closing her eyes for several long moments she opened them again. Only for her emerald green eyes to become the blood red eyes of the Sharingan. Her darkest secret was that her father was an unknown member of the uchiha clan. Looking up at the moon she sighed deeply. For she was one of only three people she knew of with the Sharingan. One was a rouge ninja that had slayed her clan. The other his younger brother who was said to be destined to follow in his brother's footsteps. Her greatest rage came from the fact her daughter showed no signs of the Sharingan. A bloodline that would give her the edge she needed over the nine tails.

Far away on a rooftop was a man in a black cloak. Printed on it was red clouds. The man's face was hidden by an orange mask with a spiral printed on it. The center of the spiral was over his right eye. With short spiky black hair he looked down at kushina. His one visible eye was a Sharingan eye. Reaching up with his right hand he took the mask off. To reveal the face of one of the founders of the hidden leaf village. The single strongest member of the uchiha clan ever. Madara Uchiha looked at her with an amused smile. His smile revealed a set of long sharp fangs. With a chuckle he said to himself. "It would seen the genjutsu I placed on my daughter was to strong. Oh well she will soon serve her destiny. Her and my dear granddaughter."

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